Dealing with an injury or handicap is never fun.  It can be frustrating and expensive to remodel the house into a wheelchair-accessible living space. Whether it’s you, or a parent, child, or spouse, adjusting to the need for a wheelchair around the house can be mentally taxing and financially strenuous. Aside from ramps, flooring, and extended doorways, the bathroom may be one of the most difficult and inconvenient rooms to make handicap accessible. Many bathrooms are not usually large enough to fit a wheel chair inside, so the bathroom may need extension; furthermore, the toilet, shower, and/or bathtub must be made wheelchair accessible, and grab bars will need to be installed in all pertinent areas.

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Many home owners prefer the ease and comfort of a walk-in tub, which weeds out the inconvenience of having to install a bench seat in the shower. Also, depending the severity of the handicap or injury, standing may not be possible, in which case, a shower-only washing area may not be an option. Without the ability to stand, users may have trouble reaching up to grab the shower head, adjust the temperature of the water, or reach products resting on high shower shelves. In order to have a completely self-sufficient showering experience, a wheelchair accessible tub may be the only option.

EZWT-3052W 52 L x 30 W x 41 H Ariel Soaker Wheel Chair Accessible TubSome wheelchair accessible bathtubs can even have a showerhead installed, as shown in the picture below. This way, users don’t have to be limited to one function or the other. You can enjoy the ease of showering with the comfort and convenience of a walk-in tub. Or, forget the showerhead altogether and make bathing a fun and enjoyable experience with the luxury of a whirlpool tub.

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Regardless of the reason for your home renovation, a walk-in tub doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Walk-in tubs can offer a level of comfort and security that other bathtubs don’t provide.  The Ariel Dual Series Wheel Chair Accessible Tub features 18 air jets, 6 hydro-massage jets, and an acupressure body massage feature.  The class and superiority of the Ariel Dual Series presents quality, comfort, and affordability all in one convenient package.


So, if you see a wheelchair-friendly bathroom renovation somewhere in your near future, rest assured that the process doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. In fact, you might actually find yourself enjoying the new equipment. Tell us about your own experience in performing a wheelchair accessible bathroom remodel or leave any questions in the comments below!


We’ve all been there – enjoying a nice warm shower when somewhere else in the house someone else flushes a toilet, turns on the dishwasher, or starts a load of laundry. Suddenly, the water temperature either jumps sky-high or drops so low that you’re holding the shower head at arm’s length as if it’s a venomous snake. Sometimes, you’re even forced to endure the freezing or scorching temperatures so that you can hastily rinse off and jump out of the shower as quickly as possible.

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If you’ve ever experienced these rapid pressure changes, or maybe you’re unfortunate enough to encounter them on a regular basis, you might want to consider investing in a Thermostatic Valve. Thermostatic control valves exist to regulate the temperatures in your shower so that the temperature is always constant. When the temperature across the rest of the house is increased or decreased, the water temperature in the shower or bath will remain the same. The thermostatic valve can be set to a certain temperature, and after it has been set, the temperature will never vary from its designated warmth.


Aside from the obvious comfort-based reasons for investing in a thermostatic valve, there can also be additional safety rationales for installing a thermostatic valve into your home shower system.  It might be a tempting thought to consider simply turning down the temperature on water heaters rather than spending the time and money to install a thermostatic valve. However, water stored below 140 degrees Fahrenheit is a susceptible breeding ground for Legionella, a dangerous bacterial pneumonia, which can be deadly.

Furthermore, thermostatic valves can actually help save you money. Unlike mechanical valves, which are constantly pulling from both hot and cold water supplies to provide the right temperature mixture, thermostatic valves only use hot water until cold water is needed to keep the temperature constant. This way, more water is conserved, which means that you should also see a drop in your water bill each month.

