Happy Halloween from Steam Showers Inc.

Steam Showers Inc Check your Bathroom for Walkers

Steam Showers Inc Whos Up for a Steam Adventure

Who’s up for a steam shower adventure?

Spruce up your bathroom in time for a Halloween party or just for fun this season. If you have a kid’s bathroom in your home, they’ll definitely appreciate the extra holiday spirit. Maybe you just really love Halloween and want to celebrate it in every way. That’s something we can get behind! (Check out our Bathroom Horror Story post.)

Some of the scariest horror scenes happen in the bathroom, like in Psycho and The Shining. With some creativity, turn your bathroom into the Bates Motel or the Overlook Hotel this Halloween. You can write “REDRUM” on your bathroom mirror using lipstick or a red white board marker. Some DIYers out there go crazy on their bathroom décor with fake blood.

For a more upbeat and less scary look, try using some of the following items to decorate your bathroom for the month of October:

The Soap Brains Tutorial on Rustic Escentuals Crafting Library walks you through how to create little bars of soap that look like brains. You’ll need a brain freeze silicone mold to create the shape and some gel soap colors. You can also use soap paint to put some blood on the brains.

brains soap, perfect for Halloween or a zombie party!

Switch out your toilet paper holder for the season with this Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder. Your guests may be surprised when they realize a skeleton is handing them the paper!

You can also switch things up by putting up a Halloween themed shower curtain to add some pizzazz to the room. This Nevermore Vintage Shower Curtain on Café Press is stylish and festive:

Modern vintage Halloween Shower Curtain

If you’re looking from something really scary, try this Deathly Scary Shadow Shower Curtain on Perpetual Kid. The name says it all. Imagine someone’s fright when they look in the mirror and think someone’s in the shower waiting to scare them!


A lot of fun can be had by decorating the counter space on your bathroom vanity. You can add fun novelty items like this Halloween Fragrance Black Cat Wax Warmer from Bed Bath & Beyond. This item works with an electric light bulb to infuse the bathroom with fragrance.

Black Cat Wax Warmer

Don’t forget the candles! Candles in a bathroom create great atmosphere for your party guests and keep the bathroom smelling fresh. Upgrade your candles with some Spider Candle Holders from Oriental Trading.

Spider Candle Holders

If you don’t want to leave candles on in the bathroom, you can use these orange LED tealights from Pier 1 Imports. With these, you won’t have to remember to blow out the candles.

Orange LED Tealights

Don’t forget the possibilities to be had with door covers, which are a quick and easy way to decorate for a party. Transform your home into a haunted mansion or a ghoulish get-a-away.

If you’re a prankster, you can hide something behind your bathroom door to freak out your guests. Place a scary mummy or a witch back there, and use your imagination to have fun with your bathroom décor this Halloween.