Low Impact Exercises for Senior Citizens


Low impact exercise plans are excellent for senior citizens who need a workout routine that is gentle on bones and joints. Do some low impact exercises before getting into your steam shower.

Consult your doctor before starting an exercise program to avoid doing anything that might injure you. Also, talk to your doctor to help find out what’s right for you.

The following low impact exercises focus on strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.

Stretching – Do some daily stretches to increase your flexibility improve range of motion. Stretching is also important for preventing injuries during workout sessions. You should stretch before and after exercising. Stretching for senior citizens is recommended by the National Institute on Aging. Do gentle stretches and always stop if you feel pain.

Take a senior stretching class and/or find a book in your local library about stretches for senior citizens. Try out the stretches and reference the book to make sure you follow proper form.

Gentle Yoga – Yoga improves strength and balance and involves meditation. This is excellent for decreasing stress and increasing peacefulness. While doing yoga, make sure you are in correct alignment in each pose.

It’s important that you take a senior yoga class with an instructor who can suggest alternative poses and guide you so you do not injure yourself. If you enjoy yoga, also look into low impact tai chi and pilates for seniors.

Walking – This is a great cardiovascular exercise for all ages. Walking is easy on your joints. Be sure to use the correct shoes, so you’re feet won’t hurt. Even just five minutes of walking a day is a good start and soon you’ll be able to go for longer walks.

You can walk to a nearby park and enjoy the scenery, take an easy path and walk the dog.

Water Aerobics – This is a fun exercise and you don’t even have to swim if you don’t want to. Water aerobics is great for improving balance. Doing these aerobics is also a way to reduce risk of a fall. Doing aerobics in the water increases strength while putting less stress on the body’s joints.

See if there’s a local community class you can take. Sometimes the community will offer them at no charge.

Light Weights – Low impact weight lifting is a great way to build strength and endurance. You don’t even have to use the weights at first. Start off slow by just doing the motions without any weights. As you get stronger, start lifting a 1 pound weight or a bottle of water; always go at your own pace.

Wait a day before working out the same set of muscles again. Also, never continue an exercise if you feel pain.

Don’t stop exercising in life; exercise prevents injury, reduces pain, lowers blood pressure and fights heart disease. You’ll also feel more energetic when you incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. Improve your mental and emotional health with some low impact exercises.


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