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People are now coming to realize that steam showers are very ideal for one’s overall health. Unfortunately, not everyone is making the best choices with regard to installing one. Below are some ideas on how to make sure that everything is perfect:

1. Choose only the best specialist

Many people employ the service of specialists to install this shower all of the time. The problem is that not all specialists are best for the job. There are many specialists who in some cases oversell their abilities. For your unit to be wonderful, you need to get a contractor that has the know-how about this line of work. One great way of locating the right specialist is to ask the one who sold you the steam shower.

The primary task of the service provider should be to assess the space requirements of your shower and determine the finest way to make it fits in the bathroom.

2. Buy a steam shower kit

Getting a specialist could make things easy for you but it could add more to your expenditures. Plus, you must keep an eye on him from time to time or at all times just to make sure that he gets the job done accurately and on time. For individuals who can’t afford the cost, a steam shower kit will also be adequate. Anyone could set up a completely functional steam shower by following the instructions that is supplied along with the kit. Every step is precise and sometimes has pictures which can really help you get it right. The important thing to keep in mind is for you to keep your cool, be patient and read everything at least two times to avoid committing mistakes.

3. Make sure that the steam is not leaking  

This is one of the most essential things that one must assess. Being sure that steam does not leave the shower will save you a good deal on electricity and water bills. The best way to make that happen is to have doors, ceilings and walls which are water-resistant. You also need to ensure that the unit is air-tight.

Apart from having your resources exhausted, it’s also going to be less beneficial when the steam keeps going out of the unit. When steam escapes, becoming relaxed and totally clean is going to take time. Last but not least, there’s also a slight chance that the interior of your bathroom is going to be ruined by the leaking vapor.

4. Make it blend

The aesthetic appeal of steam showers in a bathroom is important. But, several property owners install it without thinking of its appearance. When selecting your shower or kit, be certain that the color also blends with your bathroom tiles. If possible, choose one with a look that highlights your present bathroom style. You, your family and even your guests will enjoy your steam showers if it is installed correctly. Aside from that, you’ll likely get more buyers if ever you choose to sell your home in the future.

A few showers have replaceable glass. If you think that the glass must be shaded, transparent or want some other style, you need to change it out immediately so the original one could be stored as a spare.

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Steam showers often get a lot of attention for being a luxury item in household bathrooms. They are certainly not the norm, and they also take an investment of time and resources in order to be installed. While most people may love the idea of having a steam shower in their bathrooms, it may simply be a luxury that seems a bit out of reach. On the other hand, the benefits of steam showers don’t get half as much attention in the media and home improvement industry, but these benefits may just be the most important part of having steam shower in your home. So, what if you were to find that the benefits of a steam shower outweighed the costs? Or better yet, what if these health benefits could save you three times the cost in the future? Below are six benefits to using a steam shower that could make you rethink the cost versus return on such an investment.

Blood Circulation
By far, the number one benefit of a steam shower is the increased blood flow. Steam showers naturally boost blood circulation throughout the body, and they also help to maintain a healthy balance between the lymphatic and sanguine circulatory systems. An increase in blood circulation results in a boost in metabolism, which can aid in weight loss and overall health.

Stress Relief & Muscle Relaxation
The increased blood circulation throughout your body also alleviates stiffness and joint pain that results from stress or strenuous exercise. An increased blood flow helps to break up lactic acid that builds up to cause sore muscles, and the steam will also help to release toxins and waste from your body to alleviate stress.

Enhanced Skin Tone
Another great benefit of the steam shower is clearer, more radiant skin. Steam works to unclog pores and remove any congestion or debris that may be trapped under the surface of the skin. The heat from the steam causes excessive sweating, which pushes out any bacteria trapped under the dermal layers of the skin. Consumers spent over $55 billion dollars on beauty and anti-aging cosmetics in 2014, and it’s incredibly interesting to consider the savings a steam shower could lend in providing some of these remedies in a natural and healthy manner.

Clear Sinuses/Respiratory
Steam showers are also a great way to relieve sinus congestion or certain respiratory infections. Doctors often suggest steams showers or saunas as an at-home method of treatment for people dealing with respiratory issues of all kinds. The damp heat works to relieve inflammation in the lungs and navel cavity, bringing immediate relief, and cutting the lifespan of the infection.

Increased Flexibility
Steam showers also provide an increase in flexibility by relaxing muscles and improving blood flow. Steam showers can be a great solution for athletes such as gymnasts or ballerinas who need to have a high level of flexibility in order to perform. However, steam showers can also be great for someone on a new exercise regime dealing with flexibility issues, or even for rehab patients who need to increase range of motion and mobility.

 Stimulated Immune System
Finally, steam showers are a great way to boost your overall immune system. Similar to the way that steam showers work to release toxins and bacteria which have built up in the skin, steam showers can also aid in the removal of harmful bacteria and pathogens that may be the cause of frequent illness.

With these things in mind, it’s hard to imagine that the immediate cost of a steam shower would not be worth quite a few times the original investment after even just one year of use. With a steam shower, you can expect to save long term on medical bills, cosmetic products, and other stress-related treatments. Steam showers will increase overall health and help maintain a better quality of life. The investment is worth the return!


This content is not meant to replace medical advice and is not a substitute for a qualified physician or any other medical professional. The opinions stated here are solely those of Steam Showers Inc, and are presented for informational purposes only.

The Squatty Potty seems to be popping up all over the place these days, but what the heck does it even do? Isn’t it just the creation of a couple of guys in their basement who wanted to make a quick buck and ended up as contestants on Shark Tank, one of the most popular entrepreneur shows?   After all, it’s just a stool right? Another object to clutter your bathroom?  Wouldn’t any stool work just as well?

Perhaps you’ve noticed the Squatty Potty creeping into the media attention, and you’ve always wondered what it was, but you were too embarrassed to ask. Or, perhaps you’ve never heard of it at all and we’ve sparked your interest. Either way, we’ve done some research on the Squatty Potty in order to bring you the most comprehensive and succinct review possible.

The cutesy name denotes the Squatty Potty’s purpose. It is a stool-like contraption meant to aid in forming a squatting posture while taking care of business on the pot.  A family owned and operated business, Squatty Potty® is run by Judy and Bill Edwards along with their son Bobby. After some colon problems, the family sought a natural and inexpensive solution to some of the issues with which they were dealing, which resulted in the creation of the Squatty Potty.

Squatty Potty

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As humans, we are naturally designed to squat when defecating, like our ancestors did millennia before the toilet was created. As a result, the luxury of the toilet has actually caused quite a bit of problems for people over time.  The puborectalis muscle surrounding the colon has a natural kink when the body is in an upright posture, which causes a blockage in the flow of waste when sitting upright on the toilet. However, the Squatty Potty fully relaxes the puborectalis muscle, allowing for the timely and complete emptying of the colon.

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Over all, the Squatty Potty seems like an affordable option for those looking for immediate relief regarding colon issues and hoping to obtain greater overall digestive health. The Squatty Potty seat comes in a variety of shapes and designs, and unlike regular stools, it features a circular insert so that it fits around the toilet bowl This way, it provides room on either side so that your feet and legs do not have to be bunched up in front of you as they normally would with a regular stool or foot rest, which allows for more comfortable sitting on those longer visits to the bathroom.

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But will it become the next bathroom staple, or fade out of the spotlight over time?  Has anyone tried the Squatty Potty and been able to tell the difference between using it and sitting upright as usual? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!