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Planning to sell your home? In addition to working with the most experienced agent in your neighborhood proven to consistently sell homes for more money, you should plan to make a few upgrades, too.  This can also help to instantly up your home’s value. Simple changes to your bathroom can help buyers view your home as an irresistible sanctuary. Make sure your home’s bathroom is up for inspection with these easy-to-implement home staging tips:

1. Switch Out the Shower Curtain
It is perhaps the easiest way to instantly upgrade your bathroom for a showing. Trade out your grimy old shower curtain for a new one. Not only is this an easy upgrade, it’s a cheap one too—and it requires zero specialized supplies like paint brushes or hammers. Just remember to keep the new shower curtain in a neutral pattern and color, that way potential homebuyers touring your house will be able to envision their own style when they take a peek into your bathroom. If you choose a bright, flashy shower curtain, homebuyers with different aesthetic tastes could have a harder time imagining the place as their own.

2. Put Away Your Personal Items
Sure, your rusty razor may be a bathroom necessity for you—but again, a bathroom cluttered with personal grooming items could make it harder for homebuyers to imagine the space as their own. Hide away your personal items for home tours; those items that typically sit in your shower and on your countertops. Don’t just throw everything under the sink though—the curious people touring your home will definitely take a peek under there. Instead, invest in small storage units or wicker baskets to corral your items.

3. Make a Small Bathroom Appear Bigger
Bathrooms are often the most cramped, crowded spaces in a home—neither of which are desirable traits to potential homebuyers. If your bathroom suffers from “small space” syndrome, try this simple trick: hang a mirror on the opposite wall from the bathroom vanity. The mirror will open up the space and reflect more light, helping your small bathroom appear larger.

4. Pick Up Some Plants
Often bathrooms don’t have windows, or only come equipped with teeny-tiny ones. Bring the outdoors in and breathe some life into your bathroom with a few well-placed plants. Make sure you choose plants well suited to growing indoors; you don’t want your droopy, brown-leafed potted plant scaring off prospective homebuyers!

5. Take Out the Trash
Yes, this last home staging tip should go without saying, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget this crucial step. And we do mean crucial—there’s nothing more off-putting than an overflowing bathroom trashcan. Before your home tour begins, be sure to take out the trash, wipe down all the bathroom surfaces, and even scrub out the shower grout. A sparkling clean bathroom can make a big difference to buyers, even if you’re bathroom isn’t tricked out with all-new appliances or lots of space.

The truth is you don’t always have to spend a lot of money upgrading your home to make valuable changes. Sometimes all it takes is a little attention to detail. Pair these staging tips with your neighborhood’s most experienced real estate agent and maximizing the value of your home sale becomes easy.

Contemporary home décor is an exciting approach to work with, as there are so many different techniques that come together in order to make a contemporary home complete.  Contemporary themes developed in the late 20th century and have an artsy, abstract look. Contemporary architecture is minimalistic and designed to maximize space. Contemporary designs normally have light and flowing colors that complement each other throughout the room and give each space a fluid and elegant feeling.

A bathroom can be the most difficult room in the house to design or renovate, especially if you are attempting to turn an archaic space into a contemporary oasis. Normally, the sink may seem like a mundane, simply functional element of your new bathroom, but contemporary bathroom sinks can be very creative pieces that give your bathroom a certain edge and personality. Check out these contemporary sink designs to use as a starting point for your bathroom makeover.

A trend in contemporary bathrooms is the free standing sink. Not only does it save room in bathrooms with limited space, but it is also a minimalist design that is stylish and chic. The sink below is simple, yet sophisticated and provides an upgrade in style for any contemporary bathroom.

Free Standing SinkPhoto Credit:

An alternative to the free standing sink is a floating sink that exists alone, apart from a vanity or countertop of any kind. Floating sinks are also a modest and relatively easy way to give your bathroom a unique design without breaking the bank. A plated sink can help to give your floating sink refined undertones, making your bathroom feel a step up from the norm.

Floating SinkPhoto Credit:

 Floating sinks can also be very luxurious, such as the design below with a clear plated bowl and backline draining system. The sink’s unique structure will have your guests complimenting your bathroom on every visit, and it will make you feel like you’re staying at a five star hotel every time you step into the room.

SinkPhoto Credit:

Another elegant sink is the snail shell sink pictured below. A variation of the traditional vessel sink, this option gives your bathroom a light touch of luxury without going overboard. Compatible with many vanity options, this sink is a great addition to any contemporary bathroom model.

Snail SinkPhoto Credit:

 Finally, this variant of the freestanding sink, which sloops to the floor in a tunnel-like fashion is a distinctive and beautiful way to turn your bathroom into a contemporary piece of art. This design adheres to the minimalist trademarks of the contemporary style, while also becoming a focal point in your bathroom for its aesthetically pleasing nature.

Long SinkPhoto Credit:

Hopefully these example give you a better idea as to what kinds of sinks are available for your contemporary bathroom design. We sometimes get so used to seeing traditional bathroom furniture that we forget how to be innovative and creative with our spaces. Leave your feedback in the comments below, and let us know which sink you think will best fit into your contemporary bathroom design.

If you have a luxury bathroom with a lot of space, you’re probably wondering how you can get the most out of your bathroom vanity.  One popular option that serves in both contemporary and classic bathroom designs is the extended or dual vanity with a stool or chair. Having a place to sit at your vanity can make it feel more like a piece of furniture than something used in mindless passing. A vanity seat can create a comfortable space to get ready in the mornings or a relaxing spot to unwind at night.

In most scenarios, only the master bathroom would be large enough to accommodate a vanity that is big enough for a stool or chair, and the size, shape and occupancy of your bathroom will predominately determine stool or chair of your choice. If your bathroom will be used by two, consider an extended vanity with a middle divider where the stool or chair can rest.

VanityPhoto Credit:

If your vanity happens to sit in a narrow walkway, you may want to consider a stool that can be easily pushed under the vanity to keep it out of the way when it is not in use. However, if you plan to spend a solid amount of time at your vanity, a chair that supports your back for prolonged sitting may be your best option.

Vanity1Photo Credit:

Once you decide whether a stool or a chair will be better suited for your bathroom, it’s time to select a style. Vanity seats come in an array of styles, and can be customized to fit anything from a contemporary bathroom to an antique powder room.

Vanity SeatPhoto Credit:

 The type of vanity seat you choose can definitely impact the personality of your bathroom, but if you plan to sit at your vanity for any length of time each day, consider choosing comfort over style. This contemporary vanity set looks great, but the tough material from the seat might not be the best option for prolonged sitting.

Vanity2Photo Credit:

 Vanity seats can be a relatively simple choice if you know the style of your bathroom, the type of seat for which you’re looking, and how it will blend with the existing style of your vanity. If you’re in the market for a new vanity, and you already know you’d like one with a seat, try searching for vanity sets that come with seats as part of the collection.