With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the right vanity for your bathroom. See our guide below for a better understanding of the type of vanity that is just right for your bathroom space.

How to Pick a Vanity

Bathroom vanities come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re not always convenient when you have a narrow bathroom and limited space. While vanities can often be the focal point of a bathroom’s style, they can also be a hindrance where space is limited. If you find yourself squeezing between small spaces just to maneuver around your bathroom, it may be time to invest in a smaller vanity. If you’re wondering what kind of small vanities are available for your small bathroom design project, here are a few ideas for narrow bathroom vanities.

Cradle the Sink
The majority of bathroom vanities are built out and around the sink so as to enclose the pipes while still offering storage space. However, if you are working with a narrow space, consider finding or building a vanity that cradles the sink. This vanity is only about half as wide as the sink, allowing a wider walking path and helping the whole bathroom seem just a bit wider.


Photo Credit: dakrtabris.co

Stretch Out the Counter
Another option is to re-proportion the width of the vanity into length. If you are working with a narrow space but have length of space to spare, consider a split vanity like the one pictured below. The floating element of the vanity already helps the room seem bigger and less bulky, but the rerouted cabinet also adds to the storage space as it is not hindered or crowded by the sink’s piping. What’s more, a small trashcan or additional storage can be placed underneath the sink without taking up the available space.


Photo Credit: Pinterest.com

Vote to Float
Floating vanities are a great way to conserve space and make a bathroom feel larger than reality. Floating vanities won’t have as much storage space as the average vanity, but they can still be trendy and often give your bathroom a more contemporary look. Floating vanities tend to seem more like an extension of the wall rather than an obstruction in the pathway. Small items can still be stored under the vanity for maximized space.


Photo Credit: jiutengbath.com

Reinvent the Vanity
As a whole, we generally have an idea of what we think a vanity is supposed to be, but this doesn’t mean we have to stop being creative with our bathroom designs. If you have a narrow bathroom or you’ve recently purchased a home that doesn’t have a vanity, consider small cabinet, such as the one pictured below, which can act as a disconnected vanity and help maximize space. Depending on your bathroom set up, you may even want to add two small cabinets on either side of your sink for additional storage possibilities.


Photo Credit: wowbathroom.com

Have any questions or feedback on how to maximize your vanity options in a narrow bathroom? List your ideas and suggestions in the comments below!

Choosing a new vanity for your remodeled bathroom can be exciting, while also a little scary. If you currently have an existing vanity that needs to be removed and discarded in addition to researching, viewing, and pricing a new vanity, it can seem like quite a bit of work.  In the last few decades the prevalency of online shopping has grown to an astronomical portion.


According to one study, more than 80% of the online world has made a purchase over the internet, and more than 50% of those people utilize the convenience of internet shopping on a regular basis! Online shopping certainly has it’s perks – It’s a time saver, it makes comparing prices easy, it offers a larger variety of choices, most online stores offer rates at a discounted price compared to retail stores, there’s no crowd of people to fight or lack of parking spaces to find, users save money on gas driving to and from the store, and online shopping often offers the additional benefit of paying less taxes!



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