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Admit it, wouldn’t it be great if everything you needed was located within an easy step or two from the patio chair on which you’re sitting enjoying that great book you’ve been meaning to read? Picture yourself there. A cool beverage sits on the table near your elbow; the water, gently lapping in the pool, is close by, even the bowl of chips sits within easy reach.

What if I told you that you could have that?

The outdoor room is the latest trend to hit home and landscape design. Not exactly an overnight sensation – people living in warmer climes have been enjoying them for decades – they’re a wonderful way to fully enjoy the three most comfortable seasons before the rain and snow move in.

We’ve seen the outdoor living room, the outdoor kitchen, even the outdoor bedroom. Well, get ready for this one. How about the outdoor bathroom?

Ok, I know … it’s not exactly a new idea. Everyone’s heard of the old, drafty outhouse harboring all the creepy-crawlies from your nightmares. Scratch that image from your mind forever. I’m going to introduce you to something much better: the beautiful, outdoor bathroom.


Imagine a backyard get-together or a pool party. You and your guests need a place to rinse off the suntan lotion and salt water, change into fresh clothes or just cool off. The last thing you want is to have your guests trekking pool water, sand or wet towels through your nice, clean home.


A well-designed outdoor bathroom can solve all those problems. Design it as large or small as your space allows, include toilets, vanity or shower depending on how you’d like the room to be used. Given the extent of new and inexpensive materials available today, building a private, cozy and beautiful space is entirely possible.


Indulgence? Perhaps. But, don’t you think we all deserve an outdoor, home spa to wash away all the cares of the day? I’m thinking that yes, we all do!

Over to you. What features would you need to have in your own outdoor bathroom design?



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