Ariel WS-9090K Steam Shower

Thermostatic valves are now so commonly accepted as the best heating method, that many luxury shower systems are available with thermostatic valves already built into the hardware.  Thinking of remodeling your bathroom? Consider looking into a shower or bath system that already comes with a thermostatic valve installed. With the high functionality and ease of a shower system supported by a thermostatic valve, you’ll never worry about starting a load of laundry before jumping into the shower again.

When you think about bathrooms, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A luxury tub-shower combination? A spacious changing area? A large window overlooking a scenic view? A contemporary elegance that makes your bathroom feel like the most relaxing and preferable room in the house? Whether it’s the first or last thing on your mind, a very important aspect of every bathroom is the vanity.

Vanities can be multi-functional, serving both storage purposes, and also acting as a stylistic technique to shape the design of the bathroom. Vanities can serve almost no other purpose than to be aesthetically pleasing, or they can have a targeted function, such as helping to make your small bathroom seem bigger.  It’s easy to see a bathroom vanity and love its style and composition, but we don’t want you to regret your choice in vanities later on, so today we are going to discuss the ways to choose the vanity that will be most suitable for your bathroom design.

The single most important aspect to consider in purchasing a new bathroom vanity is space. How will the vanity impact the existing room in your bathroom? Is it a big bathroom with room to spare, or is it a small bathroom that could feel cramped and overly crowded very easily. If the bathroom is small, you may want to consider a sleek and slender vanity that will help conserve space and make your bathroom seem just a little larger than it really is.

Acclaim 24 in. Single Bathroom Vanity in White White Carrera Marble Countertop Undermount Square Sink and 24 in. Mirror

On the other hand, if the bathroom will be used by multiple people simultaneously, or if or you simply have plenty of bathroom space to spare, you may want to invest in a bigger vanity with a bold attitude and plenty of storage space to go around.

 Ariel Westwood 72 Double Sink Vanity Set in Black

Another important factor to consider in choosing a bathroom vanity is the style. There are contemporary bathrooms, classical bathrooms, and many variations in between. Ideally, the style of your vanity should also match the setting and tone of your bathroom. If your bathroom follows a more luxurious or contemporary theme, your vanity should add and enhance these patterns.

Acclaim 48 in. Single Bathroom Vanity in Espresso, Ivory Marble Countertop, Altair Black Granite Sink, and 24 in. Mirror


Similarly, if your bathroom has a more antique feel, you may want to stick with a vanity that reinforces the beauty of the aged construction.

Belmont Decor Armstong single sink vanity 36

Storage Space
Does your bathroom have built-in cabinetry, shelves, or other ways of storing toiletries? Will your vanity be the primary storage unit in your bathroom, or is it simply a sink and some counter space? Vanities come in all shapes and sizes. They can function at a bare minimum, or provide a wealth of cabinet space, drawers, and shelves. If you can afford to sacrifice storage for style, that’s great! If you’re looking for a vanity that will keep all of your bathroom supplies hidden, there are plenty of options.

Ariel by Seacliff Summit 60 Double-Sink Bathroom Vanity Set

Dynamic Usage
Finally, you shouldn’t rush into purchasing a bathroom vanity before you have considered the primary user of the bathroom. Do you have kids? Is it going into a guest bathroom that will see minimal use? Do you need a multi-station or dual-sink vanity for a master bathroom that will frequently be used by two individuals at once? You may want to spice up the downstairs bathroom, but worry that it won’t be worth it, as the children are the primary users. Or maybe you want to add a dual-sink vanity to the master bathroom, but choose a smaller unit instead in order to conserve space. Any final decisions on a new vanity should first be tested under consideration of primary usage. Think long-term, and make sure the vanity you choose will still be the vanity you love ten years from now.

Belmont Decor Skyline Vanity 72

Leave a comment below to tell us about your bathroom makeover experience! What kind of issues did you consider in choosing a new vanity, and how do you feel about your investment? If you’re considering a new vanity, feel free to ask questions or leave your thoughts!