books for the bathroomWe often hear that we spend a third of our lives sleeping. I have no idea how much time we spend in the bathroom. I’m not even going to hazard a guess. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you enjoy the time you spend in there. Spa-like steam showers, beautiful artwork, and books.

Yes, books. Who doesn’t read or do crossword puzzles in the bathroom? So, for all of us who prefer to use those minutes to stretch our imaginations in one way or another, I’ve compiled a list of 5 books that are sure to keep you otherwise occupied in that most private of spaces.

1. Bathroom: Guest Book Knock Knock.


This is a very fancy-looking journal that will definitely surprise. It’s full of fun writing prompts, doodle space, and blank pages allowing visitors to record their thoughts and have fun while in your bathroom.

2. Bathroom Graffiti Mark Ferem.


The author here is an experienced photojournalist who decided to turn to documenting the graffiti we see in bathrooms. What kind of thoughts to people have when the bathroom stall door is closed and locked? Ferem reveals it all.

3. Fierce Pajamas The New Yorker.


This collection of short and humorous stories and sketches will have you giggling out loud.

4. What’s In A Name Woody Vincent.


Haven’t you always wanted to know the stories behind some of the most famous companies? Who invented the Ponzi scheme? Where did the name Coca-Cola come from? You may not spend a lot of time in the bathroom, but there’s no reason why you can’t expand your knowledge while you’re there.

5. Toilet Paper Origami On A Roll: Decorative Folds and Flourishes for Over-The-Top Hospitality Linda Wright.


This one is just too much fun. Reading in the bathroom is great. But, sometimes, you just want to do something with your hands. The best part is that all you need to create beautiful artwork is right there at your disposal … toilet paper!

What do you like to read in the bathroom?


home spaImagine, for a moment, if you could step out of bed in the morning and head to the spa … in your very own home. Imagine having a room in your house where you’d find the steam shower, the jacuzzi tub, massage tables, skin treatments, pedicure tables … in short, everything you might want for the perfect spa experience.

What a way to start the day!

Well, the home spa experience is no longer a stretch of the imagination. It’s a reality – in some form or another – for a lot of people. The beauty of it is that you don’t even need to be living in a mansion in order to accommodate it. One more important point, too: home spas can be as affordable as you need them to be.

There’s been such a growing interest in the spa experience worldwide that manufacturers of spa equipment have begun designing smaller pieces for home use.



Need some ideas for your own home spa. This one out of Architectural Digest might be beyond the reach of most of us, but the concept remains the same. The spa pictured here was put into a very large home in Colorado. But, the idea of lots of windows that allow natural light to penetrate the room is a key feature to a spa.



Use lots of glass and light-colored materials to create a sense of openness and air. Even in a small bathroom, it’s possible to achieve a spa-like ambience with soft, neutral paint colors, and natural wood and stone.



Don’t forget about the outdoors. Most people think of the spa as an indoor experience. Certainly, if you live in colder climes, that makes a lot of sense. Build your home spa with operable windows so you can throw them open for three out of four seasons allowing fresh air into the space. For anyone living in a warmer year-round climate, consider adding an outdoor spa to your backyard. Planting the right vegetation not only creates privacy and a beautiful surrounding, certain plants can act as water filters keeping not just the air, but the water, pure and clean, too.

What spa element would you most like to add to your home?


shower headShower heads have a come a long way since the standard type that protruded from the wall even a decade ago. You can still buy those, of course. But, if you’re going to equip your own bathroom with a steam shower for a full home spa experience, you might also be wondering what kind of shower head would be better than the standard kind.

A walk down the faucet aisle of any home hardware store will reveal a multitude of different kinds of shower heads. Which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of what’s available today.

Standard Wall Mount

wall mountThis is the standard type of shower head found in most homes. It’s fairly inexpensive. You can find this kind in a variety of styles from simple, sleek chrome to elaborately ornate. Some come with no features at all while others sport technology that counteracts hard water build-up and corrosion. Settings vary from one to many, including mist, massage and rain shower.

Rainfall / Ceiling Mount

rainfallDo you love walking in the rain? If so, then this rainfall-style shower head is for you. This style, set into the ceiling, typically doesn’t offer all of the settings that the standard shower head does. Nevertheless, having the water fall like rain all over your body is a treat many people would like to wake up to every morning.

Sliding Bar


The sliding bar shower head is a wonderful invention. It allows you to adjust the shower head to whatever height is most comfortable for you. So, for all you tall people out there, this one’s for you.

Hand Held

handheldThe hand held shower head remains as popular as ever. You can attach it to its mount when you want to use it as a regular shower head. But, when you want some focused water action, nothing beats a hand held. It’s perfect for training a streaming jet of hot water over your sore back or calf muscle.

The variety of shower head styles available on the market today makes customizing your home spa so easy. Which type of shower head is your personal favorite?