The term feng shui is derived from an ancient Chinese philosophical system of beliefs based on harmonizing with the environment.  For centuries, the concept of feng shui has influenced the architecture and the design of construction all over the world.  According to feng shui philosophies, architecture is a physical representation of the invisible forces in the universe, and the way that structures are designed effects the way in which a person will respond to the universe, the energies that will ensue, and whether that energy will be negative or positive.

Traditionally, bathroom spaces were considered to be negative spaces because of the private and personal activities that bathrooms are meant to accommodate. The brilliant feng shui architectural attention given to the rest of a building was neglected when it came to the bathrooms, which were given the bare basics, and often separated from the rest of the house.

Today, however, the attitude toward household bathrooms has changed, and large, luxurious bathrooms that you never want to leave are the new norm. Places like spas and resorts are so popular because our community has come to recognize the rejuvenating and healing powers that these places can bring with them. So, if you’re hoping to turn your bathroom into a place where good feng shui is generated, we’re here to help. Follow these 5 simple tips to get your bathroom generating some positive energy!

Barricade the Drains
Order a drain cover for your bathtub, keep the toilet seat down, and look into finding something to cover the sink drains when they’re not in use. Drains will suck the chi out of your home and cause bad energy to build up in the bathroom area. To create a truly feng shui environment, make sure that your drains are covered and/or the bathroom door stays closed.


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 Use Colors that Promote Positive Energy
Use black, white, green, yellow, and red to represent the 5 elements of nature, and keep your bathroom’s energy balanced. Deviating away from these colors or having a bathroom that caters to one color over another can throw off the balance of your bathroom and foster negative chi. If you don’t want to paint the walls black or red (and we don’t blame you!), make sure that you include some other elements that feature the colors of balance, such as a wall painting, furniture, vase, etc.


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Bathrooms have been known as a breeding ground for negative chi, and there is good reason for these assumptions, as bathrooms are at one the most used and the most neglected rooms in a house. Poor feng shui can result in a series of unfortunate events, such as bad finances, health issues, and depression. Make sure that your bathroom is set to create positive chi by keeping your space clean and organized, make frequent repairs whenever necessary, clean windows and mirrors regularly, and tighten any lose door knobs or cabinet handles.


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Hang a Crystal
If your bathroom is not ideally located within your house or you are unable to perform major renovations to increase the feng shui, consider hanging a crystal from the ceiling or near a window. Crystals can suppress bad energy and keep you bathroom in a more neutral and balanced state. If you do hang a crystal in your bathroom, make sure to clean it regularly. Crystals absorb negative energy, and as they begin to develop dust and debris, they can be a source of bad energy over time.


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Cue the Lights
Lighting is one of the most powerful manifestations of energy, and the way it is used can greatly impact the feng shui of your bathroom.  Aim for at least three different sources of lighting in your bathroom. One source should be a natural light, brought in by the sun through a window; but you should also have other kinds of light. Installing light dimmers can allow you to adjust the lighting in your bathroom at any given time, and they are also a great way to set a pattern of ambiance in your bathroom.


Are you a feng shui expert or do you know of any other ways to create a feng shui bathroom? Leave your feedback in the comments below, and let us know about your feng shui experience!

We’d all like to imagine that our bathroom is a luxury spa resort where we can relax, wind down from a tough day at work, or simply feel spoiled and pampered. Disappointingly, however, the reality is that most bathrooms are built for functionality and necessity rather than style or comfort. Unless you plan on purchasing a luxury home or doing a complete remodel on your current bathroom, the ways to transform your common bathroom into a spa-like oasis without breaking the bank might seem limited.


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There are, however, more than a few ways to upgrade your bathroom without doing major construction or putting a hole in your wallet.  The following are some easy ways to renovate your bathroom and leave you feeling like you just a left a five-star resort and spa.

Organization is Key
The first step to remaking your bathroom is to remove clutter and organize it somewhere out of view.  When you see glamorous, high-quality bathroom designs, think about what you don’t see – you don’t see toothbrushes, toothpaste, blow dryers, flat irons, toiletries, or other unnecessary clutter taking up room and reducing the superiority of your bathroom. While these items may be necessary for everyday use in the bathroom, you can greatly enhance the quality feel of your bathroom by keeping these things organized and out of site.

