A rising complaint among home owners with older bathrooms is the somewhat boring and basic design of their household bathrooms. Increasingly, modern bathrooms with a bit of luxury are becoming the desired possession. Present day lifestyles are jam-packed with activities ranging from work and family to social engagements and entrepreneurial endeavors.  In our busy, technology-based lifestyles, we’ve neglected our own health and well-being and as a result, places of relaxation and rejuvenation have become coveted rarities.

For this reason, the now old bathroom design built simply for functionality and basic usage has run out of style. It seems that people need their bathrooms to be a place where they can take a step back from reality and simply have a few minutes of peace and relaxation.  A luxurious modern bathroom can feel like an oasis where you can escape from the hectic din of your busy life for a few precious moments.

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So, whether you’re a recent home buyer, looking to purchase your first house, or simply want to remodel your existing bathroom to align your chaotic schedule, we have a few tips to help you along the process.

The modern bathroom is all about architecture, shape, and colors. It may seem too simple to make a difference, but the color and shape (not necessarily size) of your bathroom can have a huge impact on the vibes your bathroom gives off.

Keeping the design simple is a trademark of the modern bathroom. It can be tempting to keep your bathroom looking busy with decorations in an attempt to hide its age and ugliness.  However, these techniques tend to simply make your bathroom look cluttered and dismal and you may end feeling even more dissatisfied with the state of your bathroom. Most modern bathrooms keep it simple by using light or neutral colors that flow from the floor to the walls and up to the ceiling. If your bathroom has any natural elements, such as wood, brick, concrete or stone, feel free to make these a focal point of the bathroom.

Possibly one of the most important aspects of a modern bathroom aside from the architecture is the furniture. Choose your bathroom furnishings carefully, as these can often make or break your bathroom’s design.  A popular trait of the modern bathroom is a freestanding tub, often rectangular or bowl-like in shape.  Try to find a white, minimalistic design to really enhance the luxury and modernism of your bathroom.

Another aspect of furniture to really consider is the bathroom vanity.   A popular aspect of any luxury bathroom, vanities come in an array of styles and designs. Like the rest of your bathroom, your vanity should be simple and minimalistic, while also functional.

Floating vanities are a popular choice in the modern bathroom, as they enhance the sense of space by reducing bulk. Floating vanities are aesthetically pleasing and usually come in a fairly simple, yet sophisticated design, as they are somewhat limited by the floating feature.

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Open vanities are also another popular trend when it comes to modern bathrooms. Open vanities are similar to floating vanities in that they enhance the sense of space in a bathroom and are also forced into a minimalistic design due to their construction. Open vanities can be as basic or sophisticated as you need, and are also available as double vanities.

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Another creative and unique vanity design is the rounded vanity. Rounded vanities are still growing in popularity and we expect them to continue their trend. The cool thing about rounded vanities is that they are still new and different, so the addition of a rounded vanity to your updated bathroom could really set your home’s style apart from anything else out there.

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Concrete vanities also work to give your bathroom a modernistic and luxurious style. Concrete vanities usually refer to the material from which the sink and countertops are built, but may also refer to the whole vanity in some cases. Concrete vanities can be floating or stationary, open or built with cabinetry. Normally more blockish in design, concrete vanities can give your bathroom a certain kick that speaks volumes.

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While these designs may constitute a number of popular choices when it comes to the modern vanity, they are by no means the only choices.  Shop around and be creative when it comes to your bathroom vanity. Make sure the vanity in which you invest matches your personality and reflects the tone you want your bathroom to voice. There are many vanity options that stray from the norm and work to turn your bathroom into a unique piece of art.

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Finally, consider the type of sink(s) that will accompany your modern bathroom vanity.  Sinks can add their own style to your vanity and help a simple vanity with a makeover in style. Two popular sinks for the modern bathroom are the farmhouse sink and the vessel sink.

A farmhouse sink replicates its namesake, and is often trough-like or bucket-shaped. Some farmhouse sinks are imbedded within the vanity and some sit above the vanity in a concrete or porcelain trough. Farmhouse sinks a great option for rustic modern bathrooms.

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Vessel sinks can come in a large volume of shapes and sizes and sit above the vanity instead of dropping within it like your average sink. If possible, try to find a vanity that already includes the type of vessel sink you have in mind. Many vanities come in sets that include a list of compatible sinks. Once you’ve found a vanity that you really like, ask if there are any sinks included with the unit or sinks that might be compatible with the unit if it does not include the sink of your choice.

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The journey to creating a calming, luxurious modern bathroom is both incredibly detailed and profusely rewarding.  Coordinate color patterns to enhance the quality of your bathroom; look for architecture that is open and free flowing, and choose quality furniture, such as the tub and vanity, to really give your bathroom the calming and luxurious undertones that you need after a long, chaotic day.

Do you have a modern bathroom or experience designing one? Leave your feedback in the comments below, and let us know how you turned your bathroom into a modern paradise!

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the right vanity for your bathroom. See our guide below for a better understanding of the type of vanity that is just right for your bathroom space.

How to Pick a Vanity

Bathroom vanities come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re not always convenient when you have a narrow bathroom and limited space. While vanities can often be the focal point of a bathroom’s style, they can also be a hindrance where space is limited. If you find yourself squeezing between small spaces just to maneuver around your bathroom, it may be time to invest in a smaller vanity. If you’re wondering what kind of small vanities are available for your small bathroom design project, here are a few ideas for narrow bathroom vanities.

Cradle the Sink
The majority of bathroom vanities are built out and around the sink so as to enclose the pipes while still offering storage space. However, if you are working with a narrow space, consider finding or building a vanity that cradles the sink. This vanity is only about half as wide as the sink, allowing a wider walking path and helping the whole bathroom seem just a bit wider.


Photo Credit: dakrtabris.co

Stretch Out the Counter
Another option is to re-proportion the width of the vanity into length. If you are working with a narrow space but have length of space to spare, consider a split vanity like the one pictured below. The floating element of the vanity already helps the room seem bigger and less bulky, but the rerouted cabinet also adds to the storage space as it is not hindered or crowded by the sink’s piping. What’s more, a small trashcan or additional storage can be placed underneath the sink without taking up the available space.


Photo Credit: Pinterest.com

Vote to Float
Floating vanities are a great way to conserve space and make a bathroom feel larger than reality. Floating vanities won’t have as much storage space as the average vanity, but they can still be trendy and often give your bathroom a more contemporary look. Floating vanities tend to seem more like an extension of the wall rather than an obstruction in the pathway. Small items can still be stored under the vanity for maximized space.


Photo Credit: jiutengbath.com

Reinvent the Vanity
As a whole, we generally have an idea of what we think a vanity is supposed to be, but this doesn’t mean we have to stop being creative with our bathroom designs. If you have a narrow bathroom or you’ve recently purchased a home that doesn’t have a vanity, consider small cabinet, such as the one pictured below, which can act as a disconnected vanity and help maximize space. Depending on your bathroom set up, you may even want to add two small cabinets on either side of your sink for additional storage possibilities.


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Have any questions or feedback on how to maximize your vanity options in a narrow bathroom? List your ideas and suggestions in the comments below!