feb. 12

The home spa trend isn’t going away. Everyone loves stepping into their very own steam shower or whirlpool bathtub and relaxing with the help of massage jets and aromatherapy oils.

But, what is it exactly that makes the whirlpool bath system so amazing?

Whirlpool bathtubs combine three vital elements that result in an experience of luxury and wellbeing – heat, buoyancy, and massage.

Heat relaxes tense muscles and encourages better circulation. The bubbles and constant water flow makes you feel like you’re floating. And there’s nothing like the gentle sound of gurgling water to send your mind into a soothing mindfulness. The jets pulsate, sending just the right amount of water pressure to those tense muscles in your back, shoulders, and legs.

You can improve on that already luxurious whirlpool bath experience by adding some color therapy. Chromatherapy encourages complete mind and body relaxation through the use of a spectrum of colored lights. Don’t forget your favorite scented candles, too!

Feb. 8

Singing in the rain…

It’s so romantic, isn’t it? And you don’t even have to step outside during a rainstorm to enjoy the moment. All you need is a rainfall shower head in your very own shower. Did you know that you can opt for a rainfall shower head with most of our steam showers? It’s true! Give us a call to find out how you can have one, too.

The interesting part of a rainfall shower head is … you guessed it … that it mimics actual rainfall. Rather than shooting a spray of water onto your body, rainfall shower heads are known for the natural and gentle way they spray the water. Many people love the soothing feel of water droplets pouring down on their head and shoulders.

Want to de-stress after a long day at work? Maybe you need a gentle wake-up in the morning. Then a rainfall shower head is what you’re looking for.

Rainfall shower heads have another particularly useful function. Many of them come equipped with flow settings. So, you can set the amount of water you’d like to use during your shower time. This water-saving feature will save you money, too!

feb. 6

Did you know that a shower can use almost as much water as it takes to fill up a bathtub? Unless you’re that person who spends a quick 5 minutes or less in the shower, you could be sending a lot of water down the drain unnecessarily. Apart from the fact that wasting water is never good for the environment, there’s another reason why we should all make an extra effort to save water. Water conservation efforts can shrink our water bill!

So, short of taking microshowers, how can we save water? One of the best ways is by installing a shower timer. Many of our steam showers come equipped with one.

You can set the shower timer to allow water to run for any amount of time that works for you. That’s a bonus if you have teenagers in your home, or if you have a large family sharing one shower. A timer also can regulate the amount of how water that’s used.

Need more water-saving tips? A steam shower can help you maximize your savings game. Contact us to find out which steam shower might be best in your home.