Beautiful Bathroom Vanities


May 24

The last time I renovated my upstairs bathroom, I didn’t realize that bathroom vanities could be a design feature. Now, in my defence, that renovation happened over a decade ago and I was on a strict budget.

Designs and design imagination have come a very long way since then!

Bathroom vanities are typically seen as simply storage vessels. They’re a place to put stuff that we use daily, and a place to store stuff that gets forgotten and left for (sometimes) years before we embark on a good clean-up.

Let’s give those bathroom a little love, shall we.

First, dive into yours and pull out all the stuff you haven’t used in a long while. All the creams that have hardened, the aerosol sprays that have gummed up, and anything that looks dubious.

Then, give the whole vanity a really good wash.

Finally, organize what’s left in pretty baskets, mini shelves, and even lazy susans.

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Now, you deserve a break. Sit back and admire these beautiful bathroom vanities.

Gorgeous glass and classic minimalist styling:

Photo: Nella Vetrina

Do you like pink? Why not take a favorite color and style and marry them in a unique, personalized vanity?

Photo: Homedit

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to repurpose a piece of furniture. Take an old cabinet, rip off the doors, and install new drawer pulls that can accommodate hand towels. What do you think of this one?

Photo: Shaidee

What would your perfect bathroom vanity look like?

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