Everyone always talks about spring cleaning. True, spring is a perfect time for change. Fall is, too. This is the perfect time to remove all the summer towels, soaps, and decorations. Bring a fresh look to your bathroom that’s more in line with the fall. Lay a red, rustic mat at the foot of your steam shower, or go all out and re-paint the entire room. Whatever you feel like changing, we’ve got some color tips for you.

Bronze it

Neutrals are still huge when it comes to trendy colors. Those browns, ecrus, beiges, and off-whites aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The truth is that these colors are soothing to look at, easy to pair with, and they don’t go out of style. This fall, stick with the neutral theme, but go a little bit more on the bronzy side. Wallpaper with bronze designs or bronze-colored paint will keep your bathroom style up-to-date and give it unique personality at the same time.

Get cultured

Color doesn’t always need to refer to shade, hue, or tint. Sometimes in can simply mean interest. Most of us don’t think of the bathroom as a place for art. But, the bathroom is really the perfect place for it. Where else do you get a few minutes entirely to yourself to do nothing but contemplate art? Choose art pieces that are waterproof, or that can be placed within waterproof frames.

Be bold

Add drama to the bathroom with color. Choose bright, cobalt blue tiles, orange-red paint, or an eye-catching yellow wallpaper. Remember, the bathroom is typically the smallest room in your home. Don’t be afraid to go all out.


Technically, it’s still autumn. But, let’s face it, even in parts of the country where warm weather rules, the temperatures are starting to drop. So, I thought that there’s little better than stepping out of a nice, relaxing and hot steam shower experience and curling up with a good book.

There are so many good books – old and new – to choose from. Sometimes, I’ll focus right away on one of my favorite genres, science fiction, mystery, literature, so many others actually! But, sometimes, I’ll walk into a library or a bookstore and choose a book entirely by feel. I might end up in a section full of books I might not typically read very often. Then I’ll scan the covers and choose one. The old adage, never judge a book by its cover, doesn’t really work here. Regardless, I’m rarely disappointed.

I just finished reading Zero K by Don De Lillo, which (though not to everyone’s taste) was fabulous and a bit of a mind bender. It’s also perfect for this time of year. The characters are cold, the story takes place in a cold building, and what goes on in that building (I won’t give it away!) involves sub-zero temperatures, too.

Here’s my list of great reads for winter. Add your own in the comments below!

The Goldfinch Donna Tartt

The Bone Clocks David Mitchell

Annabel by Kathleen Winter

Station Eleven Emily St John Mandel

The Days of Abandonment Elena Ferrante

Happy reading!




With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you may be wondering how appealing your bathroom will look to guests. You want your guests to feel welcome, comfortable, and appreciated. Laying out fresh and fluffy towels and special soaps will ensure that they will be singing your praises as the best host, especially if you allow them to enjoy the full benefits of a steam shower.

clean Unfortunately, there’s no getting around this one. You will have to give the guest bathroom a deep clean. Even if you clean it regularly, it’s a good idea to check those areas that you might have missed, like behind the toilet or in the far reaches underneath the vanity.

stock it Make sure the guest bathroom features a full supply of cotton balls, new toothbrushes (in their original packaging), a full tube of toothpaste, new razors, soap, hand cream, and shampoo. Walk through a drug store to spark your memory. Are there products that your guests might use that you know you don’t own?

decorate Add a vase of fresh flowers or a small potted plant for color, scent, and relaxation.

refresh Remove old towels or mats and replace them with fluffy and fresh new ones.

extras Toss a few loofahs and natural sponges into a pretty basket. Place it on the counter for your guests to use as they please.