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Though steam showers have only become a popular aspect of home design in the last decade, they have been used for thousands of years as a way to cleanse, relax, and improve both physical and mental health. Steam showers are hardly a new idea, but innovation has paved the way for their transition into private homes, making them the latest trend in bathroom design and renovation. Nowadays, you don’t need to work out at a gym, visit a spa, or join a club to enjoy the benefits of a steam shower–you can install one where you live somewhat easily and affordably.

It’s no mystery why steam showers are a hot trend in bathroom design. With the stressful, harried lives we live, it only makes sense that an opportunity to relax and soothe our daily worries in the comfort of our homes would be in high demand. But let’s explore other reasons why steam showers have gained so much traction recently.

Aesthetic Appeal

Unlike a regular shower that might come standard in your home, a steam shower is practically a separate room within a room–your own private oasis. Stepping into a steam shower is like stepping into your own spa, complete with a comfortable bench perfect for relaxing. While even the most basic steam shower is luxurious, you can add extra features such as aromatherapy or soothing lighting for a more complete spa experience. While many steam showers can double as regular showers for when you need to get out the door quickly, you’ll want to wake up extra early to give yourself as much time as possible to enjoy your private little paradise.

Health Benefits

You’ve probably already heard about one or two ways that steam showers can improve your health. You may have a friend who swears it relieves the pain of sore and tired muscles, or a relative who uses steam showers to clear sinus congestion. But you may not know that the health benefits to regularly using a steam shower are practically innumerable. It can ease the anxiety you feel in both your mind and your muscles after a long day at work; it can help purge your body of harmful toxins; it can improve your metabolism and even refresh your skin.

A steam shower in your home also offers the daily opportunity to put away your phone, shut out all the external stimuli, and fully steep yourself in solitude and thought. Rather than hopping out of a quick shower feeling rushed, you’ll step out feeling like refreshed, calm, and ready for the day.


You may have heard the health benefits discussed so frequently that you haven’t had a chance to learn about the other positive aspects–chiefly, the efficiency of steam showers. A steam shower requires much less water than your everyday shower or bath. In fact, a 20-minute steam only requires two gallons of water. So while you luxuriate in your stress-relieving steaming experience, you can have one less thing on your mind. With the stress of our lives leading to an increased need for pampering, the steam shower is a much sought-after indulgence that can improve your quality of life.

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A common question that comes up during a bathroom remodel is, “Are steam showers worth it?” Many homeowners worry about the return on the cost of a bathroom remodel. There are various benefits to installing an at-home steam shower. Top of the line steam showers from Steam Showers Inc offer the latest in shower technology in an all-in-one package. In this article, we’ll go more in-depth about the benefits of owning a steam shower.

Enjoy Health Benefits

The health benefits of taking steam showers are the number one reason people install them in their home bathrooms. Steam has many beneficial effects on the body, including improved respiration; skin cleansing; relief of allergies and treatment of pain.

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Ariel Platinum DZ963F8-W Steam Shower


Steam showers are a great way to relax. In fact, many homeowners are replacing their bathtubs altogether with larger shower units. Steam showers enhance relaxation. Furthermore, our steam shower units come with built-in seating, which allows the user to sit and relax during a steam session.

Bathroom Design

Install a steam shower in your home to keep your bathroom up-to-date with the current luxury bathroom trends. Steam showers are becoming more commonplace in bathroom design, as well as freestanding bathtubs, touchless flush toilets and

Avoid Trips to the Spa

Use a steam shower unit in the comfort of your own home without having to drive to the spa or the gym to do so. Save your time and your energy.

Save Water

Steam showers use far less water than the average shower. Only 2 gallons of water are needed during a 20 minute steam session. Furthermore, when you have a steam shower, you can always take a short shower after a long steam session.

Add Value to your Home

Whether or not a bathroom remodel will increase the value of the home is debatable, but a modernized bathroom may entice future buyers. Luxury bathroom features may set your home apart from the competition on the market.


Benefits of a Prefab Steam Shower

A prefabricated steam shower unit comes with everything you need to get started. Our steam shower units come with steam generator, seating, showerhead, computer panel with timer, cleansing cup and more. These units are installed by a plumber and an electrician or an experienced contractor; they’re assembled and then connected to the existing water supply. Alternatively, a custom steam shower may require the assistance of a dealer, tiling contractor, plumber, electrician and shower-door installer.

Additional Luxury Shower Features

Depending on the steam shower model you choose, we carry steam shower models that include additional luxury features for you to enjoy for years to come. These features include aromatherapy system, foot massager, rainfall ceiling showerhead, chromatherapy mood lighting, FM radio and more.

Ultimately, if you aren’t planning on selling soon, the best practice is to design a bathroom that you can enjoy for years to come. This is a personal choice that depends on your needs and wants. Good luck in creating the perfect bathroom for you. Contact us at 714-622-1550 if you have any questions, and our team will help you choose a steam shower.

Bathing in an at-home steam shower is an immersive experience. In a steam shower, you sit down and let the steam envelop your body. You may also be able to use spa features, including FM Radio, aromatherapy and a foot massager. Even if you don’t notice it at first, a part of what makes a steam shower such an amazing experience is the effect the steam shower lights have. Without the steam shower lights, the shower enclosure would be much darker inside. Enhance your steam shower with steam shower lighting fixtures.

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Ariel 300 Steam Shower

Steam shower lighting fixtures are used in both custom steam showers and prefabricated steam showers. For a custom steam shower project, you will have to purchase the lights separately and have them installed by the professional who is putting your shower together. There are light kits available for steam shower projects. In a prefabricated steam shower model, the steam shower lighting fixtures are usually included in the purchase.

Steam shower lighting fixtures help create the right atmosphere. They are also important for safety, so that the user can see inside of the shower. You may not be accustomed to having lights inside of your shower. With most average showers, the main bathroom light is the only one that is turned on before using the shower. However, the current bathroom trends include large, over-sized, walk-in showers. With these types of showers, you may need additional lighting to enjoy the perfect shower experience and to ensure safety during use.

Lighting in the Ariel 300 Steam Shower

Light fixtures to consider for your steam shower project include ceiling lights, wall mounted lights, LED lighting, spectrum lighting, waterproof lighting, low-voltage lighting and dimmable lights.

Of course, the lights will have to be replaced when the bulbs go out, just like with any other lighting fixture. For most units on Steam Showers Inc, we recommend purchasing T9 bulbs from a home improvement store like Ace Hardware, Home Depot or Lowes.

The number of lights necessary to illuminate the shower will depend upon the strength of the light and the size of the shower. For example, a bigger shower will require more lighting.

Lighting in the Ariel 701 Steam Shower with Whirlpool Bathtub

Chromatherapy lighting is another type of popular steam shower lighting fixture. Chromatherapy is a mood lighting and is known as an alternative medicine that originated in Ancient China. Chromatherapy involves the affect that different colors have on human psychology; it’s been used to treat depression, memory problems, lack of energy and appetite and stress. In steam shower units from Steam Showers Inc that include chromatherapy lighting, you can choose one color of light or you can let the colors cycle as you enjoy a steam session.

Other steam shower features and accessories to consider include fog-free mirrors, computer control panel, seating, aromatherapy system, vapor proof door, glass panels and more. Call Steam Showers Inc today at 800-304-3598 for assistance; we can answer your questions about steam shower lighting fixtures and help you pick out the perfect steam shower unit for your bathroom remodeling project.