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Floating bathroom vanities are all the rage these days. They’re modern, functional, beautiful, and totally gravity-defying. Although a floating vanity looks fabulous in any bathroom, they’re especially adapted for small bathrooms. The fact that they’re installed on the wall and up off the floor, makes a small bathroom look exceptionally large.

These vanities allow heat and cool air to circulate freely around the bathroom. That extra space underneath also makes keeping the bathroom clean quick and easy. There aren’t any nooks or crannies for dust bunnies to gather out of reach of mops, vacuums, and damp cloths.

You can also install a floating vanity at any height that suits your own height. Kids can store their step stools underneath, too.

What do you love about floating vanities?

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The bathroom vanity offers so much, yet most of us don’t give it too much thought. Even during a full bathroom renovation, the vanity doesn’t seem to inspire the kind of passion that planning for a steam shower, whirlpool bathtub, or marble countertop does.

But, think about it. The vanity is central to how organized and functional the bathroom is. So, let’s give it the love it deserves, shall we? Check out these gorgeous vanities, and let us know which you love best.

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The bathroom vanity can be the central focal point of a bathroom. It can be an art piece. Rather than seeing the vanity as purely utilitarian, think of it as a thing of beauty. Consider the floating vanity. Whether it’s just one length of counter (as in the photo above) or a larger piece complete with drawers, the floating vanity is a wonder of modern design. It can also be installed at a variety of heights. So, if you’re tall, you won’t have to bend over as far. Or, if you have kids, you can use the space underneath to store the step stool.

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Use the vanity to tie together all of the design elements in your bathroom. Make it pop with color! You can even reuse furniture from other rooms in your home for a truly unique statement. Use an old buffet from the dining room or a dresser from the bedroom.

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Regardless of the style you choose, there’s one thing a bathroom vanity must provide, and that is storage options. Look for a vanity that offers lots of drawers (especially drawers that fit around plumbing) and space for organizers, like baskets, trays, and bins.

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Photo: SS-609A Steam Shower with Whirlpool Bathtub

This one is for all of you who love do-it-yourself projects! Although we highly recommend hiring a professional contractor, electrician, or plumber to help you install your brand new steam shower or whirlpool bathtub, if you have those skills yourself, there’s no reason why you can’t do the job yourself.

Check out our video how-to installation tutorial before you start … and enjoy the process and the fruits of your labor!