I can’t say exactly when the trend began to change. I’m going to guess that it was at some point in the 1980s, maybe even after that. Whenever it was, I’m really glad that change happened.

Here’s what I’m talking about. There was a time that showers shared space with the bathtub. In other words, you had a bathtub with an added fixture set into the wall somewhere above your head. That added fixture is what made it a shower-bathtub combination. Separate shower units were rare or custom.

Recently, though, we’ve seen some amazing changes in shower design that I love. The one change I’m really happy to see is something called the sealed shower unit. You might not have ever heard of it referred to that way, but I’m sure you’ve seen them.

Basically, a steam shower is a sealed shower unit. But any shower can be completely enclosed. If you’re wondering whether you should trade your old shower-bathtub combo for a closed cabin type, read on.


  • You can opt for shower walls that are transparent, semi-transparent, or textured glass depending on the amount of privacy you need.
  • Choosing textured glass door and walls means that the bathroom can be used by multiple people at the same time while still maintaining privacy.
  • Sealed shower units contain all the steam inside the cabin. That way, the rest of the bathroom is protected from moisture damage.
  • Add a steam generator to the shower and you suddenly have the option of enjoying a spa experience any time you feel like it.
  • Sealed showers look more streamlined than regular shower units or shower-bathtub combinations. So, they may help to increase your home’s overall resale value.


  • Sealed shower units require at least some glass, even if it’s just the shower door. Some people don’t like having to clean water droplets off glass every day.
  • Closed showers can cost more than standard showers.
  • You need to keep an eye on the seal around the ceiling and the door. Cracks can develop over time, and you can lose a lot of steam through the smallest crack.

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Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Bathrooms are also one of those rooms that can really increase the value of your home. So, how do you make it the perfect room for you while also making attractive to some unknown future buyer? Here’s how:

The spa look. Steam showers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For small bathrooms, consider a corner unit. You can also opt for a combination steam shower-whirlpool bathtub unit. Steam showers bring that luxurious spa experience right into your own home. They can be used as a daily regular shower, too. If the whole spa experience isn’t enough of a selling point, consider this. Steam showers use less water than regular showers. The steam generator just needs a little water to form a whole lot of steam. The steam is contained completely within the sealed cabin, so you don’t have to worry about excess moisture damaging your bathroom’s walls. If you have any questions about how to choose and buy a steam shower, give us a call.

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Glass and Color. Glass shower doors inspire a sense of openness and airiness regardless of how large or small your bathroom actually is. Transparent or textured glass allows light to circulate and brighten the entire bathroom. Enhance that natural brightness by adding accent lighting. Pot lights in the ceiling serve to light up the whole room. Wall sconce lights mounted on either side of a mirror direct just the right amount of light to the specific task that’s usually done in that area. Add even more color by installing chromatherapy lights to the shower and bathtub area. These lights are designed to soothe your mind and body according to chromatherapy theory.

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The Corner Look. I mentioned it above when I wrote about steam showers. But, I really want to emphasize it. If you’re re-doing your bathroom, consider installing a corner shower unit. Whether you decide to custom design it with your favorite color of granite and fixtures or whether you opt for a ready-to-go shower unit, a corner unit will make your bathroom feel large and airy. Don’t think that corner units have to be small. If your bathroom is spacious, consider a larger, two-person corner unit. Corners often become wasted space in bathrooms. Here’s your opportunity to maximize every inch of that heavily used room. Not only will you reap the rewards, but any future buyers will be wowed by your choice.

Over to you: What kind of dream shower unit would you love to buy?



2017 will bring a flood of changes to our bathrooms. All those changes will be rooted in a trend that started nearly a decade ago. That trend is based on the shift from seeing the bathroom as primarily a functional space (and not one anyone really wants to talk too much about) to seeing the bathroom as a comfort zone.

Many of us, despite how tiny our bathrooms might be, are interested in transforming them into specialized bath and steam rooms similar to what we see on spa get-aways. We add cozy floor mats, corner chairs, steam showers, and, if possible, the most luxurious of natural materials – stone and wood.

Technology has quite literally changed how we live our day-to-day lives. It’s no surprise, then, that it’s found its way into our bathrooms and is transforming those spaces too. Bathroom ceiling vents will get better at removing the excess moisture that can build up in such a small space. Medicine cabinets will no longer be utilitarian. They will be able to keep items cold and when they need to be.

Photo: Robern/

Photo: Robern/

Design will continue to lean toward open spaces and seamless perspective. Before shock starts to set in, let me be clear in saying that bathrooms will continue to be private spaces equipped with doors! But, we will see more continuity among the typical furniture that usually lives in the bathroom. Bathtubs and sinks will match and flow into the vanity or toilet.

Photo: Julien/

Photo: Julien/

What do you think of these trends? Tell us what features or changes you would really like to see in future bathroom design. Need more information about how to steam a room? Call us!