Achieving the bathroom of your dreams doesn’t mean you have to spend an enormous amount of money. Some small, simple changes can make all the difference so you can feel excited and happier about your space. Sometimes it’s not about completely remodeling the entire space; you can create a new space with a whole new vibe with some small additions and changes.

Vanity & Accessories.  Do-it-yourself projects can be an excellent way to update your bathroom on a small budget. These projects usually require some problem-solving and some elbow grease, but you’ll be so happy with the results and the price tag. One popular DIY project is creating a new bathroom vanity out of a used cabinet. This can be done by getting an old cabinet you want to reuse in a new way or by picking up a piece at a thrift store. You can then sand and stain the piece.

While you’re at it, change out your bathroom’s accessories. This is an inexpensive way to make the bathroom feel new and to update to a more modern style without switching out big items, like entire bathtubs, showers or toilets. First, think about changing out your shower curtain and your faucets. Then, take a look at the lighting and decide if it’s time for an upgrade. At this point, add some new decorative pieces, such as paintings, vases, a stand-up toilet paper container and candles. You can search for these items at garage sales or dollar stores.

Tile. Cleaning your tile and re-grouting your tile can make all the difference, and you won’t have to replace the tile. You can even paint over old tiles if you want a big change.

Paint. Changing the paint in your bathroom can make it look like a whole different room. You may just want to freshen up your white walls, or you may want to go with a trendy color. You can always repaint it later when the trends change without breaking the bank. Pick a color scheme and stick to it when buying your new accessories.

Organization & Storage. Remodeling your bathroom is the perfect chance to de-clutter the entire bathroom and add more storage. This will make it more organized so you’ll be happier in the mornings while you’re getting ready, and you’ll realize it’s easier to find things and the space looks cleaner. Remove everything from the bathroom, clean the room from the top to the bottom and put back everything you want to keep. Throw away anything you never use; it’s just unnecessary clutter.

Next, make a list of the storage problems you experience on a regular basis in your bathroom. Are you having  trouble finding a space for your hair dryer, your makeup or your cleaning supplies? Now you can find a solution for each of these problems. First, you can purchase a holder for your hair dryer that mounts on the wall or behind the vanity door. Secondly, you can purchase more draw organizers and create pull out drawers for the small items.

We wish you luck and hope you can enjoy a new bathroom without having to over spend.

A walk in bathtub is like a regular bathtub with some additions to make the bathtub safer for use by people with limited mobility. This is nothing to be ashamed about. As we get older, we have to be more careful with ourselves and our bodies. We still need to take care of ourselves and our hygiene. There is no better way to do so than with walk in bathtubs, which make bathing a simple and independent process.

Walk in bathtubs and normal bathtubs usually look almost the same. The biggest difference is that walk in bathtubs can be taller and include a door on the side. The door makes it possible for those who cannot leap over the wall of a normal bathtub to enter the bathtub easily and safely. You do not have to give up baths; there is a solution available to you.

Walk In Bathtubs on Steam Showers Inc have:

Safety Features. Walk in bathtubs come with more safety features than the average bathtub. These tubs have safety grab bars and textured floors to give people more support and to reduce the risk of falling in the bathroom. Also, they have contoured built-in seats. With a walk in bathtub, you do not need to purchase a stool or seat to put in the bathtub or shower. Instead, you can sit and relax in the seat that is built into the unit. Your bath can now be enjoyed in an all-in-one unit with all of the features you need to safely enjoy soaking in the tub.

Low clearance. The most fantastic aspect of a walk in bathtub is the fact that you only have to be able to clear four inches to be able to get into one, sit down and enjoy a relaxing soak in warm water. With a normal bathtub, you would have to lift your leg up and over the wall and lay down in the tub to enjoy a relaxing bath. In a walk in bathtub, all you have to do is open the door, step over the four inches and sit down in the built-in seat. You can fill and drain the unit while the door is closed.

Spa Features. Walk in bathtubs aren’t just about being safe; they also come with spa features that your current bathtub may not include. These features make your bath a unique experience. For example, many of the walk in bathtubs on Steam Showers Inc include whirlpool jets and/or air jets. These jets propel water and/or air into the bathtub water to deliver a relaxing massage to the body.

Some of the models also include a handheld showerhead to make bathing while sitting down easier. These models also look great while being ADA compliant, with roman faucets, faucet accessory deck, chrome fixtures, high glass triple gel coat finish and heavy duty reinforced fiberglass resin coat. If you have any questions about our walk in bathtubs, call us seven days a week at 800-304-3598.

If you’re shopping for a steam shower and/or a sauna for use in your home bathroom, you may be wondering what the term “infrared sauna” means. Even though it may sound complicated, it’s a pretty simple idea once you break it down. An infrared sauna is a means of heating a sauna using infrared waves in order to heat the person’s body and the objects in the sauna. Note that the air in the sauna is not heated using infrared sauna.

In contrast, a traditional sauna is heated using an oven to heat stones. Water is then sprinkled on the stones and steam is created for people to sit in. In general, a dry heat is enjoyed in a sauna. This means that there is little humidity in the air and there is a high temperature for people to enjoy. On the other hand, steam showers create the opposite environment of a wet heat. In a wet, a high humidity is enjoyed at a lower temperature. Both types of heat have beneficial health effects on the body and are used for relaxation.

A modern infrared sauna works with an infrared heater. There are two steam shower models on Steam Showers Inc that include a sauna room with 1KW infrared sauna heaters. These are the Ariel Platinum DS204F8 Steam Shower and Infrared Sauna and the Ariel Platinum DS205F3 Steam Shower and Infrared Sauna. These units include sliding doors between the steam shower stall and the sauna room. They also include a steam generator for the steam shower, chromatherapy lighting, FM radio, rainfall ceiling shower, built-in seating in both the shower stall and the sauna room and acupressure massage jets.

Just like a wet heat experienced in steam showers, the steam from sauna has health benefits for the user. First of all, the steam encourages the body to sweat. While sweating, toxins and dirt exit the body through the skin. This cleans the skin in a way that an average shower cannot achieve. It is also said that a dry heat helps the body fight inflammation and may help people stop smoking because nicotine is released from the body during sweating.

Additionally, a dry heat increases blood circulation in the body, which allows the body to heal tired muscles and reduce pain throughout the body. The heat in a sauna will also lower the blood pressure. Interestingly, some people claim that sitting in a sauna will promote weight loss by raising the body’s metabolism and releasing water weight from the body through sweat.

A sauna is an excellent choice for relaxing in heat without having to worry about UV rays. You may be surprised at how easy these units are to install, and they do not require expensive renovations to your bathroom space. A modern steam shower and sauna room will definitely change the way you shower at home. Feel free to call us at 800-304-3598 today to speak with our experienced staff members who will help you pick out the steam shower or sauna unit that will perfectly compliment your bathroom.