Home owners around the world are becoming increasingly more concerned with the style and atmosphere of their bathrooms as the physical and mental health benefits of having a home-spa become both a coveted and necessary aspect of modern living. Recently, we discussed the health benefits of investing in a steam shower system, but the vibes your bathroom gives off don’t just stop there. If you install a steam shower into an old, run down bathroom it won’t feel as luxurious or special. In order to experience the full spa treatment, every area of the bathroom must be pristine and immaculate, and this starts with the bathroom vanity.

Bathroom vanities can provide an immediate and noticeable upgrade for any bathroom space, and one feature of the bathroom vanity that can add to this sense of luxury is the vessel sink. While the majority of bathroom vanities feature undermount sinks, the vessel sink gives your bathroom a more refined, sophisticated appearance and can work well in both classic and contemporary bathroom designs. Check out these four vessel sink vanities to get a few examples of the options available if you decide to go with a vessel sink.

Contemporary Double Vanity
Double vanities are a great choice for master bathrooms or large bathrooms with additional space. This double vanity with porcelain vessel sinks makes a great addition to any contemporary style. The vessel sink creates a superior edge in this clean bathroom design.


Photo Credit: dacosin.com

Classic Double Vanity
This double vanity also features vessel sinks, but with a more modest design that is built to complement an array of bathroom designs. The bowl-like shape of the two sinks is reminiscent of an 1800’s basin, and the tall silver faucets also have an antique design that promises to attract visitors.


Photo Credit: bathroomfine.com

Rustic Vessel Sink Vanity
For those backwoods cabins and outdoorsy types, there’s something for you as well. This solid wood vanity features a petite design with two wash-tub style vessel sinks. This vanity is sophisticated without boasting, and the design is truly worthy of respect, no matter your personal preference.


Photo Credit: houzz.com

Creative Vessel Sink Vanity Designs
Finally, don’t be afraid to get unique with your choices or to go after a custom-built design. At the end of the day, your specific preferences are what will make your bathroom the perfect luxury spot. Sometimes a sense of luxury can be as simply as taking a detour from the norm. These lovely vessel sinks are far from your every-day design, but they are sure to have your guests playing 20 questions with your bathroom design. The distinctive and unique properties of your bathroom are what truly set it apart from the monotonous, blandly functional design of the average bathroom space.


Photo Credit: coloradohomeexplorer.com

These are just a few examples of the numerous possibilities that are possible when it comes to deciding on vanities and vessel sinks. But don’t take our word for it – go out and find that special piece that is going to make your bathroom complete, and let us know what you find in the comments below!

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For quite some time, many people have used essential oils from numerous plants to obtain several health advantages. If these oils are being used in the steam showers, it’s identified as steam shower aromatherapy. Health professionals have discovered the great effects steam shower aromatherapy. It has a direct effect on one’s mind and body. There are lots of helpful essential oils which can be used for your steam shower. All you should do is keep in mind that there is a massive difference between essential oils and perfumes so don’t use perfumes.

Eucalyptus is a very famous essential oil intended for steam shower aromatherapy. It has the benefit of relieving breathing ailments like asthma. It contains properties that can alleviate muscle aches and that’s the reason it is recommended after working out.

Another really popular essential oil is lavender. It is quite famous since it has a wide array of advantages that lots of individuals are needing. You will find several suppliers of these products. The lavender essential oil could be used to address the following: Rheumatism, stomach concerns, relieving tension, depressive disorders, sleeping disorders and skin infection.

Rosemary oil is yet another great essential oil for steam shower aromatherapy. Apart from its fragrance, essential oils have properties which helps relax the mind. Therefore, it’s great for those who are having stress concerns in their everyday lifestyle. Apart from helping a person unwind, it is also efficient at boosting blood circulation and supply. For those who work out a lot or play sports regularly, the rosemary oil is also a fantastic pain reliever for those muscular pains. Other advantages that you can get from rosemary oil steam shower aromatherapy are improved breathing and rejuvenation of the skin.

An essential oil that’s growing in reputation is the Jasmine oil. It’s shown to be a good relaxant and that’s why its use is popular all over the globe. A lot of people find the jasmine steam shower aromatherapy a bit invigorating. It does have a very calming effect. Numerous pregnant women who choose to give birth to their child at home are recommended to do it in a location where jasmine essential oils are diffused in the air. Lots of people likewise use it for its skincare properties. It helps in the repair of irritated skin. Regular use will also improve the skin’s firmness.

