Once you experience a steam shower, you’ll never want to confine yourself to average showers again. But how do steam showers work? The steam in a luxurious steam shower is produced by a unit named a steam generator.

People have been bathing with steam for centuries. The following list are a few examples of ways people bath with steam:

1.       Hot Spring – A hot spring is a natural source of steam and water used for bathing and relaxation.

2.       Traditional Sauna – A sauna has been traditionally used around the world and in gyms and spas. The steam in a sauna is generated by sprinkling water on hot rocks. The rocks can be heated on a stove or by burning of fuels like coal.

3.       Modern Steam Shower – Steam showers, or steam shower units, can be installed in home bathrooms with the use of a steam generator. These look a lot like average showers but they have a lot more functions.

Steam Generators

The steam generator is a unit that looks like a metal breadbox or small suitcase. It usually isn’t visible in a modern steam shower in a home bathroom. It’s often stored underneath the bench in the shower, in a nearby closet or in a bathroom vanity. It can also be stored farther away in the attic or a basement, if those areas aren’t too cold and are dependably dry. However, the farther away it is, the longer the water line needs to be. The steam generator also needs electricity. In general, steam generators need to be at least 25 feet from the steam shower. The steam shower units on SteamShowersInc.com generally house the steam generator on the back of the back panel and connect to the shower unit through a hose.

Note that it’s recommended you have a professional plumber install your steam generator. Steam generators require electrical connections and plumbing. Additionally, if installed incorrectly, a steam generator could explode, causing serious injury and danger to those in the vicinity. Let the professionals do their jobs!

The steam generator works by taking in hot or cold water. This water is heated in a chamber with an electrical coil. (Some steam generators heat the water using fuel, like propane or gas. Most modern steam generators for use in steam shower units are electrical.) The water boils and steam is generated. The steam is piped into the steam shower through a copper pipe or hose.

Steam generators vary in voltage (i.e. 280V or 240V) and wattage. For example, a 6KW steam generator creates steam more quickly and retains temperature more than a 3KW steam generator. Another important detail of a steam generator is how many cubic feet it is rated for. This should be comparable to the size of your shower.

Reasons to Use a Steam Generator

Steam generators use less water than a normal shower. The general rule of thumb is that a steam generator only uses two gallons of water in 20 minutes, while a normal shower uses much more.

In addition to using less water, a steam shower has many more health benefits than a normal shower. While the water and heat from a normal shower will relax and cleanse the body, steam has been used for centuries to treat allergies, sore muscles, respiratory illnesses, to purify the body and more.

When it comes time to renovate and redecorate your home, one of the first rooms to start with should be your bathroom. Obviously you need to have the basics like a working toilet, tub and sink but your bathroom should be so much more than basic. It’s easy to forget about the bathroom because it’s all about necessity, but it has the potential to be much more if you just give it a little love. Here are three good reasons why you need to pay more attention to your bathroom. And trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

This guest post is written by Grace Keister, Content Marketing Specialist for First Team Real Estate the #1 Independent Real Estate Company in Southern California.

1. You spend a lot of time in your bathroom, so you should make it enjoyable. Bathrooms aren’t just a necessity; they’re a place of rejuvenation and relaxation. So make the most out of the space and treat yourself to a bit of luxury with a steam shower or whirlpool bath tub. Think of the all the money you would save on spa treatments if you had the same luxuries in your own home!

Your bathroom can be a sanctuary for relaxation, stress relief and pampering but only if you give it a little love and attention. So put some work into your bathroom so you can ease your sore muscles, release that tension in your shoulders and take the long hot luxurious shower you deserve.

2. It’s looking old and dirty. Even if you keep your bathroom clean, things get old and looking discolored and eternally dirty. If you have clear plastic faucet handles they’re probably building up hard water deposits, your cabinets might be looking a little dingy and you are starting to notice your paint is peeling from the constant moisture. Whether you’re having these problems or others, it’s time to give your bathroom a facelift to make it look fresh and clean once again.

It’s important to keep the bathroom feeling clean and new because that is its purpose. So if your bathroom is starting to feel dingy, it’s time to spruce things up. Just a little bit of new hardware and a fresh coat of paint will go a long way!

3. It will add resale value to your home. The two most important features that sell homes are kitchens and bathrooms and if you don’t give them love, people notice. Even major bathroom remodels generally cost less than $20,000 and offer on average an 80% return on your investment. Not only will you get to enjoy a better bathroom now if you do some remodeling, you will enjoy making a profit on your home sale later.

If you are thinking of making a move soon, be sure to keep your color and décor choices neutral and classic when remodeling. Even though you love pink, that doesn’t mean the next home owners will. Remember the love you put into your bathroom will be returned to you many times over, so why not go for it?

Chromatherapy lighting is a feature used in steam shower systems to improve relaxation, rejuvenate energy, inspire happiness and influence a person’s mood. Chromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine, much like aromatherapy, used to treat aliments of the body and mind. Chromatherapy uses different colored lights to illicit a change in psychology, and is a great option for those seeking relief from stress in their lives.

Chromatherapy was used in ancient China but was popularized by the Danish scientist Niels Finsen in 1877. Hippocrates also believed in the influence of colored light on the aliments of the body. The effect of color on psychology is also studied for the purposes of improving branding and marketing. An example of the relationship between mentality and color is the fact that men and women both report an affinity for different colors. For example, some women choose purple as their favorite color while almost no men do so. The exception is the color blue, which both genders have an affinity towards.

Chromatherapy is used to treat depression, fatigue, memory, low levels of energy, lack of creativity, stress, hypertension and has been used to increase relaxation and promote healing.

The following colors have specific effects on the mind and body as outlined below:

Blue – The color blue is considered to be a calming agent of relaxation and healing. It is supposed to bring peace to the person and slow down their heart rate. Blue is associated with the ocean and sky.

Red – Red is a passionate color that reflects energy, warmth and strong emotion. Red revitalizes the mental and physical energy of the person. It is also known to make the person hungry and speed up their heart rate.

Red/Brown – A red/brown color is associated with hunger, motivation and happiness. It is known as a serene color that stimulates people.

Purple – Purple is the color of creativity and thought that moves people to solve problems and create art. A writer suffering from writer’s block may benefit from chromatherapy with the color purple.

Orange – Orange is the point between red and yellow on the color spectrum and is a color that brings happiness, cheerfulness and energy to a person. Orange is known for its improvement on depression and as an agent of fun.

Yellow – Yellow is associated with the sun and is an optimistic color. It brings warmth to a person and helps them with their memory. Yellow is known for clearing the mind and bringing happiness.

Chromatherapy is one more of the many tools available to you in a steam shower unit. Chromatherapy is a great tool to help you in your relaxation and stress relief. During your steam shower, you can use chromatherapy and choose one color or have the light rotate the different colors by clicking on the sun icon in the shower. The other features available to you in different models of steam showers on SteamShowersInc.com include aromatherapy (the use of scents to relax the body), acupuncture massage (hydrotherapy utilizing streams of water to massage the body), steam, music and foot massage.