Your bathroom is a private sanctuary, so it should be created to your preferences. The options for creating it to your liking are endless. Why come home to ordinary when you can have a luxurious spa experience in your own home? At Steam Showers Inc, we give you choices so you can create your dream bathroom. We now offer shower enclosures under our Showers category for you to browse in your search for the perfect custom steam shower.

Steam has been used throughout history for its health benefits and relaxing effects on the human body. Today, technology has made it possible to harness steam and infuse it into our daily showers. The modern residential bathroom is more akin to a traditional spa with luxury amenities.

Choosing your own shower enclosure gives you choices, so you can design a shower that is exactly the way you want it. The shower can completely change the style and look of your bathroom. The details really make a difference for the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom. Only you know yourself and what you want out of your shower. You may be looking for a simple setup that is stylish and pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, you may be looking for the perfect combination of your favorite features, like multiple showerheads or chromatherapy lighting.

You can create custom steam showers with the shower enclosures and shower accessories sold on You will need a shower enclosure, or shower stall, and a steam generator. We carry steam generators from Mr. Steam, Steam-Whirl, Thermasol and Kohler and steam enclosures from Vigo. If you like to build things, this may be the right option for you.

By choosing your shower enclosure, you are in control of whether or not your shower has left and right configuration, the type of door handle, drain, base, finish, glass, doors and more. Do you want a shower door that slides or one that you pull open? Do you want a rectangular shaped shower, or a round shower? Maybe you want a shower with a triangular base. It’s really up to you. To browse Shower Enclosures on, look under the Showers category. There, you will also find Accessories. Under the Steam Showers category, you will find Steam Generators.

If purchasing a shower enclosure and designing your shower doesn’t interest you, you always have the option of purchasing all-in-one steam showers that are usually easier to install and do not require expensive remodeling to your bathroom. There are also corner steam showers available in the Steam Showers category on These units come with luxury features, including aromatherapy systems, chromatherapy lighting, massage jets, overhead rainfall ceiling showerhead, seating, FM Radio, tempered glass and varying dimensions to fit any bathroom.

Call us today at 800-304-3598 to discuss purchasing a shower enclosure or a steam shower unit. Our staff can answer your questions and help you determine which enclosure or steam shower model is perfect for you and your bathroom.

In this digital age, it seems like televisions and cell phones are everywhere. Media plays a large role in our everyday lives. It keeps us informed, engages us and helps us pass the time. Looking forward to a favorite program can be therapeutic, and coming home after a long day and watching a favorite movie can be extremely relaxing. So why not put a television in the bathroom and watch your favorite shows while soaking in your favorite bubble bath?

Installing televisions in the bathroom, like in the kitchen, is trending, and thinking of ways to incorporate televisions into this space can be fun and creative. This is especially true when creating places to hide a television in the bathroom so it can be taken out or revealed when you’re ready to use it. Ultimately, it’s about making the bathroom into a personalized space that is as functional and relaxing as possible. The possibilities are endless.

For example, you can mount a television on the wall, or you can mount it in a space built into the wall. You can also find ways to fit them into existing cabinets, or you can build cabinets to fit the television on the wall or near the vanity. Don’t forget that you can mount it on an adjustable mount. This way, you can swivel it towards wherever you may be in the bathroom at different times.

The Ariel Platinum AM195PT Whirlpool Bathtub with Hidden Television has a television set at the end of the tub that is hidden out of sight when it’s not in use. When you’re ready to use it, it pops up out of the tub, and when you’re done, it slides back in while not in use. With this unit, you can enjoy the hydrotherapy and massage from the whirlpool jets while enjoying your favorite show.  This unit is 25 ¾” by 71 5/8” by 31 7/8” and includes an adjustable headrest for your comfort. The wood panels on the sides also give it a unique design and flair. This model also has modern, see-through sides.

Alternatively, you can mount a small television across from your steam shower so you can watch your favorite news programs and your favorite sitcoms while you relax during steamtherapy. The Ariel Platinum DZ972F8 Steam Shower has two wood stools so you and one other person can sit and relax while watching TV. This model also includes an overhead rainfall showerhead, an aromatherapy system and chromatherapy lighting. It also comes with 20 body jets for a relaxing water massage.

At Steam Showers Inc, we are dedicated to helping you create the bathroom of your dreams. We spend countless hours in the bathroom practicing hygiene and taking time for ourselves to relax. This time should be well spent and picking out the perfect shower, bathtub and/or bathroom décor can make all the difference in how you spend this time.  Call us at 800-304-3598, and our experienced staff can answer your questions and help you re-create your bathroom space.

Achieving the bathroom of your dreams doesn’t mean you have to spend an enormous amount of money. Some small, simple changes can make all the difference so you can feel excited and happier about your space. Sometimes it’s not about completely remodeling the entire space; you can create a new space with a whole new vibe with some small additions and changes.

Vanity & Accessories.  Do-it-yourself projects can be an excellent way to update your bathroom on a small budget. These projects usually require some problem-solving and some elbow grease, but you’ll be so happy with the results and the price tag. One popular DIY project is creating a new bathroom vanity out of a used cabinet. This can be done by getting an old cabinet you want to reuse in a new way or by picking up a piece at a thrift store. You can then sand and stain the piece.

While you’re at it, change out your bathroom’s accessories. This is an inexpensive way to make the bathroom feel new and to update to a more modern style without switching out big items, like entire bathtubs, showers or toilets. First, think about changing out your shower curtain and your faucets. Then, take a look at the lighting and decide if it’s time for an upgrade. At this point, add some new decorative pieces, such as paintings, vases, a stand-up toilet paper container and candles. You can search for these items at garage sales or dollar stores.

Tile. Cleaning your tile and re-grouting your tile can make all the difference, and you won’t have to replace the tile. You can even paint over old tiles if you want a big change.

Paint. Changing the paint in your bathroom can make it look like a whole different room. You may just want to freshen up your white walls, or you may want to go with a trendy color. You can always repaint it later when the trends change without breaking the bank. Pick a color scheme and stick to it when buying your new accessories.

Organization & Storage. Remodeling your bathroom is the perfect chance to de-clutter the entire bathroom and add more storage. This will make it more organized so you’ll be happier in the mornings while you’re getting ready, and you’ll realize it’s easier to find things and the space looks cleaner. Remove everything from the bathroom, clean the room from the top to the bottom and put back everything you want to keep. Throw away anything you never use; it’s just unnecessary clutter.

Next, make a list of the storage problems you experience on a regular basis in your bathroom. Are you having  trouble finding a space for your hair dryer, your makeup or your cleaning supplies? Now you can find a solution for each of these problems. First, you can purchase a holder for your hair dryer that mounts on the wall or behind the vanity door. Secondly, you can purchase more draw organizers and create pull out drawers for the small items.

We wish you luck and hope you can enjoy a new bathroom without having to over spend.