If you love plants, the bathroom is the perfect place to keep some greenery. The wet heat from a steam shower is a very humid environment and is perfect for plants that prefer higher humidity. Plants that do well in low light typically do well in the bathroom as well. Tropical plants are a great example of plants that do well in bathrooms.

However, if there is very little light in your bathroom, it may not be enough to sustain plants. Therefore, before decorating your bathroom with foliage, make sure you have some fluorescent lights. Remember, plants live off of water and light.

In feng shui, it’s believed plants are good for the flow of qi in the bathroom. Qi is energy and the placement and relationship of objects in the home can influence the qi flowing in the space. Adding plants to the bathroom is good in feng shui. Plants add more fresh air to the space and add more colorful elements to a space primarily ruled by water energy.

Adding plants to your bathroom will also make the space feel more natural. Transform your bathroom into a personal, relaxing oasis in your home. Take a long bath and get to know yourself and feel closer to nature. The bathroom is a space of nourishment and rejuvenation.

In addition to the above reasons, placing plants in the bathroom also livens up the space and improves the bathroom décor. Your bathroom will look elegant and beautiful with some live plants to give it personality.

You can store plants on the bathroom vanity, in the windowsill or in a planter next to the bathtub. Where you put the plant may be influenced by how much light and humidity the plant can resist. You may also want to consider putting plants in hanging planters that will hang from the ceiling of the bathroom.

The following are some plants that do well in the bathroom:

Aloe Vera. Aloe vera is a plant that does well in a very humid environment. A bathroom with a steam shower is the perfect place for it. Additionally, this plant is not just for looks. You can snap off a piece of aloe vera and rub it on your skin to treat sun burns, bug bites, itchy skin and dry skin.

Orchid. The orchid is a tropical plant that most homeowners find hard to keep alive. That may be because it is living inside the house where the air is drier. If you like orchids, you may have better luck taking care of the flowers in your bathroom. This beautiful plant will bring peace to you while relaxing in the bathroom.

Chinese Evergreen. The Chinese evergreen has large, green and white leaves that will add an interesting design to the bathroom space. This plant has a long life and does well in low lighting. Also, it does not do well in cold temperatures, which makes the bathroom a good space for it. As you take a hot shower, you will increase the temperature in the air and make your Chinese evergreen happy. The bathroom is a great place to store it and it can make a great addition to a space near the bathtub.

If this topic inspires you, you can also add bamboo to the bathroom for good luck. Bamboo also improves feng shui. If you’re really into greenery in the bathroom, create an entire plant wall next to your bathtub. Have fun adding some natural elements to the bathroom.

We have smart phones, smart homes, smart cars, smart steam showers, etc.; now smart toilets are attracting more attention in the United States. Luxury, smart toilets are already widely popular in Japan. Below are two smart toilet models available in the American market.

The Kohler Numi is not a cheap toilet; this bathroom product will cost at least $6,000 if you want to add it to your bathroom. However, this toilet is definitely smart and comes with a wide variety of features. The Numi is a water efficient toilet that has a motion activated cover and seat so you don’t have to use your hands to open and close it. It also includes a seat heater for cold, midnight trips to the bathroom.

This intelligent toilet wouldn’t be complete without the advanced bidet. The user can adjust the self-cleaning wand to different water spray patterns, pressure settings and temperatures. It also has an air dryer, foot warmer and deodorizer. The deodorizer works with air moving through a charcoal filter.

This toilet has some tricks up its sleeve. The Numi plays music via Bluetooth from your smart phone. You can listen to podcasts on the toilet, listen to pre-downloaded music on the SD card or plug-in an MP3 device via a cable. Lastly, this toilet lights up; the customer chooses between seven different colors or can let the toilet cycle through the colors. Imagine programming the toilet to light up a specific color for each day of the week!

Next on the list is the American Standard AT200. This smart toilet, a member of the DVX line, also has a self-opening and self-closing lid, a seat warmer, an air dryer and a night light. This toilet retails at $4,200. It also includes a massage feature, front and rear water spray system for cleansing with two adjustable nozzles and a built-in washing system.

Jay Gould, CEO of American Standard, said, “This is not my mother’s American Standard.” The AT200 also automatically flushes. The nozzles are adjustable from the remote control, and the user can choose their preferences in position, volume and temperature.

The last toilet on our list, the Toto Intelligence II, was probably designed by doctors! This toilet isn’t just an aesthetically pleasing receptacle for waste; this toilet measures health information for your and your doctor’s reference. The Intelligence II tracks weight, BMI, blood pressure, blood sugar and temperature. This can assist diabetics, women who want to know when they will ovulate and more.

The Intelligence II connects to your computer via WiFi to track the data and create graphs. It can also monitor glucose levels and hormone levels. Of course, this smart toilet also features a bidet, heated seat and an air dryer.

Smart toilets are installed in 75 percent of homes in Japan. In an effort to bring smart toilets to the American market under a recognizable name, Lixil purchased American Standard brands. The Chief Executive of Lixil, Yoshiaki Fujimori, stated, “Industry presents iPhone – industry presents shower toilet…We can create the same type of pattern.” Let’s see how it long it takes for smart toilets to take over our bathrooms.

Kick back this week, take a steam shower and listen to some music while you’re at it. This week’s playlist features pop star Taylor Swift.