Believe it or not, bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to home renovations. A lot of people pour a lot of money into kitchens loaded with all the upscale choices. The bathrooms, however, are left functional, but not exactly pretty.

It’s easy to forget about the bathroom, though. As long as it’s functional, it’s hard to understand why you’d put a lot of money into it.

The key to having a home that looks put together and in style depends on making the bathroom as updated as the rest of the house. Whatever the style of the rest of the house is, that’s what each bathroom should be as well.

Carry the colors and materials through the house. So, if you’re splurging on quartz countertops in the kitchen, opt for glass or some other upscale vanity for the bathroom.

Check out these trends that are starting to fall out of favor…

Don’t go country. The rustic or Tuscan look, marked by chicken wire, distressed wood, or orange tones are on the way out. Opt for neutrals with some accents and a minimalist or contemporary approach instead.

Do the whole thing. Do-it-yourself projects or replacing some bathroom items and not others is no longer trending. Instead, people are completely gutting the space and starting over from scratch.

Use more space. Floating vanities equipped with larger “trough” sinks are winning over double sinks. Maximize space and comfort by installing steam showers, and any other spa amenity that will fit.

What design trend to you hope will disappear fast?



Christmas and Hunukkah are, as everyone knows, special times for giving. The problem for many of us every year is the question of what to give the person who seems to have everything.

“Seems” is the operative word here.

That’s because no matter how many spa items someone has, they can always use more. Those of us who love to be pampered with special scents and soaps know exactly how long a bottle of our favorite product lasts. It’s usually not very long at all!

So, to help you out this year, I’ve put together a list of items that every spa lover will absolutely love!

  • Buy that special person a steam shower. Yes, steam showers are a little pricey. But, imagine the smile on that special person’s face when you tell them what they’ll be receiving this year.
  • A chromatherapy kit. For those loved ones who already own a steam shower, why not give them the gift of light massage? The colored lights promote relaxation and meditation.
  • An aromatherapy kit. Special scents encourage our minds and bodies to relax and release stresses and toxins. Choose the scents that you think matches that person’s personality.
  • Slippers and bath robe. Spending time in the steam shower is an absolute luxury. But, even that special treat must come to an end. When it does, let your favorite person continue that luxurious experience by allowing them to slip their feet into soft, fleece lined slippers and a fluffy robe.

What spa gifts would you love to receive?



Remember when designers would visibly cringe at the sight of a bathroom painted green? It was because green doesn’t reflect pleasantly against our skin. So, when you look in the mirror, your skin tone looks a little sickly.

Fast forward to now and in the future heading toward 2017. That negative view of green has changed.

Thanks to the environmental community, eco products and green technology have taken the design community by storm. Everything from environmental heating options to environmental flooring, eco products are easier to find and considerably less expensive than they once were.

Follow these tips to green up your own bathroom space and stay on trend.

  • Install a steam shower. Unlike conventional showers, steam showers save on water and also promote good health.
  • Add real greenery. Plants brighten up the look of the bathroom and fill the space with oxygen. Go all out by installing a living wall!
  • Choose natural materials, like stones and sustainable wood.
  • Wallpaper is back in a big way. Put up paper that is redolent in a large floral pattern.