April 26

I know, I spend a whole lot of time talking about steam showers. I can’t help it. I love them! But, let me take a moment to talk about bathtubs. Are you a shower person or a bath person? Is there a difference? Even I have to admit that sometimes there’s absolutely nothing better than a good, long soak in a tub. Agree?

So, if you’re shopping for a new bathtub, here’s what you need to know.

April 26-2

Bathtubs can fit into small bathrooms. If you think there’s just no space between the vanity and the shower, take a second look at the corner. Corner bathtubs can fill unused space and lend the bathroom a luxurious, spa-like feel.

Ariel SS-608A

If you really don’t have enough space for both a shower and bathtub, how about opting for a combination unit. These are perfect for so many reasons. Best of all, you end up with both a steam shower and a whirlpool bathtub in one. How great is that?

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If you need help measuring your bathroom in order to figure out which kind of bathtub will fit best, give us a call. We love talking with you!

April 24

Let’s not downplay it… steam showers are an investment in time, money, and effort. If you come across a really inexpensive steam shower unit or a contractor willing to install one for you for practically nothing, run away fast in the opposite direction.

So, now that we can agree on the fact that buying and installing a steam shower is an investment, let me push it one step further. Once the steam shower is installed, you’ll find yourself facing down another task. Keeping it in tip top shape.

Now, don’t get me wrong, keeping a steam shower in great condition is really no different than keeping any of your other furniture, appliances, or fixtures in pristine condition. You’re going to have to keep it clean, have it serviced quickly if problems arise, and just generally maintain it as best as possible.

Some steam showers come equipped with an ozone disinfection function. It’s a fabulous feature that will cut down on how often you will need to apply the elbow grease. However, don’t be fooled. Every once in a while, you will have to give your steam shower a good scrub down. Consider it an opportunity to re-connect with a trusted, old friend. Of course, after you’re done cleaning it, hop in and enjoy a well deserved steam shower.

Hard water and essential oils (if you have an aromatherapy unit) will result in a build-up that will need to be scrubbed away regularly. Even the steam generator might need an occasional boost. Every few months, add 1 cup of white vinegar to the tank, and let it do its thing for about 20 minutes. After that, turn on the shower, start the steamer, and wait for about 5 minutes. Turn everything off. You should find that any calcium deposits have drained out of the steamer.

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April 20

Earth Day is just around the corner. Now is the time to take stock of all the changes – big and small – we can make in our lives to help keep our home healthy.

Energy. I’m sure it won’t surprise you when I claim that steam showers are actually good for the environment. It’s true! It takes only a little water to generate a whole lot of steam. Most people enjoy their steam shower for under 15 minutes, so there’s usually water left over in the tank. Steam showers use less energy, too.

Towels. Do you find you use paper towels in the bathroom? Why not switch them up a bit. Buy fluffy towels made from 100% cotton or bamboo. They’re soft, super absorbent, and last a very long time.

Water. Most of us use a lot of water, and we could probably reduce that too. Try to change up cleaning cloths that would need to be washed with re-usable sponges that just need to be rinsed and air-dried. You can place plastic bottle in the toilet tank so that it takes less water to fill up. Remember to shut the tap off while you’re brushing your teeth, too.

Cleaners. Switch to natural cleaners as much as possible. If you buy microfibre cloths, you can just clean with water. The cloth can then be rinsed out and air dried.

How do you observe Earth Day?