How To Bring Earth Day Into Your Bathroom


April 20

Earth Day is just around the corner. Now is the time to take stock of all the changes – big and small – we can make in our lives to help keep our home healthy.

Energy. I’m sure it won’t surprise you when I claim that steam showers are actually good for the environment. It’s true! It takes only a little water to generate a whole lot of steam. Most people enjoy their steam shower for under 15 minutes, so there’s usually water left over in the tank. Steam showers use less energy, too.

Towels. Do you find you use paper towels in the bathroom? Why not switch them up a bit. Buy fluffy towels made from 100% cotton or bamboo. They’re soft, super absorbent, and last a very long time.

Water. Most of us use a lot of water, and we could probably reduce that too. Try to change up cleaning cloths that would need to be washed with re-usable sponges that just need to be rinsed and air-dried. You can place plastic bottle in the toilet tank so that it takes less water to fill up. Remember to shut the tap off while you’re brushing your teeth, too.

Cleaners. Switch to natural cleaners as much as possible. If you buy microfibre cloths, you can just clean with water. The cloth can then be rinsed out and air dried.

How do you observe Earth Day?

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