Oh sure, you can flip through any number of home design magazines and see beautiful bathroom after beautiful bathroom page after page. But, sometimes, you just want something unique.

I know there’s a trend in interior design to make the rooms in our homes as magazine-like as possible. Yes, we all want a beautiful bathroom that looks like it’s been designed by the best designers.

The problem I have with that is the fact that we’re all unique. The key to great bathroom design (and home design, in general) is to add a good dollop of yourself into the mix. So, today, I thought I’d pull together some inspiration to show you how others have done it.

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Can’t decide what color to paint the walls? Go for black chalkboard paint!


Don’t try to hide that old radiator. Paint it!


Love cycling? Got an old bike? Here’s an innovative use for it.


Love plants? How about installing a living plant wall? It’s beautiful, improves indoor air quality, and is eco friendly! Just add a steam shower for a perfect indoor/outdoor spa treatment.


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Let me know how you’ve made your bathroom unique and wonderful!

bathroom organizer

Given that the bathroom is the smallest room in the home, it sure packs a lot of punch!

Our bathrooms really take a beating, don’t they? Think about how often that one little space is used during the course of a day by every single family member. Think about how we expect the bathroom to multitask. It needs to be the room where we can get ready for the world in so many different ways. Beyond being functional, we expect it to be beautiful, too. Given all of that, it’s a wonder that the bathroom is typically such as small space. Wouldn’t it make more sense to set the bathroom – and all its fixtures and stuff – in a room, say, the size of a large bedroom? Ok, maybe that’s going a little bit overboard!

The fact is that most of us have to deal with small bathrooms. So, let’s look at ways we can organize the space to make it as workable and beautiful as possible!

Who uses the bathroom?

  • assign each person one drawer in the vanity and place all their stuff neatly into it
  • encourage kids to shower or take a bath the evening before

Storage solutions

  • re-purpose a shelving unit from another room for the bathroom
  • buy cutlery separators for vanity drawers
  • use baskets or tiered mini-shelves for the large storage space in the vanity
  • place a small turntable (found in kitchenware stores) on the countertop to hold often used bottles
  • install large drawer pulls and hooks on the side of the vanity to hold towers and other often used accessories

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How have you organized your small bathroom? Share your tips!

April 28-1

Sometimes you just need to look at some inspirational photos. Given that today is the last Friday of April, I think that it’s a great time to sit back and peruse some beautiful design, don’t you?

Let me know which of these bathrooms makes you swoon. Post images of your favorites, too!

Photo: Hoedemaker-Pfeiffer Architects and Building Designers

I love the barn door feature separating the toilet area from the rest of the bathroom.

Photo: Moen

Just gorgeous two-tone wood combination against white walls.

Photo: Virtual Studio Innovations

Wow. If you could dedicate half your home to one bathroom, why wouldn’t you?

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