jan. 19

The temperature sensor is one of the greatest inventions ever. Really. If you’ve ever stepped into a shower and found the water to be scalding hot or ice cold, you’ll definitely agree with me.

Enter the temperature sensor.

All of our steam showers are equipped with a temperature sensor. It will let you know when the steam or water temperature is ideal. Even better, you won’t find yourself wasting water waiting for it to reach the right temperature. The steam generator that comes with all steam showers is designed to heat the steam quickly to the temperature you’ve set.

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Jan. 17

There really is little better than a good foot massage to relieve all the tension in your body.

Did you know that some steam showers have special foot massage jets? How’s that for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation?

The Ariel SS-905 and the Ariel 902 steam showers are two examples.



But there are many more. If you currently own a steam shower that doesn’t have a foot massager, you can actually purchase a separate unit and hook it up to your steam shower. The foot massagers work with acupressure jets that can be adjusted to direct pressurized water toward all the aching and tense muscles in your feet.

The foot massager coms in different forms. But generally, it will be some kind of platform on which you place your feet. The platform is fitted with jets. It’s like having your own personal foot masseuse in your very own home!

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benefits of cleaning granite

Contemporary architecture involves the best materials used in construction of modern houses and kitchenware. Granite is a popular stone that is used these days to cover and beautify the surface of kitchens, house floors, bathroom surfaces etc. The stone is often considered to be the highest quality material used for countertops in the market. Because of its unmatched beauty and durability, the countertops made using this material are costly to construct but very easy to maintain.

Since, these countertops are the main area where all the action takes place with all the stains and dirty utensils being placed on it, one of the key aspects to consider when getting a countertop made is how easily it can be maintained. The benefit of using this stone for construction of countertops are innumerable. The counters become naturally waterproof, remain durable, and is a practical and eco-friendly option.

In order to ensure that the beauty of granite countertops remain intact, it is highly recommended to carry out routine cleaning of the surfaces. The following tips may provide some useful guidance on cleaning up granite counters and the benefits that routine cleaning of granite counters will bring to your home:

  1. Willingness to use the countertops – Let’s face it. No one wants to work around a messy counter, especially one with old marks and stains from continuous use and very less proper cleaning. Since granite counters are very easy to clean and maintain, simply making use of warm soapy water, non-acidic surface cleaner or baking soda as well will help you to remove any stains or marks on the counters keeping their beauty intact and making them visually appealing to use for long periods of time.
  2. Keeping the value of the house intact – Anything that is well-maintained and kept as good as new will reflect good worth and keep the value of the area intact for further resale purposes. Keeping your granite counters clean by carrying out routine cleaning jobs will enable you to ensure that these granite tops remain intact and looking brand new when you plan to resell your house to someone else. You could make use of a long lasting high quality permanent seal that would last around ten to fifteen years and will penetrate into any space of grooves that the counter may have in order to protect it.
  3. Keeping the bacteria out – Usually the most significant counters which are used frequently are kitchen and bathroom counters. It is imperative to keep bacteria away from these counters because of course kitchen counters is the place where all your food comes in contact as well as utensils and bathroom counters will often have items that you will use on your face, in your mouth etc. on a regular basis. Therefore, routine cleaning of granite counters will prevent bacteria from residing on it. Making use of a disinfectant will help keep the bacteria out.
  4. Keep the surface scratch and streak free – even granite countertops may get scratched by the grit that gets trapped on its surface. Light surface scratches may occur on the areas of high-use around the sink or cook-tops. Most scratches can be repaired and fixed in due time but it is better to avoid them by keeping extra care for the counter beforehand.

Other tips to keep these granite counters clean would be to use coasters when possible and do not let kitchen items have direct contact with the surface of the counter, make use of cutting boards, mop and clean gently with warm water and do not use any substance that may pose risk to the counter altogether.