DIY Home Spa Day For Dad



Stop right there! Don’t give dad another tie this year. Instead, give him something that will make him feel his best. Give him the gift of a do-it-yourself spa day.

Fathers do a lot for us. They’re busy working outside and inside the home as much as their partners do. Yet, sometimes we forget that dad’s¬†efforts deserve to be recognized as much as mom’s.

Dad might not readily admit it, but men love scented candles as much as women. Find out what his favorite scents are and place two or three in the bathroom. Scents of citrus, fruit, lavendar, eucalyptus, or even campfire will soothe his thoughts and help him relax.

Music is hugely important when setting up a spa experience. You don’t even have to limit your music choice to classical selections. If your dad loves loud rock music, then that’s what will help him enjoy his day. Create a playlist that contains all his favorites and have it available in the bathroom. He’ll have the option of flipping through the songs at his own discretion.

Bring the bath water to a perfectly warm temperature. Toss in a scented bath bomb or a few drops of essential oils. The effect will leave him with wonderfully smooth and scented skin.

Either before or after you prep his bath, give him a soothing scalp massage. The pressure will encourage healthy blood flow and have a calming effect, too.

Finish off the bathroom spa experience with a luxurious steam shower experience.

Dad’s spa day isn’t done yet, though. Provide him with a plate of his favorite snacks and a book, newspaper or magazine to read while he’s enjoying the pampering.

Over to you: How are you going to celebrate Father’s Day?



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