Imagine walking out of your steam shower or your bathtub during a cold morning and pulling on a towel that is already warm. This is a possibility with the use of a towel warmer! Towel warmers are a fantastic addition to a bathroom redesign or may be a simple upgrade you would like to do. Perhaps you just love the idea of stepping into a warm towel after a morning’s shower before walking outside on your way to work or battling the snow during the winter.

Whatever the reason was you initially wanted a towel warmer, there are actually a multitude of reasons for purchasing a towel warmer. You may be surprised to learn how many functions they can serve in the bathroom.

-Space Heater. The term “towel warmer” misleadingly sounds like it is just for heating up towels for the purpose of drying yourself after a steam shower or a session in a warm bathtub. This isn’t the case! Towel warmers also act as space heaters. Also, many models we offer come with automatic timers so they will start warming up the bathroom before you enter it each morning.

-Fabric warmer. A towel warmer doesn’t have to serve the sole purpose of warming bathroom towels. You can get creative and use it to warm different types of clothes and materials to keep you warm. For example, don’t you love that warm feeling clothes have when they come out of the dryer? It can be so comforting to hold up a warm shirt or a warm sweater to your face. This sensation doesn’t have to put limited to when you dry your clothes. You can use your towel warmer to warm your shirt before wearing it, to warm socks to keep your feet extra warm or to warm a small blanket before settling down on the couch on a cold day or when you’re feeling under the weather. Some use their towel warmer to warm their pajamas before bed.

-Design. Towel warmers bring a contemporary look and feel to a bathroom design. There are two types of towel warmers offered on; one is constructed of stainless steel plates that warm the towels and the other type looks like a normal towel rack. Other models also include a shelf for folded towels. These models are made of sleek stainless steel for a modern aesthetic. They are compact and are mounted on the wall. Different models may come with a different finish, such as white, oil rubbed bronze, polished or a brushed look. The towel rack type may come with straight or curving towel bars. These bars are also practical for hanging different sizes of towels.

Towel warmers on are ETL certified and work at an average temperature range of either 131 degrees Fahrenheit to 167 degrees Fahrenheit or 145 degrees Fahrenheit to 154 degrees Fahrenheit, depending upon the model. Towel warmers are a great example of how technology can make life more convenient and influence bathroom designs. Towel warmers are silent and function at a low wattage. The features included depend upon the model, but common features include a programmable timer, security thermofuse and built-in thermostat.

Adding a shower panel to your home allows you to have a luxurious spa experience in your shower. Also, it can be less costly than complex bathroom upgrades. The installation of a shower panel is also simple because the all-in-one unit is connected to the existing water supply lines and is attached to the shower wall surface using mounting brackets. With the addition of a shower panel, you can modify your existing shower to enjoy body jets, overhead shower and a shower wand every day without having to order and install separate parts.

The Ariel 303 Shower Panel, which was featured on an episode of DIY Bath Crashers, is an excellent example of why shower panels are a convenient choice for a bathroom upgrade because they include various luxury features for a good value. The Ariel 303 Shower Panel includes three body massage jets for acupressure massage, a handheld showerhead, a rainfall showerhead, a thermostatic faucet, stainless steel finish and it is 2” long, 6.5” wide and 65” tall. This silver, sleek unit has an ultra modern look and is ETL listed and UPC approved.

Other shower panel models include a tub spout, or a tub filler, so that showers with a tub can be modified and the tub can still be filled. For example, the Ariel 9002 Shower Panel has a built-in tub filler. It also includes an overhead rainfall showerhead, a mirror, eight body massage jets and a shampoo shelf. The aluminum alloy finish gives it a very elegant and clean look. This silver unit comes in the following dimensions: 2” long, 13” wide and 47” tall.

The Ariel 803 Shower Panel with Steam Generator is unique from other shower panels because it includes a 3KW steam generator.  With this shower panel, you can enjoy a steam shower in addition to the bells and whistles included on the shower panel, such as the massage jets and handheld showerhead. Showering with steam is completely different an average shower; steam cleans the body, allows the body to rid itself of toxins, increases blood circulation, soothes tired muscles and opens the sinuses. The Ariel 803 Shower Panel also includes a touchpad control panel, four body massage jets and a white Lucite acrylic finish.

Shower panels also come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and colors. For example, Ariel 9201 Shower Panel is black with a glass finish and the panel has a simple, rectangular shape. On the other hand, the Ariel 104 Shower Panel comes in white with a Lucite acrylic finish. It has a curved body shape with a built-in shelf. The Ariel 300 Shower Panel offers a unique look. The shower panel that attaches to the shower wall is small, but the overhead rainfall showerhead is attached at the top of the panel with a long shower rod.

A shower panel can be installed at the height you prefer to accommodate the different people using the shower in the home. You can find a variety of shower panels on

Aromatherapy is the treatment of physical or mental aliments through the use of natural essential oils from plants. It is often used in massage therapy, steamtherapy or steam baths and steam showers. The scents from the oils are applied directly to the skin, with lotion or are diffused into the air. The scents are then absorbed by the body or inhaled through the respiratory system. Each scent provokes a different scent in the brain, creating a physical or mental reaction in the person receiving the treatment.

In herbal sauna, essential oils are added to the water, which is then sprinkled on the hot sauna stones. The scents are diffused into the air to add a unique element to the sauna experience. It can also be used in a similar manner during steam showers. Aromatherapy can be traced back through the centuries and has been traditionally used by different cultures, including the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Egyptians and Indians. In modern times, one can infuse essential oils in a steam shower in their own home.

Today, aromatherapy is classified as alternative medicine. Different scents are used to treat depression, anxiety, colds, digestion, skin problems, memory, etc. and are used to enhance relaxation. The oils are filtered from the plant after it is pressed or distilled using steam. Plant materials like flowers, leaves and stems are used to produce the oils. The scents initiate a reaction in the brain; aromatherapy seeks ways to create these reactions in order to treat a person’s aliments.

Essential Oils & Uses

This is a short list of plants and what their essential oils are used to treat. Synthetic fragrances will not work on the body in the same way.

Lavender is inhaled to treat stress and anxiety; it is used as an anti-depressant and has a calming effect on the mind. It is also believed to enhance the immunity system and have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

-Lemon oil promotes relaxation and decreases stress.

-Peppermint improves mood and fights anxiety, stress and depression. It also soothes the stomach and treats digestive issues. It can also act as a decongestant and may be used around the home to discourage pests like spiders and ants.

-Like peppermint, chamomile can help reduce stress, decrease anxiety and help alleviate depression. It can soothe stomach aches and bring relief from allergies.

Aromatherapy System in Steam Showers

Certain models of steam showers sold on, such as models in the Ariel Platinum series, include Aromatherapy Systems. Oils can be added to these systems to diffuse fragrances into your showers. This can be a great and convenient method of using more aromatherapy in your life to help you battle moods, stress, congestion, allergies, colds and more. It can also help promote and enhance relaxation in your life. With the ability to infuse essential oils into your showers and to shower with steam on a regular basis, you will notice the difference in your daily routine and your life. Why take an inferior shower when you can have a luxury shower today?