Marble can look great in any part of the house.  From vanity finishes to kitchen countertops, the classic beauty of stone gives any room a more sophisticated and elegant feel.  Marble is often considered a luxury, and its presence in a home can give any room a boost in status.  Made from crystallized limestone, marble is a metamorphic rock, and can be a great natural resource for renovating your home. Marble can be used in a variety ways, such as for floors, counter tops, staircases, ledges, and walls; marble can even be used to help small spaces seem bigger.  Wherever marble is exhibited, you can always depend on it strengthening the allure of any room.

Maybe you’re considering a home renovation and want to trade out your old granite counter tops for marble finishes instead, but you’re not sure how to start.  Knowing where to begin can be a daunting task, but we have some basic answers that can get you headed in the right direction, and have your home looking superior in no time.

The most notorious marbles have their origins in Carrara, Italy, and are some of the finest, highest quality marbles available today.  Carrara and Calacatta marbles often look very similar and are difficult to differentiate to the untrained eye. So, how can you be sure which type of marble will be better suited for your home renovation? Ultimately, it all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, as well as personal preference.

Calacatta marble is a pure white with thicker and more spidery veining, while Carrara is more off-white or gray in color, and tends to have more supple veining. The veins in Carrara marble tend to be more linear in definition, and the veins in Calacatta marble are usually free-flowing and less precise. Calacatta is rarer than Carrara marble, and is often considered to be somewhat of a luxury.

Luxury Bathroom

The Calacatta marble in this bathroom gives it an open, specious feel. The large marble slabs that cover the floor help make the bathroom seem even bigger than it is, complementing the white tub, glass shower walls, and extensive mirrors, which make the bathroom appear twice its size.

Shower Tub Combo

The grayish, white Carrara marble gives this bathroom a darker and more hypnotic edge, but is still beautiful, as it graces the walls, floor, and tub.

Calacatta Bathroom2

The Calacatta stone lacing almost every inch of this decently sized bathroom, along with the glass shower walls and large mirror, give the room an air of superiority and sophistication.

Whirlpool Bathtub

The natural lighting and white walls accentuate the Carrara marble in this picture.  The pure lighting and soft colors give this contemporary bathroom a clean, refreshing tone.

Calacatta Kitchen

This large kitchen divider is made from Calacatta marble and gives the entire kitchen a more contemporary and airy look. The thick lines thick, spidery veins of the marble allow it to stand out as Calacatta stone.

Large Kitchen

The off-white, linear veins of this kitchen counter top make it easily distinguishable as Carrara marble. The almost tan colored marble makes it the perfect addition to a household with wooden floors or similarly neutral colors.

Marble Wall

Although different patterned walls can often give a room a stubby, uneven effect, here we see that the strategic placement of this slab of Calacatta marble actually helps this somewhat small kitchen to seem much more open and spacious.

Kitchen Renovation

Even kitchens that can’t be completely renovated can look as good as new with the addition of marble counter tops. This small, somewhat older kitchen looks very alluring with the exchange of plastic laminate for sophisticated Carrara stone.


Whether your preferences lean toward Calacatta or Carrara, marble serves a variety of purposes, from enlarging a room, to re-birthing an old space. If you could exchange any part of your living space for a slab of marble, what would it be, and which type of marble would you use?

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of an open and spacious bathroom, but somehow got stuck with a small bathroom that leaves you feeling cramped and restricted. A large bathroom can promote a sense of freedom and luxury that’s missing in smaller spaces. Well, today we’re going to discuss some ways that you can make a small bathroom seem bigger.

Petite Vanities

Try to cut down on space by decreasing the size of the vanity in your bathroom. Sleek, trim vanities can give your bathroom a sophisticated look, while also adding a roomier and more open feel to the space available. Another trick can be selecting a vanity that has open shelves or storage space, as this will prevent the vanity from seeming like an extension of the wall, and allow the room to seem more open and free-flowing.

Ariel by Seacliff Summit 36 White Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Set

Ariel by Seacliff Summit 36 White Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Set


Using a large mirror that covers almost an entire wall, or placing one or two smaller mirrors strategically around the bathroom may help to make the room seem bigger. Mirrors reflecting windows, glass doors, or open space will give the room the appearance of being much bigger than it actually is, and can be an easy, low-cost way to renovate your bathroom space.


