Is Hydrotherapy Right For You?


august 4

Whether you’re an avid swimmer or not, it’s hard to deny that there’s just something so wonderful about the way water feels against our skin.

Water is refreshing, soothing, and warming. In the heat of summer or the cold of winter, water rejuvenates. Most of us step under the spray of water every morning. Many of us even lounge in the luxurious atmosphere of a steam shower on a daily or weekly basis.

So, the fact that water has been a therapy tool for centuries is no surprise.

People all over the world, and for thousands of years, have relied on water and steam to ease the pain of aching muscles and joints. Here are 5 reasons why hydrotherapy is so popular and effective.

  • Our bodies react to cold or hot water in different ways. Those reactions stimulate our immune systems, improve circulation, and reduce sensitivity to pain.
  • Warm or hot water soothes the body.
  • Cool or cold water stimulates internal activity, encouraging internal organs to work harder and faster.
  • To combat fatigue and stress, sit in warm water or steam.
  • Hydro jets in showers and bathtubs direct spray to specific acupressure points. The water then massages and kneads the body.

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If you’ve had a hydrotherapy experience, let us know how it helped you.

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