Who would have known that lemons hold so much cleaning power? Citric acid is found in lemons and limes and is a mild acid that can be used for common cleaning in the home. The uses of citric acid are endless. Citric acid is used in food, cosmetics, and homemade detergents. It can also be used to clean bathrooms and can be used in the cleaning cups of steam showers.

Citric acid is organic and natural. It gives lemons their tangy taste, and it is used in the production of candy. It also acts as a preservative in food. You may be surprised to learn that it’s also an ingredient in common cosmetics. Some people like to use it to remove hair dye from their hair. Alternatively, some people like to use citric acid in homemade cleaners because of its cleaning power. Others prefer to use it while cleaning their homes because they don’t like the smell of vinegar; vinegar is another natural acid that can be used to clean around the home.

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If you’ve ever doubted the cleaning power of lemons, just try rubbing half a lemon on the fixtures in your bathroom and you’ll see how it removes stains. You can also use citric acid to make homemade dishwasher soap using citric acid and baking soda. Homemade laundry detergent can be made with citric acid, sea salt, baking soda, washing soda and pure-castile soap. Citric acid has anti-bacterial properties and fights mold and mildew. It also fights grease naturally.

In the bathroom, citric acid is perfect for removing rust, softening water and removing water stains. It is also a truly effective toilet bowl cleaner. You can use citric acid as a cleaning liquid in steam showers in the cleaning cup. Before starting, check the manual that came with your steam shower for instructions on the best methods for cleaning and information on which cleaning products to use. The following are general guidelines for cleaning steam showers sold on SteamShowersInc.com.

First, make sure the steam shower is completely off. (You do not want to use the cleaning function while the shower is on and risk getting burned by steam.) Before putting citric acid in the cleaning cup in steam showers, you need to dissolve the acid in water. (Never use other acids or alkaline compounds.) This will help prevent blockage from occurring. Do not put solid substances in the cleaning cup. Next, take the lid off of the cleaning cup and pour the dissolved citric acid inside. Replace the lid, and turn on the steam function. After five to ten minutes, turn off the steam function, and turn off the shower. The water will drain at the bottom of the shower. Do not use any of the steam shower functions while the cleaning function is on.

Cleaning steam showers is easy and helps keep your bathroom clean. Your bathroom should be a private sanctuary where you can unwind from the stresses and worries of the day.

We all know that ironing clothes can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be so. Contrary to your previous experience, an iron is not the only tool that can be used to de-wrinkle your laundry. You can actually use a steam shower to iron your clothes before the work day or before an important meeting.

We’ve all been in that same situation, in which we’re short on time and we have an important event, but our clothes just won’t de-wrinkle. Or, we ran out of time and can’t get the iron to work. Even worse, sometimes irons get too hot and burn the piece of clothing. If you don’t have a backup outfit, the results can be disastrous. In other cases, some fabrics are just impossible to use an iron on because you’ll ruin your clothes. Additionally, ironing takes practice and dedication to be good at and some of us just don’t have the time to perfect the act.

Luckily, there are other options you can use to make your clothes look good. Using a steam shower to iron clothes is a quick and easy process. Simply hang your clothes inside of the steam shower, turn on the steam and close the steam shower enclosure. Take your clothes out after 10 to 15 minutes. They should look like they’ve just been pressed. This method will save a lot of time and hassle, especially because you won’t have to iron every individual piece of clothing to get the look you want.

Ironing clothes with a steam shower will also save you time in the morning because you can continue to get ready while your clothes are hanging in the steam shower .You can do your makeup, pick out your shoes, shave or make breakfast while your clothes are being steamed.

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Most people know you can iron clothes in an average shower by turning the heat up, running the water and closing the bathroom door. Ironing clothes with a steam shower is more convenient because you only have to close the steam shower enclosure. Also, steaming clothes in an average shower will not be as effective as steaming clothes in a steam shower unit.

Using your steam shower to iron your clothes will be like using a professional garment steamer without having to buy another appliance. You will also get all of the benefits of owning a steam shower along with being able to iron your clothes. A garment steamer doesn’t allow you to shower with steam.

The steam shower will not only make your clothes look better; it will make you feel better and make your skin look better. Showering with steam is a great method of relaxation. It also has a long list of health benefits, including increasing circulation, relieving pain, cleaning skin, soothing respiratory issues and aiding cardiovascular issues. Taking a steam shower will make your muscles feel better, make it easier to breathe as your airways are cleaned and give you an excellent way to relax.

When switching to a whirlpool bathtub can be exciting and new. Before you use your new bathtub, there are a few tips you should know. Whirlpool bathtubs require a different type of cleaning and you cannot use all bath products while bathing in them. Most people who own whirlpool bathtubs agree that the new cleaning routine is well worth owning the tub. Bathing in a whirlpool bathtub gives you the ability to enjoy a hydrotherapy massage and to relax in luxury.



Yes, you can use bath oils in whirlpool bathtubs. Enjoy your bathtub with the use of your favorite bath oils and scents.


Do not use bath salts with your whirlpool bathtub. The salt may rust the internal components of the bathtub. Furthermore, the salt can clog the system, including the pipes and the water pump. This will result in clogs. For example, salt may get stuck in the intake, which recycles water back through the pump and into the bathtub. The salt could settle into the bottom jets of the bathtub and clog the system. Mold may also grow in the jets later as a result. You should not run the pump in your whirlpool bathtub with anything in the bathtub other than water.

Bubble Bath

Feel free to use a very small amount of bubble bath in whirlpool bathtubs. The reason is that the movement in the water from the jets will create even more bubbles. If you put too much bubble bath in, you will fill your bathroom with foam and soap bubbles. This may be a funny experience you will look back on, but you won’t want it to become recurrent.


Note that if you use items in the bathtub that you shouldn’t, you will have to clean your bathtub more often because the jets will become clogged and dirt, bacteria and mold could begin to grow inside. You will have to clean the system more often and more thoroughly. Also, whirlpool bathtubs are cleaned differently than the average bathtub.

Always check the manual that came with your product for specific instructions regarding care and maintenance. The following are general guidelines. To clean whirlpool bathtubs, first fill the bathtub with water so it reaches the level two inches above the highest jets. Then, pour one half cup of bleach in the bathtub and run the jets for 10 to 15 minutes. Drain and rinse your bathtub. Next, repeat this with a small amount of dish soap, and drain and rinse again. Lastly, run the bathtub with cold water and run the jets one more time. If there is still dirt in your water, repeat the process until it is clean. You can perform this once a month to keep it clean.

You can shop for whirlpool bathtubs on SteamShowersInc.com in our Bathtubs category. Before purchasing a bathtub, measure your bathroom so you can choose the right dimensions for your space. Our bathtubs come with varying features, including handheld showerheads, chromatherapy lighting, FM Radio, headrests and LCD control panels. Some bathtubs are made to accommodate two people and other bathtubs are made for a single person to use.  If you have any questions about choosing a bathtub, please contact us today at 800-304-3598.