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If you’ve spent any time at all perusing steam showers, you’ll notice that they’re available in a whole range of sizes. The trick to choosing the right one for you depends entirely on your lifestyle and the actual space you have available in your home. At first glance, you might think that most bathrooms can barely comfortably accommodate three people let alone a toilet, sink, bathtub, and steam shower unit. Look more closely and you’ll see that steam showers also come in a shower-bathtub combination. So, there’s no excuse not to consider installing a steam shower in a small bathroom space.

Beyond the actual steam shower dimensions, you might also consider whether you’re interested in a one-person or a two-person steam shower cabin. The larger the unit, the more you’ll be able to fit into it. Rather than having a corner, fold-up bench, you could have two long benches or a built-in, curved lounge chair. Doesn’t that sound luxurious?!

Once you’ve decided on the size of the steam shower and the accessories you’d like to add, like an aromatherapy dispenser, chromatherapy lights, Bluetooth capability – there are lots of way that you can customize your steam shower experience! – you’re going to need to turn your attention to the steam generator.

Steam generators, as the name suggests, is what produces all that wonderful steam in the cabin. You pour the required amount of water into the tank; you turn it on, and voilà, luxurious and relaxing steam! More than at any other time, this is when you need expert advice. If you choose a steam generator that’s too small for the size of steam shower you’ve bought, it won’t produce a satisfying amount of steam. Too big, and the generator will produce too much which will end up costing you on your energy bill.

There is some leeway, though. If you’re hoping to reduce costs where possible, here is one option for you. You can purchase a 110V generator for your larger steam shower unit (instead of a 220V generator), but only if the size of your steam shower allows for it.

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Photo: Steam Showers Inc

The beauty of a pre-fabricated (sometimes called a “modular”) steam shower unit is that you don’t have to assume the cost of purchasing tile and glass to construct your own custom unit. You can get every accessory you want with a modular unit.

Your steam shower unit will come in two or more boxes depending on the size you’ve chosen, and whether you’ve purchased a steam shower and whirlpool combination unit or not. The thought of installing this large fixture may seem daunting. But, don’t worry. The box comes with instructions and we’re here to help your through the process.

The first thing we absolutely advise you to do is to hire a professional plumber and electrician. Even experienced do-it-yourselfers should get an expert to check their plumbing and electrical work. Plumbing and electrical are vital to a properly installed steam shower, and can be very dangerous if you don’t really know what you’re doing.

Follow these steps:

  • Make sure you’re home to receive delivery of the boxes. You’ll want to bring the boxes into your home as soon as possible. Unpack the panels, and inspect them carefully. If you notice any chips, dents, or any other kind of marks that may have occurred during manufacturing or transportation, take a note of it, take a photograph, and call us as soon as possible.
  • Depending on the unit you’ve purchased and where the steam shower will be installed, you may need help carting the boxes and panels up or down stairs. Organize a help party before delivery. The delivery professionals can only drop the product off at your door. You’ll need to have people at the ready to carry the boxes in.
  • As we’ve already mentioned, there are plenty of people who love to do jobs around their homes. But, because a steam shower requires proper plumbing and electrical connections, we urge you to hire those professionals to help with the installation.
  • Talk to your community’s planning department to make sure that your steam shower installation is to code. All our steam showers are compliant with ETL (UL) requirements.

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Photo: Steam Showers Inc

Steam showers are becoming more popular as the home spa trend spreads across the nation and the world. Everyone wants to be able to feel the benefits of steam right in the comfort of their own home. We know that steam showers can be installed in nearly every size bathroom – even small ones! So, what else do you need to know?

How about this: how much is the entire steam shower going to cost?

The first distinction to make is whether or not you’re interested in installing a custom made steam shower or a pre-fabricated unit. A custom steam shower is definitely going to cost you more than purchasing a pre-made modular unit. You’ll have to be able to cover the cost of the tile and tile installation. You may also have to hire a contractor to slope the ceiling over the steam shower so that the water droplets drain properly. You’ll have to choose and purchase all the accessories separately – like the shower head, shower controls, steam generator, bench – and specialty products, like an aromatherapy dispenser kit and chromatherapy lights.

Pre-fabricated steam shower units can cost as low as $2000 (check for sales!) and as high as $11000. The difference depends on size and accessories. Steam shower accessories can run between $900 and $1500. The cost of those accessories is included in the overall price of the unit. Read through each steam shower’s description to locate the unit that has all the accessories you’re looking for.

So, you’ve picked out your steam shower will all the accessories you want. Now you’re wondering if you can afford to operate it over the long run. The simple answer is yes! Steam shower units are very efficient. The steam generators use very little water (about 1-1.5 gallons) and electricity. A typical 15 minutes steam shower can cost an average of 2¢!

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