3 Reasons Why You Will Love Brass Bathroom Fixtures


feb. 16

The chrome look is still all the rage, and there’s no denying how beautiful chrome can be. It looks sleek and clean. It’s stylish and modern. Chrome has a lot going for it. But, have you ever considered walking past all those chrome bathroom fixtures until you reach the brass ones? Brass has a lot going for it, too!

Solid brass is nothing if not durable. It is scratch, dent, stain, and rust resistant, and it’s as easy to keep clean as chrome.

Brass bathroom fixtures will make your bathroom stand out among all that chrome! It looks especially appealing in vintage and modern bathroom designs.

Brass is easy to form into a variety of fixture designs. That ease of use makes it a less expensive material.

Why not opt for brass fixtures on your steam shower, too? Steam showers are now on sale. Check them out!

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