While looking to improve your home bathroom, you may be considering adding a steam shower. (See our post on Breaking Down a Luxury Bathroom Design for more information on home bathroom design.) An at-home steam shower is relaxing and incredibly convenient. You’ll no longer have to go all the way to the gym or the spa to enjoy a steam session when you can do so in your own home. The question you’ll want to ask while remodeling your home bathroom is: are most steam showers also a regular shower?

The answer is:

Yes, most modern steam showers are also a regular shower!

At-home steam showers fall into two different categories: custom steam showers and pre-fabricated steam showers. A custom steam shower is built in the bathroom using tile, a steam generator, a shower head and other additional options. A pre-fabricated steam shower unit is an all-in-one purchase that can be connected to the existing water supply and electrical power. Prefab steam shower units are made up of the shower enclosure, steam generator, shower head and more. The shower enclosure is typically made up of tempered glass, metal and acrylic paneling or sauna wood panels. These units sometimes come with additional luxury features, like FM radio, massage jets, aromatherapy and more.

Generally, you won’t need both a shower and a steam room to enjoy a steam session in your home. Either of the above options can be installed to include both options, so that the same shower enclosure can be used for both average showers and steam showers.

The following is an example of what a custom steam shower may look like. It is the only shower in the bathroom alongside a freestanding bathtub. The design of the bathroom, including the tile and fixtures, is beautiful. Natural light flows in from the large windows and gives the space a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

custom shower bathroom design - interiors_by_bri

Photo credit: https://instagram.com/interiors_by_bri/

The following prefabricated steam shower unit is the bestselling steam shower on Steam Showers Inc, the Ariel SS-902A Steam Shower. This unit includes a 3KW steam generator, 6 body massage jets, computer control panel with timer, built-in seat, handheld shower head, rainfall ceiling shower head, ceiling light, foot massager and more.

Image 2

Photo credit: http://www.steamshowersinc.com/products/Ariel-SS%252d902A-Steam-Shower.html

Popular luxury features in prefabricated steam showers include:

-Chromatherapy Lighting

-Body Massage Jets

-FM Radio

-Aromatherapy System


-Foot Massager

-Surround sound speakers

-Tempered glass

-Storage shelves

-Temperature Sensor

There are units available that are steam shower and whirlpool bathtub combinations. These units include an average shower, a steam shower and a base that doubles as a whirlpool bathtub. These units offer the latest bathroom technology for comfort and relaxation.

If you have any questions about the prefabricated steam shower units on Steam Showers Inc, please call our team at 800-304-3598. We carry steam showers in sizes and designs to fit any bathroom.

You may be considering installing a sauna or a steam room in your home as home bathrooms become more luxurious (see Luxury Bathroom Trends of 2015). If so, the following blog post should help you determine differences between a sauna and a steam room, so you can decide which is right for you and your bathroom routine.

You may have already experienced the differences between a sauna and a steam room if you have used either at a gym or at a spa. The following details the characters of each:


  • A sauna is usually made up of a room with wooden benches. The benches and flooring are made of wood sauna panels.
  • Saunas are also known as Finnish sauna, sweat room or a sweat lodge.
  • The room is heated using a heater and/or heated stones. Traditionally, stones are heated in a stove or in a fire. Water is then poured over the stones, which produces steam that heats the room.
  • A sauna session uses dry heat with low humidity at temperatures between 150 degrees to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is hotter than the heat of a steam shower.
  • Modern, at-home sauna units are hooked up to the electricity and are heated with an electric heater.
  • It is believed that regular sauna sessions improve pain; boost the immune system and the body’s metabolism; cause the body to sweat, which releases toxins and deeply cleanses the skin; relieve stress; calm the mind; comfort fatigued muscles; improve sleep and promote cardiovascular health.

Image 1

Ariel Platinum DS204F3 Steam Shower and Infrared Sauna

Steam Shower

  • A steam shower is made up of a shower enclosure and a steam generator. The shower enclosure is usually constructed out of tempered glass, metal, acrylic paneling and/or sauna wood panels.
  • A steam shower is also known as a steam bath, steam room or steam sauna.
  • The steam generator heats water and steam is produced; the steam is piped into the steam shower enclosure.
  • A steam shower fills with a wet heat with high humidity at temperatures between 110 degrees to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not as hot as the heat of a sauna session.
  • Pre-fabricated steam shower units are hooked up to the water supply and the electricity in a home bathroom.
  • Steam showers are used to treat pain, tired muscles and respiratory problems (including sinus infections, asthma, allergies, colds and bronchitis). Taking a steam shower session also helps promote relaxation, decrease stress, improve immunity and cleanse the skin as the body sweats out toxins.


Combo Steam Showers

Both saunas and steam showers offer health benefits and help a person relax from the day’s troubles. If you think you would be happier with both options in your bathroom, don’t forget to check out combo steam showers. These units come with both a steam shower enclosure and a sauna room. Other luxury features included in some of the pre-fabricated models on Steam Showers Inc include FM radio, shower head, rainfall ceiling shower head, chromatherapy lighting, computer control panel and body massage jets. Call Steam Showers Inc today at 800-304-3598 to learn more.

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