How To Customize Your Bathroom Vanity


nov. 16

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the bathroom vanity. It’s a necessary part of every bathroom because it serves such an important purpose. It functions as storage for all the many sundry items we need to have in the bathroom. Really, where else would you put all that stuff?

The problem is that most of us don’t have bathrooms that are the size of large rooms. So, the vanity takes up valuable real estate. But, if you’re planning a bathroom renovation, take heart. There are many different ways to customize your bathroom vanity so that it maximizes bathroom space and still functions as the ultimate storage and organizational tool.

Cabinet-style vanities offer the best of both types of storage. They offer a few drawers in which you can store little objects. They also provide a larger space for items such as tall packages of toilet paper or bottles that won’t fit into the drawers. You can further customize this kind of vanity by fitting the drawers and large cabinet area with organizers and shelves.

Modern-style vanities are often floaters. In other words, they’re missing legs. They can be installed on the wall at any height that’s convenient for you. If you have children, the space underneath the vanity can be used to store a step stool. Floating vanities also come in a variety of styles. Some feature multiple drawers. Others are simply a single countertop wide enough to accommodate one or two sinks.

Speaking of two sinks, the double vanity has become the go-to in modern bathroom design. Even in small bathrooms, a double sink offers a level of flexibility that most families now require. Double sink vanities allow multiple family members to use the bathroom at the same time.

What does your dream vanity look like?

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