There’s just something so horrible about spotting mold, isn’t there? You get that sinking feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach the second you lay eyes on it. It’s that same feeling you get when you watch that horror flick you know will keep you up for nights on end. The difference is that the mold in your bathroom isn’t a movie. It’s real, and it’s aiming to take over.

Once you’ve spotted it, it’s of vital importance that you move quickly. Your first course of action must be to remove it completely.

First, mix up a batch of mold-killing solution. Stir together 1 part bleach and 10 parts water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle. Don a mask, gloves, and I’d go so far as to put on some protective eyewear, too. Mold spores can spread easily if disturbed. Don’t risk it. Spray the area affected by mold and scrub it clean.

Now that the mold is gone, you need to understand why it took root in the first place. Bathrooms are naturally wet and steamy. That’s the perfect habitat for mold growth. Although steam showers contain the steam while in use, some may escape when the shower door is opened.

Get into the habit of wiping down every damp surface after you’ve used the bathroom. That little clean-up trick will help to keep mold at bay. The next step, though, is a little bit more involved. Consider calling in an expert to assess why your bathroom is prone to mold growth. Ventilation may be poor. Insulation may be non-existent. Whatever the reason, it’s a good idea to have it examined and repaired. Mold is not only ugly, it’s unhealthy. Keep your indoor air clean by making whatever modifications necessary to the structure of your bathroom.

Over to you: Have you ever had to deal with mold in your bathroom?


The cult of new is experiencing a bit of a backlash. Forget brand new counter tops, floors, or even walls, recycled and reclaimed materials are what bring character to a bathroom. Used materials can be cleaned up and re-used, not because doing that is ultimately more affordable. Rather, there’s something truly beautiful and durable about those pre-used materials.

Barn wood, for instance, can be used as a wall, floor, or ceiling. It lends warmth and color to a warm. If you’re thinking that reclaimed wood is best used in a rustic, cottage look, think again. Modern design is all about recycled and reclaimed materials. Of course, some things should be brand new, like the steam shower!


Have some aluminum lying around? You can have it remolded into a sink or countertop. Now, that’s an original concept, isn’t it? Add a touch of warm, natural wood to complete the look.


Did you find an old dresser out by the curb or in a thrift store? Don’t pass it by! Instead, use it in the bathroom. An old dresser can be spruced up with paint and new hardware, and it will give you lots of available storage.


You’ve heard of reclaimed wood. But, what about recycled glass? It can be a beautiful addition to the vanity.

Over to you: What’s your favorite way of recycling materials in design?




Today is World Kindness Day! If you need a reason to be kind to yourself, today is it. Getting out for a spa experience is certainly worth the time and cost. But, sometimes, you just want to get pampered at home. In that case, I highly recommend 15 minutes with a steam shower!

Let’s go one better. Not only should you be kind to yourself today, maybe we should all extend that kindness to ourselves and our families each and every day. The bathroom might just be the best place to make that happen.

Most of us look at our bathrooms as a one function kind of place. We spend only as much time in there as we need. But, the bathroom isn’t the comfy, hang-out room in our homes. Despite its function, I encourage you to look upon the bathroom as a great place to show how much you love your family.

Here are 3 ways to personalize your bathroom.

white board

Yes, you read that correctly. Place a white board (with markers and eraser!) on a bathroom wall … even in the shower! Sometimes the best ideas occur to you when you don’t have pen and paper readily available. Better yet, if you have kids, that white board provides them with a fantastic canvas on which to express their creativity. Leave messages of love and hope for yourself and your family.


Lots of us listen to music when we’re soaking in the tub or shower. How about extending that play time? Create a playlist just for the bathroom. Make it classical, country, or pop … anything that helps you relax.

special towels and other accessories

Usually, when I think of personalized towels, my mind pictures monogrammed ones. But, there are lots more ways to personalize towels and other accessories. Decorate with towels in your favorite color, load the edge of the bathtub with your favorite scented candles. Plants are a big one for me. I love potted ferns or succulents resting on the bathroom vanity.

Re-think how you see your bathroom. Add in just a few of your favorite things to transform it from a purely functional room to a room you truly love.