5 Essential Oils Perfect for the Steam Shower




Steam showers are heavenly. They really are. You get all the healthful, spa-like benefits right in your very own home. What could be more relaxing than that? Ok, a trip to some pristine Mediterranean beach would do it, too. But, a steam shower offers you that luxurious lifestyle any time you want to access it … after walking the dog, after a long day at work, or just because you don’t need a reason at all!

Push your steam shower experience to the limit with aromatherapy. How’s that for healthy living? Check to make sure that your steam shower comes equipped with a dispensary made especially for essential oils. If it doesn’t, you can still buy an add-on accessory. Call the company that sold you the steam shower if you’re not sure which add-on would work best. Or, you can just pour a few drops of essential oil onto a damp cloth and dab it gently all over your body.

Peppermint Oil is thought to ease depression and stress, improve digestion, and loosen congestion.

Eucalyptus Oil reduces soreness, relaxes muscles, and clears sinuses. It’s also said to ease headaches and boost energy.

Lavender Oil is very popular. Found in perfume, soap, shampoo, hand cream, and lots of other care products. It’s typically used to relax tired muscles.

Tea Tree Oil is often great for combatting acne. It’s said to have antiseptic properties, too.

Rosemary Oil is great for removing toxins and improving circulation. It’s also said to improve memory, too! Let me know if you think it’s had that effect on you.

Over to you: let me know which essential oils are your favorites.



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