How To Install A Steam Shower In A Regular Shower


april 17

Installing a steam shower can be as simple as fitting a pre-fabricated, modular, unit directly into the bathroom to creating a totally custom steam shower. Somewhere in between is the choice to transform a regular shower into a steam shower. If that’s what you want to do, you’ll need to make sure that all the existing materials and structures in your bathroom are suitable.

Walls and ceilings must be water resistant and non-corrosive. If your bathroom has drywall, you may need to switch it to tile, acrylic, or stone. Windows must be double-paned and tempered. The floor and ceiling of the steam shower will need to be sloped to allow condensation to run toward the drain without dripping on the person in the steam shower.

Unless you’re an experienced do-it-yourselfer, we recommend hiring a plumber and electrician, or a contractor, to help you work out all of these details.

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