All About Thermostatic Controls


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Here’s one of those steam shower features that really deserves to be celebrated. The thermostatic control valve is what makes that steam shower experience so enjoyable.

Ok, fine, the steam generator also makes the steam shower fabulous. Of course, it wouldn’t be a steam shower without a steam generator. And yes, the massage jets, aromatherapy dispenser, chromatherapy lights, and so many other options and features also make relaxing in the steam shower a fabulous experience.

But, today I want to focus on the thermostatic control valve because that is the feature that ensures even water temperature. Have you ever been in the shower when someone else flushes the toilet or turns on the garden hose? All of a sudden, that super warm water turns ice cold or scalding hot and your body goes into shock.

The thermostatic control valve – or temperature control valve, as it’s sometimes called – is the little piece of steam shower technology that ensures the perfect water temperature no matter what.

Now, isn’t that the best steam shower feature? Yes, it is.

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