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The bathroom should be a relaxing space that brings comfort and lets you reenergize as you clean your body and relax your mind. A part of creating a relaxing space is removing mess and clutter so you can focus on yourself. It’s possible to organize your bathroom and keep it organized with some know how, proactive attitude and creativity.

First things first: get rid of what doesn’t belong in your bathroom. Throw out anything you don’t use anymore to reduce clutter. This will include expired products, like medicine, beauty products, contact solution and facial cleaners. Also, throw out any old makeup you will never use again or empty bottles. There may be a lot more waste lurking in the back of your cabinetry than you think.

Create extra storage. There are countless ways to add more storage space to the bathroom. The goal is to make use of empty space without making it look cluttered. Examples are adding a storage shelf above the bathroom door for holding towels and extra toilet paper. Shelves can also be added on the wall next to the bathroom mirror and/or next to the door for hand towels or hair dryers and hair brushes. Don’t forget about the possibility of purchasing a shelf that fits above the toilet, which creates space for toilet paper, towels, lotions, air freshener, etc.

You can also add additional cabinets and dedicate a drawer to each person using the bathroom, or dedicate each drawer for a different purpose. For example, one drawer may be for makeup while the other houses nail care.

Make sure the drawers are organized with the use of dividers or utensil organizers. These can be great for keeping tooth brushes, tooth paste, nail polish, hair clips and more in an organized fashion rather than a jumbled mess. This way you can find things quickly and easily.

Caddies. In addition to shelves, caddies can add storage space in the steam shower, behind under the sink cabinet doors or behind the bathroom doors. A caddy in the steam shower can add extra space for shampoo, conditioner, razors, cleansers and body wash. The caddy also makes cleaning the steam shower easier because you won’t have to remove all of your supplies from the bathroom floor each time you clean because they will be organized nicely in a standing caddy.

Tips & Tricks.

  1. Use baskets for storage in visible shelves. This avoids a cluttered look because only the front of the basket will be visible.
  2. Use a magnetic strip on the wall to easily keep small magnet objects organized, including bobby pins, eye lash curlers, hand mirrors, hair clips and tweezers.
  3. You can add extra storage on the back of the medicine cabinet door by adding small containers with adhesive backs.
  4. Create an elegant towel rack with an antique ladder, or you can add a towel rack to the back of the door.

Organizing your bathroom doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be a fun DIY project that will make your life easier in the long run. Remember to choose additional caddies and shelves that match the interior of your existing bathroom and compliment the design of your steam shower, bathtub and bathroom vanity.

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