Luxurious Bathroom

Hit the Lights
Whether it’s natural or artificial, lighting can make or break a bathroom’s mood. If your bathroom has windows, utilize them. Natural lighting can give a space a sense of freshness and space. Natural lighting has been known to relieve things like depression and anxiety, and they can also give your bathroom a more sophisticated edge. If you don’t have windows in your bathroom and natural lighting isn’t an option, try adding light dimmers that will allow you to get the full spa treatment without the price. Light dimmers or a candlelit bath can make you feel like you’re being pampered and given special treatment.

Luxury Bathroom2

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Towel Central
Have you ever gone to take a bath or shower and realized that your towel is still cold and damp from the previous day? Not only is getting out to an already damp towel an unpleasant experience, but leaving towels to hang dry can often leave them with an unpleasant odor.  If possible, invest in enough showers to use a clean towel every day; try using towels that are the same color and texture, preferably from the same brand. Using a clean towel can make you feel like you are getting five star treatment, and will free up the amount of time you spend doing laundry every week. If you can’t afford to purchase additional towels, look into a towel warmer, which will help dry your towel more quickly and warm it up for you before you leave the bath.

Luxury Bathroom

Break Out Your Classical Roots
Everyone loves to sing in the shower, right? Or so they say. But music is very powerful and can be used to stir a wide range of emotions. Some music, such as classical music or “elevator music” often has a calming effect on the mind and body. Many salons, spas, and resorts play some sort of light, calming music to help guests relax and feel more at ease. In our busy lives it might seem like too much work to drag the speakers into the bathroom for a quick shower, but if you’re determined to turn your bathroom into the spa of your dreams, consider investing in a stereo system that can stay in the bathroom. Once flip of a switch and you’re already on your way to a full-blown spa experience.


Install a Luxury Shower System
Finally, if you’re determined to have the ultimate bathing experience, you’ll need to consider a shower or bath system. We recommend a shower-bath combination, such as the Ariel WS-701 Steam Shower with Whirlpool Bathtub. This luxurious system offers a steam sauna, overhead rainfall showerhead, whirlpool bathtub with hydro-massage jets, and built in shampoo and conditioner dispensers. For the ultimate spa-like experience, you’ll need the one item that really sets your favorite spa resort aside from your home bathroom. Steam Showers Inc offers a wide variety of premium walk-in tubs and steams showers for an affordable price and a level of quality that can’t be outdone.

Steam ShowerRedoing your bathroom? Leave questions and suggestions in the comments below to let us know about your experience with luxury bathrooms!

Dealing with an injury or handicap is never fun.  It can be frustrating and expensive to remodel the house into a wheelchair-accessible living space. Whether it’s you, or a parent, child, or spouse, adjusting to the need for a wheelchair around the house can be mentally taxing and financially strenuous. Aside from ramps, flooring, and extended doorways, the bathroom may be one of the most difficult and inconvenient rooms to make handicap accessible. Many bathrooms are not usually large enough to fit a wheel chair inside, so the bathroom may need extension; furthermore, the toilet, shower, and/or bathtub must be made wheelchair accessible, and grab bars will need to be installed in all pertinent areas.

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Many home owners prefer the ease and comfort of a walk-in tub, which weeds out the inconvenience of having to install a bench seat in the shower. Also, depending the severity of the handicap or injury, standing may not be possible, in which case, a shower-only washing area may not be an option. Without the ability to stand, users may have trouble reaching up to grab the shower head, adjust the temperature of the water, or reach products resting on high shower shelves. In order to have a completely self-sufficient showering experience, a wheelchair accessible tub may be the only option.

EZWT-3052W 52 L x 30 W x 41 H Ariel Soaker Wheel Chair Accessible TubSome wheelchair accessible bathtubs can even have a showerhead installed, as shown in the picture below. This way, users don’t have to be limited to one function or the other. You can enjoy the ease of showering with the comfort and convenience of a walk-in tub. Or, forget the showerhead altogether and make bathing a fun and enjoyable experience with the luxury of a whirlpool tub.

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Regardless of the reason for your home renovation, a walk-in tub doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Walk-in tubs can offer a level of comfort and security that other bathtubs don’t provide.  The Ariel Dual Series Wheel Chair Accessible Tub features 18 air jets, 6 hydro-massage jets, and an acupressure body massage feature.  The class and superiority of the Ariel Dual Series presents quality, comfort, and affordability all in one convenient package.


So, if you see a wheelchair-friendly bathroom renovation somewhere in your near future, rest assured that the process doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. In fact, you might actually find yourself enjoying the new equipment. Tell us about your own experience in performing a wheelchair accessible bathroom remodel or leave any questions in the comments below!