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While renovating a bathroom, homeowners put a lot of thought into picking out the steam shower, bathtub, toilet, vanity, etc, but what about the bathroom flooring? Bathroom flooring can make a big impact in a room with aesthetics like large tiles and trendy tile patterns. In this blog post, we’ll go over bathroom flooring trends for your bathroom remodel. Don’t forget to also check out our blog post Breaking Down a Luxury Bathroom Design for further bathroom design inspiration.

When it comes to bathroom flooring, there are an endless amount of directions you can go in. Take this opportunity to showcase your taste and personality in your home bathroom. Scroll through the different types of bathroom flooring below. We’ve included photos to help illustrate the different bathroom flooring types available to you.

Stone: Natural stone tiles transform an ordinary bathroom into an elegant one. In the photo below, the bathroom floor is covered in large, stone tiles. The dark color of the tiles create a pleasant contrast with the white bathtub and the light colored tile on the bathroom walls.

Bathroom Flooring - geahchangroup

Photo Credit: @geahchangroup on Instagram

Patterns: This tile design makes the bathroom feel larger as the lines on the floor draw the person’s eye across the room.

Bathroom Flooring - lets_talk_design

Photo Credit: @lets_talk_design on Instagram

Marble: The marble on the floor of this bathroom goes all the way up to the walls and almost reaches the ceiling. This creates a seamless look that makes a big impression. This bathroom design communicates a sense of luxury.

Bathroom Flooring - ecoluxe

Photo Credit: @ecoluxe on Instagram

Colors that Pop: Don’t be afraid to embrace colors that pop. You can use the floor as a space for an accent color that will impress your guests and make the bathroom feel larger than it is.

Bathroom Flooring - nahidzfr

Photo Credit: @nahidzfr on Instagram

Small Tile: Large tiles are in style right now, but small tile also creates a great look. In the bathroom pictured below, the same small tile on the bathroom floor extends onto the shower floor and the shower walls for a cohesive and finished design.

Bathroom Flooring - jcdecor

Photo Credit: @jcdecor on Instagram

Mix and Match: The tile in this bathroom surrounds the shower and the toilet with a black and white mash up of different tile designs. Together, the tiles become the wow factor of this bathroom.

Bathroom Flooring - taylor_miller_hsd

Photo Credit: @taylor_miller_hsd on Instagram

Wood: Tile isn’t the only material used on bathroom floors. Wood flooring isn’t just for the living room and the kitchen; you can always put it in the bathroom as well. Additionally, reclaimed wood is a very popular material in homes right now.

Bathroom Flooring - bellainterior

Photo Credit: @bellainterior on Instagram

Funky Designs: Another trend is to create a funky and chic design in the tile and to carry that design up the wall. In the photo below from Instagram, the different patterns in the spaced out tiles pop out of the bathroom floor; the same design carries up behind the bathroom vanity and the mirror for a stunning design.

Bathroom Flooring - bagnidalmondo

Photo Credit: @bagnidalmondo on Instagram

In addition to the design inspiration we’ve covered, consider how the lighting in the bathroom will hit the tile and how this will affect the overall design. Lastly, think about adding a heated flooring system to avoid having cold feet on winter nights. We hope this blog has inspired you to create some beautiful bathroom flooring.

If you are a senior citizen, or if you live with a senior citizen, you may be interested in having a walk in bathtub installed in your home bathroom. Walk-in bathtubs make bathing easier and safer for those with limited mobility. If you think you may want a walk in tub at home, you may also be wondering if Medicare will cover the cost of one. Read on to learn more.

What is a Walk in Tub?

A walk in tub allows the user to get in and out of the bathtub without having to pull his or her legs over the threshold. Additionally, walk in bathtubs include built-in seating and safety features, such as grab bars and textured bottoms to prevent falls. Some models also include whirlpool jets and air jets that enhance the bathing experience. To use a walk in tub, the user sits down and closes the door before filling the bathtub. After use, the bathtub is drained before the door is opened again.

Image 1

EZWT-2651 51″L x 26″W x 38″H Ariel Dual Series Walk in Tub Left Side Drain

What is Medicare?

Medicare is the social insurance program in the United States (founded in 166) that pays the medical expenses of many senior citizens and disabled people in the country.

Why Doesn’t Medicare Pay Back or Reimburse Me for Walk in Tubs?

Walk in bathtubs are not considered “durable medical equipment” under Medicare, and therefore, Medicare will not cover the cost and installation of a walk in bathtub.

There are cases in which some people are able to secure a reimbursement for a walk in bathtub, but Medicare will not guarantee this reimbursement. You can try to submit a claim, but keep in mind that you may not get the reimbursement, and you will be responsible for the cost and installation of your walk in bathtub. In order to obtain a reimbursement, the bathtub must be considered an “absolute medical necessity,” which requires a prescription for the bathtub from a medical professional.

Where to Buy Walk in Tubs

Steam Showers Inc carries a selection of walk in bathtubs from different brands, including Ariel Bath and Ella’s Bubbles. Walk in bathtubs come in both right-hand and left-hand configurations. You can browse the units available on the website here.

You have the option of choosing a unit that includes air jets, whirlpool jets or both for hydromassage.

The Pros of a Owning a Walk in Tub

Owning a walk in bathtub can help reduce the number and occurrence of injuries that occur in home bathrooms. Many senior citizens feel empowered with a walk in bathtub because they can use the bathtub independently without fear of falling while clearing the threshold. There are also walk in bathtub models that are designed for users in wheelchairs.

Limited mobility shouldn’t be a reason to give up taking relaxing baths; you also shouldn’t have to live in fear of falling in the bathroom or live with the inconvenience of having to ask someone to assist you in entering the bathtub.

If you decide to file a claim for a walk in bathtub with Medicare, we wish you the best of luck with your claim. If you have further questions about walk in tubs, feel free to contact Steam Showers Inc at 800-304-3598.