Featured Product: Ariel AmeriSteam Steam Shower


mar. 6

I love the black outline bordering this Ariel AmeriSteam (ZA237) steam shower. It fits in so well with any bathroom color. So, if your bathroom is painted blue, pink, orange, or maroon, a black shower will look great. I also love that this shower’s panel is set off in the corner of the unit. Just that little shift away from the center creates a huge amount of free space for the person enjoying the shower.

Apart from all those lovely characteristics, I decided to feature this steam shower today because it’s on sale! Yes, I think this week is going to be all about sales, and saving money, and giving up absolutely none of the luxury we all want. It is the month of spring after all!

This steam shower features 5 body massage jets, a rainfall ceiling showerhead, a built-in seat, LCD control panel with a timer, access to the radio, and so much more. Check it out here.

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