Choosing a new vanity for your remodeled bathroom can be exciting, while also a little scary. If you currently have an existing vanity that needs to be removed and discarded in addition to researching, viewing, and pricing a new vanity, it can seem like quite a bit of work.  In the last few decades the prevalency of online shopping has grown to an astronomical portion.


According to one study, more than 80% of the online world has made a purchase over the internet, and more than 50% of those people utilize the convenience of internet shopping on a regular basis! Online shopping certainly has it’s perks – It’s a time saver, it makes comparing prices easy, it offers a larger variety of choices, most online stores offer rates at a discounted price compared to retail stores, there’s no crowd of people to fight or lack of parking spaces to find, users save money on gas driving to and from the store, and online shopping often offers the additional benefit of paying less taxes!



With the popularity of online shopping, the home improvement industry has also seen a spike in interest for online shopping. After all, who doesn’t want the convenience of having products arrive on their doorstep rather than arranging transportation or paying additional fees to arrange delivery?  Ordering a new vanity can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially if you place the order online, but installing and hooking up the vanity is not quite as enjoyable, especially if you plan to perform the installations on your own.



Luckily, however, there are alternatives to hiring a handyman to hang around until your remodel is complete. The pristine line of Ariel Bath vanities come fully assembled so all you have to do is drop in the sink and hook it up to the plumbing.  With free shipping, a price match guarantee and over forty different vanities to choose from, it’s definitely worth checking out.  Since you’re already looking at possible vanities to make your new bathroom complete, why not invest in something that will make your life easier by having the assembly completed by the time it reaches your front door?

This guest blog post is by Barnlight Originals.

Thank you, Steam Shower Inc., for letting us be your guest blogger today! We are going to be talking about how to design a bathroom with a steam shower in it.


The Piston Stem-Mount, Barnlight Originals; Ariel Platinum DZ972F8 Steam Shower, Steam Showers Inc.

Simplicity is a rule of thumb for modern design. It’s best to make sure you are keeping areas open and free of clutter. Storing toiletries and novelty items in built-in shelving or cabinetry is the best way to clean up the unnecessary eye sores from killing the vibe. You also do not want to use bright colors when looking to decorate, as whites and grays will work best when trying to achieve that modern look.


The Industrial Monarch Wall Light, Barnlight Originals; Ariel WS-9090K Steam Shower, Steam Showers Inc.

A well designed bathroom should feel relaxing as well as functional; and with the right touches, feel as if you’re in a spa rather than just a bathroom. Indulging in a steam shower or a whirlpool bathtub is a great way to start off the day and also to decompress at the end of a long day. When thinking modern, you should always think minimalism. It calls for an elimination of things that don’t belong, and also makes you ask yourself what is most important. When you refrain from complexity, you allow yourself to make room for your most important items or features.


The Longitude Pendant, Barnlight Originals; Ariel Platinum AM152JDTSZ-59 Whirlpool Bathtub, Steam Showers Inc.

Our nautical lighting fixtures also offer a modern, sleek design that is easy on the eyes as well. Being unpretentious and not very large, they help to continue the free and open feel desired in a modern bathroom. These fixtures work well in moist areas and will have no problem performing in a steamy room. As you include steam showers in your bathroom setup, be sure your wall and ceiling lighting is damp rated.


The Large Guarded Admiral Wall Light, Barnlight Originals; Ariel Platinum DZ961F8 White Steam Shower, Steam Showers Inc.


The Guarded Admiral Wall Light, Barnlight Originals; Ariel Platinum DZ963F8 Steam Shower, Steam Showers Inc.

Choosing the right lighting fixtures to compliment your bathroom is a crucial part of a modern design style. BarnLight Originals offer a variety of fixtures to achieve this contemporary look. Our simplistic yet enticing design can really bring out the best in a bathroom. The Crown Royal Monarch compliments the steam shower in a brilliant way and really sets the mood for this bathroom. Quality lighting is equally as important as just about anything else for achieving a modern look.


Crown Royal Monarch, Barnlight Originals; Ariel Platinum DZ962F8 Steam Shower, Steam Shower Inc.

If your bathroom accommodates more than one individual and you have the space, you may consider a double-vanity set for your new bathroom design. Whether it’s a master bathroom that will be shared with your partner or a communal bathroom for the kids, having an extra sink and additional counter space is normally a convenient advantage in any bathroom.  Double vanities can often give your bathroom a heightened sense of luxury and sophistication that increases the overall value of your home and creates a level of comfort like never before.

The style, color, and design options for your double vanity are almost limitless, and you can be sure to find something that will fit all of your bathroom needs, no matter how extensive.  In fact, you may not be aware of how many options are available when it comes to choosing a bathroom vanity. Particularly, double vanities can be continuous or separated, house vast cabinetry or simply an open shelf, and they can feature undermount sinks or countertop sinks.

Continuous Vanity
Continuous vanities are those that do not offer a large amount of space or any type of divider between the two washing stations.  Continuous vanities can be a great choice for smaller bathrooms in which you need the convenience of two sinks without the additional bulk.

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Continuous vanities can also stand in the form of one long sink with two faucets, as shown in the photo below. This vanity might even be considered a single vanity, but the length, storage space and dual faucets transform this piece into a double vanity that gives off a more chic, sophisticated appearance than your average bathroom furniture.

Capture1Photo Credit:

Separated Vanities
For bigger bathrooms where space is not an issue, separated vanities can be an easy alternative. Separated vanities often house a set of drawers or cabinetry between the two sinks, which gives each user their own station. Many “separated” vanities are still connected, as shown in the photo below.

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However, other vanities may actually come in several pieces, which are pushed together in order to look like one. Similarly, double vanities can be separated into two stations across a bigger bathroom.


Separated double vanity sets can make your bathroom look much bigger and add to the overall storage space of your bathroom.


Photo Credit: Waypoint

Vanities for Optimal Storage
Some vanities are just for looks, but unless you have another room or a closet built into your bathroom, chances are you need your double vanity to be the primary storage unit for all your bathroom supplies.


Consider a vanity that has dual cabinetry and a dividing station with drawers. Many vanities also offer additional shelving to stand beside or on top of the existing vanity storage room. Also, if under-cabinet storage is a necessity in your bathroom, consider investing in a vanity with vessel sinks to optimize the room left under the vanity counter.

Open Sink and Floating Vanities
If storage space is not an issue, or you are looking for ways to make a small bathroom seem bigger, consider looking at open sink or floating vanities. These vanities tend to have a less bulky appearance and can make a bathroom feel more spacious and open.

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Open sink vanities allow you to see through to the wall, and thus, don’t seem like they are taking up any extra space. They can also be an attractive addition to your bathroom when space permits.

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Undermount vs. Vessel Sinks
Another aspect for consideration in choosing the right double vanity is the choice between undermount sinks versus a vanity with vessel sinks. Countertop sinks are not the norm and as such, they often give off a feeling of luxury and superiority.



However, vessel sinks also come at a disadvantage in that they take up a large degree of counterpace and they can also be difficult to clean where the bottom of the sink meets the countertop, as the space is small and hard to reach.  Conversely, undermount sinks do not provide the elegance or style of a vessel sink, but they do provide all the functionality that is essential to a well-built bathroom and will certainly get the job done.


While vanities primarily exist to provide functionality and ease of use in your bathroom, vanities can often be the focal point of your bathroom space, adding to the style and tone of your bathroom in big ways. Make sure to consider all of your options before investing in a new vanity, and you’ll be happy with your choice in the long term.