April 18

Have you ever given much thought to how the time you spend looking at a phone or computer screen affects your skin? I certainly didn’t. But, lately I’ve been hearing about how the blue light that emanates from our variously-sized computer screens can actually end up aging our skin.

I find that I spend a whole lot of time sitting in front of a screen. It just so happens that it’s a big part of my job. That’s probably true for most of us. The computer has worked its way into so many corners of our lives that it’s really hard not to spend even a little time staring at a screen every day.

So, what should we be doing to protect our skin if disconnecting from our computers is a little nigh impossible?

First, moisturize! I have found that one task to solve a whole lot of problems. The best time for me to lather on the cream is right before bed. There’s some evidence, too, that skin absorbs nutrients better during sleep. So, that’s good.

Second, try to disconnect from every kind of screen for at least a few hours every day. Get outside, if you can. Better yet, step into a little luxury spa treatment. Even a 5 minute steam shower will moisturize, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin. You’ll feel like a million bucks again!

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Have you noticed a change in your skin health after spending time on a computer?

April 14

Bathrooms are such personal spaces that sharing them with weekend guests can get tricky. The best case scenario is to have another full bathroom to offer guests during their stay. That way, no one has to share. With Easter and Passover coming up fast, many of us will find that we’re either entertaining overnight guests, or we are the overnight guests being entertained. In either case, here are some tips to make the best of it.

Clean. If you’re the one opening your home to guests, you’re going to want to take the time to clean, clean, clean the bathroom from top to bottom. Now is the time to remove dust build-up, soap scum, and grime. Of course, you could hire a cleaning service, too.

If you’re the guest in this scenario, it’s up to you to clean up after yourself as thoroughly as possible … every day.

Stock up. Load the bathroom with brand new toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes, hand cream, unopened packages of razors, shaving cream, shampoo, scented soaps, and any other bits and pieces that your guests may have forgotten to pack.

Make it pretty. Place a vase of fresh flowers on the bathroom vanity, light a scented candle, and hang pretty artwork on the walls.

Fluff it up. Replace old and used towels and mats with fresh, fluffy, and thick new ones.

Have you stayed at family and friends’ homes? What did they do to make the bathroom friendly?

April 12

Given that Easter and Passover are just around the corner, I thought I’d put together a refresher on how to clean and disinfect the bathroom. But, before I get into the nitty gritty, so to speak. I wanted to give you some tips on what to look for if you’re hiring a cleaning service. I know there are some people out there in the world who really enjoy cleaning. I have to admit that I’m not one of them.

The number one tip I really want to mention in terms of steam shower units is to make sure you use gentle and natural products. Keep the harsh abrasives and scouring pads away from your steam shower. If the walls are particularly soap and scum covered, you’re just going to have to use elbow grease!

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