Frankincense is an oil that has been used for ages for several types of therapies. Among the most surefire is as a treatment against genito-urinary infections. It also helps women feel less stomach discomfort during exorbitant menstruation. Also, it is a good remedy for some skin disorders. For those who are old, the frankincense keeps the skin young looking. It can be utilized for accelerating the healing of boils, hard to heal wounds and to get rid of spots, scarring or skin flaws.

There are lots of other steam shower essential oils that are good for your health. All you have to do is become interested in their various properties and look for them in a local or online store.

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If you live in Southern California, it may not feel like the winter season is approaching anytime soon. Yet, despite the weather’s current back-and-forth temperature changes, winter is coming, and with it, the dreaded season viruses. Bathrooms are already one of the most germ-ridden areas of the house due to the nature of business conducted in the room, but these germs only escalate when there is a constant flow of individuals using the restroom who may or may not be fighting a cold or flu virus.  No one likes to be sick, and the winter season is a time when you have to be especially careful in order to avoid the hassle and discomfort of one of those lovely winter-time bugs.

Yet, while we can’t avoid sickness completely, we can take preventative measures to decrease the chances of becoming ill over this period of heightened colds and flues. As such, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you keep your bathroom germ-free over this winter and fall season.

Spray Away the Germs
One great option for keeping germs at bay is to spray disinfectant in high-traffic areas to prevent germs and bacteria from growing and expanding.  There are many disinfectant sprays from commercial bottles to things like white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. These substances are natural disinfectants and don’t require any additional chemicals or mixtures. Simply obtain a spray bottle, fill it with your disinfectant, and begin spraying those areas that may be highly susceptible to germs.

Maintain Personal Hygiene
As basic as it sounds, many reasons for illnesses and the spread of germs is a lack of personal hygiene. Germs and bacteria love living organisms, and this is no less true for the human species. Personal hygiene, such as regular baths or showers can help to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria and can also prevent against personal illness. Toothbrushes should be replaced no later than every three months, and they should never be shared between individuals.

Don’t Share
It sounds counterintuitive, we know, but this is one area in which sharing is just a bad idea. Choosing not to share toothbrushes may seem like common sense, let alone unpleasant, but that’s not the only area in which sharing is a bad idea. Towels can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, as the act of rubbing one’s body or hands against the towel removes flakes of skin and debris, not to mention bacteria. As the next person dries their hands on the same towel, the previous individual’s germs are picked up and carried by that person, and so the cycle unravels. If possible, use paper towels instead of a hand towel in the bathroom so that each user can dispose of the cloth after drying their hands. The same can be said of body towels, which should be changed out frequently and put into the dryer or hung to dry immediately after showering, as germs and bacteria thrive in cool, damp places.

Floor mats and rugs are also guilty of creating damp, dank places were mildew and bacteria thrive. Rugs should be cleaned or interchanged frequently, and put in the dryer or hung out to dry rather than being left on the ground to dry on their own after someone uses the shower or bathtub.

Keep a Lid on It
The back and forth of the toilet seat lid has been an age-old battle between the sexes, but there is a reason why both men and women should have to close the toilet bowl lid before flushing. Flushing the toilet allows for all of the germs and bacteria dwelling inside the water and hovering above the surfaces are kicked out and into the air as the toilet flushes. Experts suggest closing the toilet lid before flushing in order to keep potentially harmful bacteria enclosed within the toilet bowl.

Keep All Surfaces Clean
Any area that is frequently touched or that might be an area where dust and debris are likely to fall and cultivate should be an area that is cleaned on a regular basis. These areas include things like door handles, faucets, the toilet, sink, countertops, floors, and the shower and/or bathtub. We recommend cleaning these surfaces with a hefty disinfectant at least twice a week, or even more frequently if possible. You may also consider removing the shower head from time to time and allow it to soak in vinegar or another commercial cleaner, as shower heads can often be a place where dirt and bacteria build up without ever being noticed or given attention.  It’s important to be attentive to these areas of the bathroom, but also to wash thoroughly when cleaning high-contact germ areas. If possible, consider wearing a mask or some other kind of protection while cleaning areas in which bacteria are likely to thrive.

These are just a few tips that we found as a way to keep your bathroom space clean and germ-free. These tips are not only great for the winter and fall seasons when illness tends to be high, but are great practices to maintain on a regular basis to keep your home clean and your family safe. Please feel free to leave a comment below and share any cleaning or bacteria removal tactics used in your home!