How To Handle The Humidity


jan. 31

The express purpose of a steam shower is to produce enough steam to create a relaxing atmosphere that leaves you feeling refreshed and healthy. Based on that, you can be quite sure that a steam shower will produce a lot of humidity.

Humidity is usually the enemy of drywall. Too much of it will create the perfect conditions for mold growth. So, if humidity isn’t controlled, your once beautiful bathroom could turn into one very big health hazard.

Luckily, our steam showers are completely sealed. They’re designed to keep very bit of steam within the steam shower cabin where it can do what it’s supposed to do – namely, leave you feeling healthier than ever.

Once your time in the steam shower is done, you just use the convenient controls to power down the steam generator.

Don’t worry about all that excess steam in the steam shower cabin escaping into the rest of the bathroom and damaging the drywall and paint. Every pre-fabricated steam shower comes equipped with a ventilation system that will draw up the steam and exhaust it out of your home.

Still have questions about the ventilation system in a modular steam shower unit? Give us a call to find out more!

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