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Yoga is an excellent activity you can do before taking your daily steam shower. Yoga strengthens the body’s core, builds self-esteem, is a mental exercise as well as a physical one and brings people closer to their true selves.

Yoga was developed thousands of years ago in India and promotes physical and spiritual heatlh. It’s also a form of physical therapy. People who practice yoga report improved mental health, a reduction in asthma attacks and pain relief.

The following are five yoga poses you can start working into your daily yoga routine:

Mountain Pose

Also known as “tadasana,” mountain pose improves posture and helps you find your center. When done correctly, you are standing with your feet hip-width apart and your weight is equally distributed between the feet. You should hold this pose for at least thirty seconds. You will feel your tailbone lengthening towards the floor. Take deep breaths and use your arms and hands to stretch towards the ceiling. This is a common beginning position for other standing yoga poses.


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Downward Dog

Down dog, or “adho mukha svanasana,” is a well-known yoga pose used to stretch the shoulders, spine, heels, legs and calves. This pose benefits circulation, reduces fatigue and back pain, encourages immunity and calms people down. Again, hold this for at least thirty seconds. Your feet are flat on the ground, your hands are pushing down on the floor and you are engaging your shoulders.

Bridge Pose – “setu bhanda” help with back pain, releasing spine,

“Setu bhanda” is the bridge pose. This pose involves laying down, bending the knees and then lifting the pelvis towards the sky. Keep the head and neck straight. You can clasp your hands together below your back. This will strengthen the chest, neck, spine and relieve sore legs. Bridge pose also helps with digestion, reducing depression, relief of stress and reduction of menstrual and menopause symptoms.

bridge pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

Photo credit: adrian valenzuela / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Happy baby

Happy baby looks like a silly pose for an adult to be doing but it feels great for the body. Imagine lying back and grasping the bottom of your feet as babies often do. This will stretch the spine, inner groin and the inner thighs. The knees move towards the chest. A yoga strap may be used if you cannot reach your feet. Happy baby relieves the lower back, relieves tightness in the neck and fights stress and fatigue.

Corpse Pose – “savasana”

“Savasana,” or corpse pose, is used at the end of a yoga work out. Lay down as the people in the picture are doing. Also, allow your arms to fall at your sides with palms upwards. Let your legs fall to the sides as well in a “V” shape. Hold this pose for at least five minutes, but don’t fall asleep. Corpse pose is a meditative state. Allow yourself to relax and let your thoughts drift away. Breathe deeply. This pose will improve circulation, relax the mind and body and reduce fatigue, stress, anxiety and constipation. Before getting up, very slowly bend the knees and lift yourself into a sitting pose.

We hope you enjoy these poses and experience the benefits of yoga.

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