Have you ever had a drain clog up somewhere in the house, leaving you unsure of what to do? Whether a leaky sink faucet or a backed up shower drain, clogged drains are never fun. Maybe you had to call an expensive plumber and watched them solve the problem in a matter of minutes, leaving you wondering what they did and how you could have solved the problem on your own, leaving your wallet just a bit fatter. Dealing with sewage and plumbing issues is always exasperating, and if there’s a way to save the cost and hassle of getting a professional out to the house to fix the problems, it’s most likely worth it. So, next time you’re dealing with a clogged bathroom drain, follow the simple steps below to see if you can solve the issue before resulting to calling a plumber.

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Essential Tools Needed
Baking Soda

Drain Clearing Process
Pour a pot of boiling hot water down your drain.
Dump in about a half a cup of baking soda, and let this sit for 3-5 minutes.
Pour a mixture of one cup vinegar and 1 cup boiling water down the drain over the baking soda.
Cover the drain with a plug, if you have one (to keep the reaction down below the drain surface), and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.
Flush out the vinegar and baking soda one more time with another pot of boiling hot water.

Detailing the Process
This drain treatment will loosen any grimy sludge or debris that is clogging the inside of your drain and causing it overflow or drain too slowly. The hot water and baking soda alone will help to pry away the residue sticking to the inside of your drains. Furthermore, the addition of vinegar will create an explosive reaction with the baking soda that will jolt any remaining waste from the pipes to be drained away. Finally, one lasting wash with boiling water will help to flush everything out and make your pipes as good as new. You’ll be your own plumber and save yourself quite a bit of time and energy in the process.

This process can be used throughout the house, not just in the bathroom where shower drains and sink drains seem to get the worst of it, but also in kitchen drains, outdoor drains, etc. Get into the habit of trying this technique before resorting to calling a plumber. If this doesn’t work, then a plumber may be in order, but you’ll never know how much money you might have saved if you don’t give this a try first. And after all, it’s a quick and easy process that will only take you a few minutes to complete!

To an extent, bathroom vanities are a purely functional bathroom item. They often hide the sink’s piping from immediate exposure, provide storage space for toiletries and bathroom necessities, and provide counter space for your daily routine of getting ready and winding down after a long day’s work. Yet, the modern bathroom asks for more out of its vanity station. The modern bathroom calls for a vanity that is not only functional, but also fashionable.  The modern vanity should be one that adds to the décor of the bathroom, giving it an air of luxury and sophistication. The modern vanity should be a delicate item that enhances your bathroom’s character and shapes your experience by creating a relaxing and rejuvenating environment.

Subtle Vanity Drawers
Vanity cabinets can be traditionally obvious, or they can be subtle, making you forget that they actually serve a functional purpose outside of their intended design. This chic floating vanity has roll-out drawers that serve as the traditional cabinet space for this vanity design. The design is subtle, convenient and provides out-of-the way storage that leaves the bathroom floor spotless for a more roomy impression.

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Traditional Vanity Cabinets
Traditional vanity cabinetry normally contains a combination of cabinet space and drawers. In a double vanity, each sinks station usually features its own cabinet space with double doors with shared drawers to divide the two stations. Traditional cabinetry can be offered in a modern design to provide seamless, comfortable storage experience.

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Vanity Cabinetry Shelving
Another option for vanity cabinetry in a modern design comes in the forms of shelves. Open shelving allows the bathroom to seem more open and airy, rather than to have a big, bulky vanity in the middle of the room that’s taking up space. Vanities with open shelving give the impression of more space, because they are more transparent and don’t seem to use up quite the same amount of space as the average vanity.

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Complimentary Vanity Cabinets
For some of the more modern, minimalistic vanity designs, cabinetry is simply not in the equation. For small bathrooms and bathrooms with a minimalist design, bulky cabinetry may look out of place or reduce the décor of the bathroom space. For these bathrooms, additional storage space beside or near the small vanity may be a practical way of adding to the cabinetry in a non-intrusive, appealing manner.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed these examples of modern vanity cabinets. Vanity cabinetry is almost as diverse as the vanities they complement, and it’s all about finding the right modern vanity with the right type of cabinetry for your bathroom’s specific needs. Before you go vanity shopping, make sure to take some measurements and have an idea of what you’re looking for before you go in to make a decision. Take some pictures, and keep track of measurements, drawer space, cabinet space, etc. so that you can make informed comparisons and come to an educated, informed decision.

Mission style home décor has long been popular and is always a great choice when you’re undecided on a specific style or design. One place where mission décor really shines is in the bathroom. The mission style looks clean, fresh and energetic in the bathroom and often helps to give the bathroom a polished, classy feel. Mission style vanities are usually tan or light brown in color and are similar in feature, but can vary in size and specifics. These are some of the mission style vanities that we liked best, and we hope they will help spark some creativity in your own search for the perfect vanity design.

Antique Style Mission Vanity
This medium-tone mission vanity with granite counter-top and drop down sink is a traditional design with classic drawer handles. This vanity would do well in an antique or old-style bathroom and is sure to fit with a wide variety of bathroom colors and textures.

Vanity  Photo Credit: wowbathroomideas.net

Modernized Mission Style Vanity
While similar to the vanity above, this vanity is lighter in color and keeps more of its interior wood color. Not only is the color lighter, but the vanity has also been customized to take on a more modern design. The vanity features marble countertops, vessel sinks, and contemporary faucets, making it not only unique, but very attractive. While this vanity still maintains the mission-style composition, it also has a unique personality all its own.

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Functional Mission Style Vanity
This lovely vanity design takes its cues from both old and new mission vanity designs, featuring the perfect fit for an array of bathroom styles. The body of the vanity has an aged, sophisticated look, while the surface features white pearl marble countertops, contemporary dropdown sinks, and wall mounted copper faucets. This vanity design promises to look great in both contemporary and antique bathroom designs and does a great job of keeping classy with contemporary styles.

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These are simply a few of our favorite mission vanities, and we hope they’ve sparked your interest. Mission style vanities are a classic design and look great with many bathroom features. They’re also a great style to start with if you’re considering building your own vanity or looking for your next DIY project. Provide your feedback in the comments below, and let us know what you think!