How To Install The Steam Head And Control Unit


april 25

The steam head is, as its name suggests, the source of the steam in a steam shower. As wonderful and luxurious as the steam shower experience is, the last thing you want is to have the steam pouring out of the steam head directly into your face. That would be a most uncomfortable situation.

The best place to install the steam head is as close to the floor as possible. Place the steam head approximately 6 inches to 12 inches off the floor. That low height allows the warm steam to rise and spread throughout the steam shower cabin.

The controls for the steam, aromatherapy dispenser, chromatherapy lights, Bluetooth, and all other therapy accessories are best installed at a minimum of 5 feet from the floor to a maximum of 7 feet. If you’re wondering how you’ll ever be able to reach the controls if they’re set 7 feet from the floor, think remote control! Doesn’t that just add another level of wonderful to the steam shower experience?

Give us a call if you need to know more about how steam heads and controls can be installed in your bathroom.

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