Marble In The Bathrooms – Pros And Cons




There’s absolutely no doubt that marble makes a beautiful addition to the bathroom. Whether it’s used solely as a countertop, walls, floor, or for every part of the bathroom, it screams luxury. Marble soaks up the ambient warmth of the room so that it’s soft and comfortable for bare feet. That’s a huge bonus when you step out of that super luxurious steam shower!

Despite the beauty, many homeowners are left wondering if it really is the right choice for their bathroom. To help you answer that question, I’ve pulled together a handy pros and cons guide.


The Look As I already mentioned, there’s little that beats the look of marble. It comes in a wide variety of naturally formed patterns. So, finding the perfect look to match the style of your home is pretty easy.

Durability Marble may be soft to the touch, but it’s strong enough to last forever.

Value Many people don’t worry about the initial cost of purchasing and installing marble because it really does pay for itself in the long run. The look never goes out of style.


Stains Marble can show stains and scratches. Soap, shampoo, and other liquids that drip onto the stone must be wiped cleaned immediately.

Maintenance Marble must be resealed every year. Sealing products are available in any home hardware store. But, if you’re not the type of person who’s interested in adding that task to your cleaning routine, then marble might not be the best choice. Regular cleaning might also pose a problem for some. Care must be taken to use the gentlest and most natural cleaning products. Any that are the slightest bit harsh can end up ruining the surface of the marble.

Cost Yes, marble will eventually pay for itself because you will probably never need to replace it and it never seems to go out of fashion. However, the initial cost of purchase and installation – because it does need to be installed by professionals – can be prohibitive for many people.

If you’re still not sure if marble is the right bathroom material for you, contact your local tile seller and have them come take a look at your particular bathroom set-up.

Have you installed marble? Do you love it?

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