You may not be familiar with the differences between steam showers and saunas; after all, they do seem quite similar. In fact, steam showers and saunas both allow us to relax in a warm environment, but they both work differently and have different effects on the human body.

The factors that differ between the two types of steam bathing include temperature, type of heat, health benefits, size and how they both work. Most saunas for use in a personal home are stand alone units that are hooked up to electricity. The sauna has a heater that produces a dry heat.

On the other hand, steam showers for use in private homes have to be hooked up to the plumbing, just like any other shower. These units work with the assistance of a device called a steam generator. The steam generator heats up water, causing it to boil and creating steam that is pumped into the shower stall. These units have to be assembled, hooked up to the plumbing and electricity, are sealed and need a drainage system and need ventilation.

One advantage to installing either a pre-built steam shower unit or a sauna for home use is that both are already built and just need to be assembled. This lessens the need to remodel the bathroom and redesign the shower space. For example, installing a custom steam shower would require creating a sloping ceiling for condensation of the steam and installing an air-tight shower door.

As you can see, the idea of a steam shower and sauna may sound the same, but they are in fact very different. The health benefits that we can enjoy from both also differ. A steam shower is a great way to improve respiration and ease allergies, colds and sinus infections. The steam moistens the dry nasal passageways and helps remove mucus from the body. A sauna causes the body to sweat more because it produces a hotter, dryer heat. A sauna’s heat varies between 150°F and 200°F, while a steam shower’s temperature varies between 110°F and 115°F.

If you would like access to both a steam shower and a sauna, you may want to consider a pre-built unit that comes with both a steam shower stall and an attached sauna. These units come with both a steam generator and an infrared sauna heater. The Ariel Platinum DS205F3 Steam Shower and Infrared Sauna includes a 1KW infrared sauna heater and a 3KW steam generator. There are sliding doors between the steam room and the sauna room, the steam shower has a folding seat and the sauna has a wooden bench.

Another advantage to purchasing an Ariel Platinum unit is the use of the features it comes with, including chromatherapy lighting, FM radio, handheld showerhead, computer control panel with timer, four acupressure massage jets and a rainfall ceiling shower.

Remember that both steam and sauna promote relaxation and help your muscles rest. Both make you sweat and release toxins from the body. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact Steam Showers Inc at 800-304-3598.

Water is one of the most relaxing and calming elements available to us. Unfortunately, it is not an unlimited natural resource. Fresh, safe water is not a resource we can be careless with. If we wish to continue enjoying water in our everyday lives and in our bathrooms, it’s important to review why we should save water and simple ways to save water every day.

We may have easy access to water today, but if we don’t watch how much we use water, we could have very limited access to it in the future. In order to ensure there’s enough water for everyone down the line and for future generations, it’s good to start practicing water saving habits now. It’s estimated that the average home uses 260 gallons of water throughout each day.

The numbers show that the world’s population and the population of the United States continue to grow, and more people means we will have a greater need for more water. Another reason for rationing water is the fact that we have been experiencing a serious drought. California has been undergoing a drought lasting for three years so far. Additionally, most of the world’s water is compromised of salt water. Cleaning and filtering this water takes time and monetary resources.

There are ways to be greener and use less water in almost every room of the house, including the bathroom and kitchen, and outdoor areas, which require a lot of water for landscaping. These methods involve installing appliances that use less water than older appliances or other models on the market. For example, carries dual flush toilets, which only use 0.8 gallons per flush (gpf) for a half flush and 1.6 gpf for a full flush.

You can also save water by modifying your shower. A low flow showerhead may help you live a greener lifestyle and reduce your water bill. If you enjoy bathing with steam at the gym or at the spa, you may want to consider installing a steam shower. Steam generators only use two gallons of water for every twenty minutes of steam.

You can take some simple steps to reduce water use in the kitchen as well. First of all, only run the dishwasher if it’s full; the same rule should apply to appliances like the washing machine. You can also install an aerator onto the faucet of your kitchen sink. It may be time to upgrade to a dish washer that uses less water per load. Other tips include using the garbage disposal less, using smaller amounts of water in pots and re-using water used to wash produce to water plants in the house and the yard.

In the yard, try to water your lawn in the morning or at night when less sun will evaporate the water. You can also water your plants for longer periods of time but water them less times per month. Lastly, instead of washing the car in your driveway, take it to a car wash that uses recycled water. Remember, water is a precious resource; we can protect it so we can continue to enjoy it freely.

Warm Springs was a spa town in Georgia during the 19th century because of the mineral springs found there. Warm Springs is now the home to the Warm Springs Foundation and the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation, because Franklin D. Roosevelt frequented Warm Springs in search of hydrotherapy for the treatment of polio. The water in mineral springs is mixed with minerals, which is thought to give springs therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Spa towns often develop around these natural resources.

Roosevelt visited the springs every year, starting in 1924, until the end of his life. Roosevelt suffered from polio in 1921 and could no longer move his legs. After one visit at the springs, he reported being able to move his right leg. Roosevelt bought resort land at Warm Springs and lived in a house there, known as Little White House. The Warm Springs Foundation and the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation were born. The springs are no longer open to the public but are used by the hospital to help patients with their physical therapy.

Little White House was built in 1932; it is a one story home containing six rooms. It was Roosevelt’s home away from the White House when he came to Warm Springs for physical therapy. Roosevelt passed away in 1945 after suffering a massive stroke. He was in Warm Springs and sitting by his fireplace while Elizabeth Shoumatoff painted a portrait of him. Roosevelt was visiting Warm Springs before attending the first conference of the United Nations.

Today, Little White House is the Roosevelt’s Little White House Historic Site. Visitors can tour the house, the FDR Memorial Museum, the Historic Therapy Pools and two of FDR’s classic automobiles. Today, the area is the Warm Springs Historic District.

Hot springs have been used for therapeutic and medicinal reasons for centuries. Bathhouses, known as sentos, are popular in Japan and are used by the general public. People also enjoy steam at their local spa, gym and/or sauna. However, it is possible to create your own steam room in your personal bathroom at home. Many people enjoy the privacy this option offers. Furthermore, pre-built steam showers are easy to install and are all-in-one units with all of the bells and whistles made possible by modern technology. Owning a steam shower means never having to leave the home again to enjoy hydrotherapy and steam therapy.

These units work through the use of a steam generator, which heats water to create steam to be used in the shower unit. Modern steam shower units are also decorative, and there are models for both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. They come in various sizes for every space and are hooked up to existing water supplies.

Bathing with steam will change showering as you know it. Imagine having access to the relaxing effects, the relief to your respiratory system and the deep cleansing of the skin that is possible with the use of a steam shower. Browse Steam Showers on to find the perfect unit for you and your needs.