Do you love listening to music? Do you often miss music while you are taking the calming steam shower? You can now entertain yourself with good music while you are in the shower. A wonderful music system can alter the appeal of steam showering or steam bathing forever.

There are so many luxurious steam shower accessories available in the market. Some of them are headrests, essential oils, MP3 players, iPods, foot massage, aromas, radio and speakers, etc. But, the demand of music products is very high. Here are some of the music suggestions for your steam showers.

  • MP3 music player is the best choice for your steam showers. Though, this feature comes in more expensive models of steam shower. It allows to cue up some relaxing classical music or some nature sounds while you shower. You can also load up your entire music collection and create playlists to suit specific moods.
  • A music system with Bluetooth Technology is also awesome. It allows wireless synchronization with your smart phone and instantly starts streaming music. Now with a simple touch of a button, you can enjoy the rejuvenating power of music each and every day at your home’s steam shower.
  • Play soft music. It helps you relax. If you have insomnia or sleep disorder, soft music improves your sleep pattern and after the session of steam shower, you will surely fall asleep.
  • Play classical music if you love it. This sort of music is an amazing blend of relaxation and energy.
  • Play piano with orchestral back up with no vocals. It has uplifting quality that is great for stress reduction.
  • Play romantic music in your steam shower. It is perfect choice when you have temptation for more active listening.
  • Play radio music when you are unable to detect your mood’s choice.

A good choice of music benefits you. It has the power to lift your spirit, create deep connectivity with yourself, soothe your tensed muscles, and move you to dance. It is really   soothing when you sing along with your favorite song in a steam shower.

The straight answer is ‘NO’. Conservative on water (1 – 1.5 gallon average) and electricity, steam showers are a very cost effective way to relax at home. If we compare a steam shower to a whirlpool tub, 2-3 fills of the whirlpool tub can give the bather a year’s worth of steam baths. Amazing!

Steam showers are luxurious and cost effective bathing fixtures that save your money in all possible ways. Its maintenance charges are not high. Many people believe that if you buy an item at low price, you will have to bear with a variety of expenses later in the form of repairing cost, daily damaged items, clean-up charges, cost of replacement, and regular maintenance charges. When you calculate these charges, the product gets really expensive. But, this does not happen in the case of a steam shower. A steam shower is an excellent choice if you compare it to a traditional bathtub, which brings in big hassles and high water bills.

Let’s start off with a few facts and figures that will give you insight about how a steam shower is the perfect fit in your budget even after purchase.

Water saving – A report shows that 2 gallons of water is consumed during a steam shower in 20 minutes. Conversely, a regular showerhead spray uses at least 50 gallons of water in the same time period. This is really a huge saving of water.

Power Consumption - Power consumption is directly linked with the quantity of water used during the shower. The more water your bath shower uses, the more power needs to heat it up and generate steam. Consequently, your electric bill will go up.

A study shows that 2.4 kilowatt steam shower costs approximately $0.045 per 17 minute increment to run. A 17 minute steam shower everyday for 30 days equals $0.045 x 30 days = $1.36. The typical use of a steam shower with one 17 minute session a day costs you about $1.36 a month and about $16.31 each year.

It proves that a steam shower consumes less power and least amount of water. It is inexpensive way of steam bathing.

A walk in tub allows users to enter the bath tub without climbing in. The entryway is a few inches above the floor depending the model. It includes standard shower heads, hand-held shower nozzles, and Jacuzzi-style therapeutic water jets. In appearance, a walk in tub is often taller and narrower than a traditional bathtub, but it is ideal for smaller bathrooms, laundry rooms, and converted closets.

Walk in tubs are not just for the elderly or handicapped. Its compact design and added features are equally beneficial for everyone.

A walk in tub is also known as a Safety Tub. It is easier to maintain the temperature of water coming through faucets. Raised seating is a great feature that allows a safer transfer from a wheel chair to a bath in tub seat. It removes the dependency of family or care givers. Transfer bars and side rails ensure 100 percent safety of bathers. Therapeutic jets in a walk in tub give relief from the pain caused by sore knees and aching muscles. All these fine features make walk in tubs popular among people who are on wheel chair and have issues in movement.

A walk in tub comes with a door. Walk in tubs with inward swinging doors are inexpensive and have proven safety. The inward swing doors are simpler for users to walk directly in tubs. However, when a bath tub fills with water, the water pressure seals the inward swing door tightly. It only opens when the tub is completely drained. This could be troublesome in emergency situation.

There is a group of manufacturers who believe that walk in tubs with outward swinging doors allow the users to enter in tub much easier and ensure quick escape in emergency even when the bath tub is full. For good and safety reasons, outward swinging doors are preferable.