“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” – Buddha

Can steam showers be Zen? To understand the question, we first need to review what Zen is and how it can be incorporated into a steam shower.

What is Zen?

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.” -  Zen Proverb

Zen is a school of thought within Mahayana Buddhism. Mahayana is a branch of Buddhism and is the most commonly followed. The other branch is known as Theravada. Mahayana is from India and involves the pursuit of enlightenment. Buddha’s (Siddhartha Gautama) teachings are followed by Buddhists.

The word “zen” originates from the Japanese pronunciation of a Chinese symbol. This symbol is “chan” and means meditation (“dhyana”). You may be familiar with Zen gardens, which are Japanese gardens that attempt to recreate the spirit of nature. Zen gardens are made up of rocks and sand, which is raked to look like water.

Meditation is an important component of Zen, and Zen gardens are used for meditation. Zen monks help others, work hard and wear robes. They lead simple lives and are not materialistic. Zen is about enlightenment, oneness with the world and being present in the current moment.


What is a steam shower?

“Smile, breathe and go slowly.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

A steam shower is a shower enclosure with a steam generator. The steam generator produces steam by electrically heating water. The steam is then pumped into the shower and enjoyed by the user. Most steam shower units also come with folding, built-in seating or removable stools for relaxing while bathing in steam.

Steam showers have been used by different cultures around the world and throughout the centuries for relaxation, health benefits and more. Japanese hot springs are an excellent example of natural steam baths. The Romans and Greeks had public bath houses used for bathing in steam in a social setting; these are similar to the purpose of today’s Japanese bath houses.

Steam improves our health by allowing us to relax. It also has many positive effects on the human body. Steam deeply cleanses the skin and removes toxins through sweat. Sweating also creates an artificial fever in the body, which boosts the immune system and helps us fight diseases, infections and illnesses. Bathing in steam is perhaps most popular for the relaxing and soothing effect it has on sore muscles.


How are steam showers Zen?

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” – Baba Ram Dass

Today, people can take the time they spend in the steam shower and aim to spend this time in a mindful state. An important aspect of Zen is mindfulness and meditation. The next time you take a steam shower, try to meditate while sitting in the steam. Empty your mind of thoughts, worries and emotions; try to focus on your oneness with the universe. Do not worry about what you cannot change. Let the body relax so the mind can be free. Make this a daily routine or a weekly routine.

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Apparently, steam showers are so lovable that people want to use them in the air. In other words, there’s a new steam shower that can be installed in aircraft. Lufthansa Technik, the German manufacturer of aircraft components, has announced its own steam generator that is light weight enough and self-contained for installation and use on luxury airplanes.

Up until now, steam showers weren’t possible on aircraft for two reasons. Aircraft have to remain light weight for flying and the steam will have be self-contained. The steam generator from Lufthansa fulfills both of these requirements.

Lufthansa Technik, a group compromised of 32 companies, announced the product at ABACE 2014 in China. The steam generator is titled Aircraft Steam Generator Systems; this system runs off of vaporizer fluid, instead of being hooked up to the water supply on the airplane, meaning it runs independently when fluid is poured into its port. The steam showers will have to be completely leak-proof for use on airplanes. The steam generator measures approximately 13.5” by 14.3” by 17.3” and weighs 18 kg (approximately 39.7 pounds). It includes a control and steam outlet. The steam will also have to be complete removed from the steam shower after each use.

The Aircraft Steam Generator Systems tackles some of the problems impeding the installation of steam showers on aircraft. In addition to being light weight and self-contained, in order for a steam shower to work safely on an airplane, the design must make it so the steam generator will never overheat during flight. Also, Lufthansa’s steam generator is compact, making it possible to fly in luxury with a steam shower.

You may see steam showers in the air sooner than you know; the steam generator can be installed on any midsize aircraft or larger. It can also be retrofit after the fitting of the airplane. The system also adheres to the guidelines from the European Aviation Safety Agency and the RTCA DO-160G (standard testing for aircraft equipment). The pricing for the steam shower system has not been released, but it is intended for luxury and VIP aircraft and VIP cabins on aircraft.

It speaks volumes to how relaxing and healthy taking a steam shower can be if we’re now installing them on airplanes so they can be used even when we’re thousands of feet in the air. The system from Lufthansa will also include an aromatherapy system for the diffusion of essential oils into the steam shower.

There are many health benefits to bathing in steam and the use of aromatherapy. Bathing with steam assists with respiration, appearance of skin, the removal of toxins from the body and the relaxation of the mind and the muscles. IF you have any questions about steam showers, browse Steam Showers Inc and/or call us at 800-304-3598.

LHT Offers Steam Showers and Therapeutic Oxygen Systems | Aircraftinteriorsinternational

Lufthansa Technik Showcases Steam Shower, Oxy System at ABACE | AINonline

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The steam shower is the perfect time to put on a relaxing playlist. Norah Jones is an excellent choice; her music is an eclectic mix of country, jazz, pop and soul.

Norah Jones Playlist:

-Come Away With Me


-Happy Pills

-What am I to You?

-Those Sweet Words

-Until the End


-Take it Back

-Travelin’ On

-I Don’t Know Why

Enjoy these mellow tunes as you start your day or when you come home from a busy day to relax.

Norah Jones performing on Good Morning America...

Norah Jones performing on Good Morning America on June 11th, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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