Ever wonder how he got so fresh?

We know…by taking a steam shower, of course.

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Who doesn’t love warm days outside and cool nights camping with friends during the summer? The summer is one of the best seasons for going outside and enjoying nature. This also means that skin gets drier when we are outside in the heat for longer periods of time. To treat skin conditions, take a steam shower, moisturize and hydrate the skin. Read on for more details for keeping your skin healthy during the summer.

Dry Skin Treatments

In the warm weather of the summer, it’s harder to stay hydrated. One of the biggest challenges in fighting dry skin is keeping skin hydrated and moisturized.

To hydrate your skin, take warm showers, but avoid taking showers that are too hot. Also, avoid dehydrating agents, such as alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes. Lastly, do not use cleansers that dry out your skin too much. Try reducing the use of these cleansers or switching to a different product. Remember to exfoliate your skin before moisturizing so the dry skin won’t prevent the lotion from doing its job.

You can hydrate your skin by using a humidifier. You can also carry around a spray bottle with water in it and mist yourself from time to time.

Avoid getting sunburns; if you do get a sunburn, the following section may be of interest to you.

Sunburn Treatments

Sunburns may be the worst part of the summer time. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment while having a fun time at the beach or at the lake and forget to reapply more sun block. However, the repercussions can be some of the most painful. Sunburns are not pleasant!

The best line of defense against a sunburn is using the proper prevention techniques. Wear a hat or visor to protect your face and eyes from the sun. You can also wear long, loose clothing to protect your skin from the UV rays. It may seem counterintuitive to wear too much clothing on a hot day, but you will thank yourself later!

Other prevention methods include hanging out in the shade or under an umbrella. If you’re playing in the sun or in the water, make sure to reapply sunscreen when needed.

If it’s too late and you’ve been burned by the sun, there are a few things you can do to help your skin feel better. First, buy a bottle of aloe vera. This can alleviate the pain; alternatively, you can break off a piece of your own aloe vera plant and rub it along the skin. Take cool showers, and apply lotion afterwards. If it’s burning, put a cool, damp towel on top of the affected area.

Sunburns can be painful. They burn, itch and may cause blisters. Keep the burned area of the skin protected and take ibuprofen if you are experiencing too much pain. Once the sunburn starts to heal, the skin will begin to peel. Exfoliate peeling skin with used coffee grinds from your coffee pot. It works like magic!


Last of all, but not least, make sure to stay hydrated. Hydration goes a long way in protecting your skin from being dry and itchy.

Good luck, and have fun in the summer sun!

Small bathrooms can be a big challenge, especially when multiple people in the home share the same one. Don’t worry; there are a lot of design solutions out there to help you create your dream bathroom, even if it is on the smaller side. The following are some practical tips on how to decorate a small bathroom:

Clutter Free: First thing’s first: get rid of clutter. If you already have a small space, you don’t want unnecessary items taking up even more room. Throw away all of the bathroom items you don’t use. See Bathroom Organization for more information on de-cluttering the bathroom.

Color: Lighter colors help open up a space. Paint your walls a light color and use white tiles in your small bathroom. Also, focus on one color throughout the bathroom décor.

Sink: In a small bathroom, every inch of floor space counts. You can free up some space by using a smaller sink. Pedestal sinks work great in these situations. You can also use a single sink vanity with a curved-front. Think about installing a wall-mounted sink as well. Lastly, consider going with a sink that has storage space underneath it.

Lighting: A small room can feel bigger with the right lighting. Recessed lighting, ambient lighting, skylights and track lighting can all add a feeling of space to a room.

Toilet: Did you know you can wall-mount a toilet and hide the tank in the wall? Try it and save some more floor space. It all adds up.

Shower: A shower curtain can cut off the depth of the room and make it feel smaller. Instead of using a curtain, install a glass shower door, so the room doesn’t appear smaller than it really is.

Backsplash: Add character to a small bathroom by putting a backsplash above the vanity. Experiment with glass tile and different designs.

Mirror: The mirror isn’t just for looking at yourself, believe it or not.The reflection in the bathroom mirror will make the space look bigger. Add a frameless, large mirror above the bathroom sink.

Storage: Use storage solutions that don’t take up space, such as a ladder rack, overhead towel storage and storage under the vanity. If you don’t have a vanity, disguise items under the sink with a small curtain. At the same time, remove any unnecessary storage, such as closets you don’t need.

Accessories: Don’t overdo it with your accessories. Think “less is more” for this space. Make sure the few items you add to the bathroom don’t clash. Remember, you’re using one color to highlight throughout the space. However, don’t be afraid to have fun with textures and patterns.

You don’t have to shy away from the look you want because of the size of your bathroom. Just follow these simple tips for making a small space feel bigger. Let us know what you’ve done to make your small bathroom feel bigger.