Benefits of Shaving In The Shower


july 31

I think it’s safe to say that women are way ahead of men on this one. Women have known about the benefits of shaving in the shower, especially in a steam shower, for … well, let’s just say, for a very long time.

Men, however, haven’t caught onto it yet. Granted, most men need a mirror to help them shave properly, and most showers don’t offer a mirror as an accessory.

Until now…

You can actually buy fog-free mirrors that attach firmly to the shower walls. They’re sold in nearly any department or hardware store. Some even come with lights.

So, now that you have a mirror, you’re ready to experience the benefits of shaving in the shower!

  • Steam helps soften the skin, hair, and it will open your pores, too. You’ll end up with the closest shave you’ve had in a long time.
  • Cut your bathroom time in half. Shaving over the sink then showering takes up more of your time than it needs to. Shaving in the shower means that you don’t need to take extra time to clean the sink after you’re done. Just stand under the shower and rinse. It will all go down the drain.
  • The steam will soothe any skin irritation due to shaving, too.

Let us know if you love shaving in the steam shower!

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