sept 25

Today, we’re going to answer a common question we receive. Many customers ask: is the steam shower door hinged or on a pivot.

All of our steam shower doors are hinged along the side of the steam shower wall. This is a really important point.

Doors that pivot look very modern. Their hinges are attached at bottom-most and top-most parts of the shower frame. So, they create a kind of frameless and seamless view that really accentuates elements of modern design, like clean lines and minimal visual distractions. They also can be less expensive to produce than doors that are hinged along the side of the shower door. All of that sounds great, doesn’t it?

But, pivot hinges cannot be used in steam showers for one very good reason: pivot hinges cannot be properly sealed. So, all of that wonderful steam your steam shower is producing will just leak out into the rest of the bathroom instead of providing you with that luxurious and relaxing spa experience you’re looking for from a steam shower.

If you have any questions at all about how to keep your steam shower functioning at its best, give our Support Team a call. They’re always willing to help you get the most from your home spa.

sept 21

One common question we receive about our steam shower models is this one: Is a ring-shaped bulb used in the fluorescent overhead light?

We looked at all the different types of lights that could be installed in a steam shower. First, we considered which lights conform to the highest safety standards. Lights that are appropriate for the shower are labeled as “Wet Location Fixtures”. These lights are completely sealed, and will stop even the slightest bit of moisture from coming into contact with the light’s internal electrical system.

Second, we looked for the type of light that would provide a warm, bright glow. Many steam showers only have a glass door to let in whatever light there is in the bathroom. The remaining three walls are typically solid because they house all the fixtures, like the showerhead and, if you’ve chosen a model with the built-in chromatherapy option, the walls will house those lights, too. We found that fitting our steam showers with a round overhead LED light rather than a ring, or halo, gives steam shower users a true spa experience.

If you have any questions at all about the lights in your steam shower, I encourage you to call our Support Team. They’re experts and will know how to help you have a great steam shower experience.

sept 19

Today, one of our customers asked us this question: Does the steam shower door open from left to right when you are stepping into it?

The short answer is yes. If you’re standing outside of the shower looking into it, the door will be closed and the handle will be on the left side. When the door is open, the handle will be on the right side.

Steam shower doors are vital components of the whole unit. Their purpose is to seal in that wonderful steam so that, when you step into the unit, you will get the full and relaxing spa experience. So, we don’t recommend that homeowners change the way the door opens or make any other alteration to the frame of the steam shower.

If the direction that the door opens and closes doesn’t quite suit the space you’d like to put it in, I suggest that you give our Support Team a call. They will be able to help you find a model that fits your bathroom space exactly.