Monthly Pick – Steam Shower Myths Debunked


oct. 23

Maybe you’ve been holding off on adding a steam shower to your bathroom because you’ve heard that it’s an expensive purchase. Or maybe you’re afraid that your water bill will skyrocket if you install a steam shower.

Actually, both of those ideas are myths.

Sure, you can spend a lot of money on a steam shower if you opt for a custom made shower cabin and all of the accessories. But, most people find that the initial cost of a pre-fabricated steam shower is actually quite low.

As for water usage, the steam generator is super efficient at saving you money. One gallon of water can last many steam shower sessions. In the end, you’ll find yourself saving money.

Let’s debunk some other steam shower myths.

Myth #1: Steam showers take up too much space. Steam showers actually don’t require any more space than a regular shower. The steam generator is actually installed in a closet, heated attic, or basement. The generator can even be located up to 60 feet away from the steam shower.

Myth #2: Installing a steam shower is too expensive. If you love DIY projects, and you’re able to work safely with electrical and plumbing components, there’s no reason why you can’t install your own steam shower in just a few hours. If your DIY skills aren’t quite up to par, hiring a general contractor is the way to go. So, although you will almost certainly have to spend some money on installation, the cost should be no more or less than if you were to install a regular shower or bathtub.

Myth #3: The rest of my family won’t use the steam function. The beauty of steam showers is that they function as regular showers, too. Whirlpool bathtubs offer the same functionality. If you enjoy a steam experience, but the rest of your family just wants a regular shower, you can all have what you’re looking for in a steam shower.

Have questions about whether a steam shower or whirlpool bathtub will be a good choice for your home? Give us a call! We love hearing from you.

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