Similarly to the way that mirrors impact the illusion of space, exchanging glass walls for your foggy shower doors or solid curtains may also help to make your bathroom space seem more spacious. Glass doors allow for a more expansive and sinuous effect on the room and give the illusion of capaciousness.

Vigo 32 x 32 Frameless Clear Chrome Shower Enclosure with Base

VIGO 32 x 32 Frameless Clear/Chrome Shower Enclosure with Base

Color Flow

Nothing can make a room seem smaller than a bunch of contrasting colors that stop and start with the break of every wall to the ceiling and floor, giving the room a jagged, cramped feel. Painting the ceiling the same colors as the floor, and blending in tile or flooring to the walls can give off the impression of space. Particularly effective is white on white. A white bathtub with a white vanity against white walls and flooring will make any bathroom feel inevitably more spacious.


Finally, the size and pattern of the tile on your flooring can critically impact the sensation of roominess that your bathroom gives off. To maximize your space, or give the impression of space in the lack thereof, choose large sized tiles. The pattern and orientation of the tiles also affect their impact on the room’s depth. Placing tiles diagonally can give the room a symmetry that increases its visual size. Also, tiles that have line or wave patterns all moving in the same direction can also impact the aesthetic appearance of the room, making it seem bigger.

Large Bathroom Tile

Psycho may include the most famous bathroom scene in cinematic history. However, we want to take the time to look at some other bathrooms from films and television shows that made an impression on us. In this blog post, we’ll review some famous bathroom scenes. Specifically, let’s take a look at the bathroom vanities in. By the way, don’t forget to check out our blog post Breaking Down a Luxury Bathroom Design while you’re here.

Remember, bathroom vanities include a counter top, sink and wooden cabinet.

Movies with Bathroom Vanities

It’s Complicated

This Nancy Meyer film features a $12 million home in the Hidden Valley, California. The set design in Meyer’s films are always as interesting as her characters. In this romantic comedy, Jane (played by Meryl Streep) is having an affair with her ex-husband Jake (Alec Baldwin). Meanwhile, her architect Adam (Steven Martin) is working on her home remodel.

In the photo below, you can see Jane’s beautiful, Spanish-style bathroom. Note the multicolored his and her bathroom vanity and the beautiful, freestanding bathtub. The checkered, large tile flooring also adds an interesting visual element to the scene.


The Holiday

In The Holiday, Amanda (Cameron Diaz) from Los Angeles, California and Iris (Kate Winslet) from Surrey decide to swap homes for vacation. This is yet another Nancy Meyer film, in which both set locations play a big role in the story.

In Amanda’s LA home, the décor is modern and features cream colored cabinets. The large window makes the bathroom feel bigger.

The Holiday Amandas House

In Iris’ Cottage, the décor is more rustic and it feels like a countryside home. The bathtub is on top of a wooden platform, while the rest of the wood flooring is covered in a painted checkerboard pattern. Note the vintage bathroom vanity that looks like it has been upcycled from a beautiful piece of furniture.

The Holiday Cottage Bathroom

The Blind Side

In The Blind Side, Leigh Anne (Sandra Bullock) takes in teen runaway Michael (Quinton Aaron). With the support of Leigh Anne and her family, Michael goes on to play for the school football team.

In Leigh Anne’s bathroom, you can see the gorgeous and oversized bathroom vanity where she does her makeup.

Blind Side - Bathroom 1

Blinde Side - Bathroom 2

You can see more of this vanity in the shot above, including the cabinets and the mirror.

Gone Girl

Nick (Ben Affleck) wakes up on his 5th wedding anniversary to discover that his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) is missing.

Gone Girl Bathroom

In this shot of the bathroom, Amy is standing in front of a huge mirror, which reflects the surroundings and creates the illusion that the space is larger than it is. The dark cabinets and counter top evoke a modern style. You can see all of the storage space because the cabinet doors are open.

What are your favorite set designs from famous films and television shows?