Creating a steam bath in the woods can be a fun DIY project to try while out on a long camping trip. Taking a steam bath may be something you enjoy at the spa or gym, or something new you’d like to try. First and foremost, always put safety first while building a steam bath. Also check out our post on how to do a DIY Steam Facial.

Sweat lodges were traditionally created by Native Americans for use during ceremonies in North America. Visits to the sweat lodges were methods of purification. These lodges were wooden structures; sometimes they were created out of covered holes in the ground. Today, steam showers are popular in personal bathrooms. Bathing with steam relaxes the mind and the body and has various health benefits.

Before using the steam bath you create while camping, be sure not to wear any tight clothing in the steam bath. To begin, you will need an old dome tent. Cut off the bottom of the tent and lay it out in a wide, level space in the woods. Make sure you have a border around the bottom of at least half a foot to a foot wide. It will behoove you to set up the tent in a space near a source of water, like a lake or river.

Build the structure of the tent using tent poles. You can secure the poles in place with rocks. It is crucial that you do not use rocks from a water source. These rocks will overheat, may explode and may burn someone using the steam bath. You will need to build a fire near the tent; do not build the fire too close to your tent for your safety.

You will use the fire to heat stones for half an hour. These stones are then placed inside a ring of rocks created in the middle of the tent. While moving the heated stones, be sure to protect yourself using the correct type of gloves or other protection to avoid burning yourself.

Now you are ready to start your DIY steam bath in the woods. Close the door to the tent and leave it cracked to let air in and out of the tent. Take a pan of cold water and slowly pour it over the heated stones. Steam will be created and begin to fill the tent. Repeat this until the tent is filled with steam.

The practice of pouring or sprinkling water on heated stones is how saunas are traditionally heated. A sauna uses hot and dry steam, while a steam shower produces steam at a lower temperature and at a higher humidity. Today, saunas installed in modern homes are usually electric.

Use the steam bath you’ve created for fifteen minutes at a time. After your steam, pour cool water on yourself or take a swim in a cool body of water. Different cultures in a variety of areas around the world have been using steam for centuries to relax the body. Steam rejuvenates tired muscles, makes it easier to breathe when suffering from a cold or asthma and steam deeply cleanses the skin. Have you ever created your own steam bath?

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Trust me…I’m an engineer.

Trust Me I'm an Engineer Steam Shower

I would hate to see what this person would do with a bathtub.

If you’ve never had a steam facial before, you’re in luck; steam facials are easy, do-it-yourself spa treatments you can do in your own home. It takes as little as ten minutes. If you have a steam shower, it’s even easier.

What is a Steam Facial?

A steam facial is the cleansing of the face with steam to empty pores of toxins. Steam deeply cleanses the skin.

How to do a Steam Facial

You’ll be amazed at just how easy it is to do a steam facial at home.

First, wash your face with your daily cleanser. Afterwards, be sure to exfoliate with a facial scrub. If you don’t have a facial scrub, you don’t have to run out and buy one. You can use baking soda and water as a substitute.

Then, if you have a steam shower, take a 10 minute session with the steam function turned on. Go ahead and turn on some of your favorite music. Sit back and relax in your stool or built-in chair. If you don’t have a steam shower, you can still accomplish this home spa treatment.

To create steam at home, you can boil some water on the stove top. You can pour the boiling water into another container, like a big mug, or you can lean your face over the pot. We recommend sitting down at a table and setting the pot on a safe surface, like a towel.

Don’t get too close to the hot water in order to avoid injury or irritating your face. Lean over the hot water with a towel over your head. The towel will create a tent that will capture the steam and allow it to cleanse your face. Do this for two minutes and repeat four more times.

If you don’t have a steam shower, and you’d like an alternative to boiling water, you can purchase a facial sauna system. Either way, you can add essential oils to your steam shower or your pot of water. Add a few drops of your favorite scent. Lavender is a calming scent, peppermint improves concentration and eucalyptus assists with respiration and treats congestion.

The next step in the steam facial is to put a mask on your face. You can use a facial mask you have, you can purchase a facial mask, or you can make your own DIY facial mask using warm water, honey and oatmeal.

The second to last step, and it’s very important, is to wash your face with cold water. The cold water closes the pores in the skin. Lastly, moisturize your face at the end of the routine. Do not forget this step!

It is not recommended to do a steam facial if your skin is currently irritated.

Benefits of a Steam Facial

Steam cleanses the skin and removes toxins and wastes by producing body sweat. Additionally, an artificial fever is created in the body, which fights infections and boots the immunity system. Steam also helps people breathe and relax.

We hope you enjoy your steam facial. If you’re a veteran of the process, maybe we’ve given you some more insight or tips for the future.

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