When it comes to remodeling tips, everyone’s full of advice. It seems like plenty of contractors, websites, and designers have suggestions about what to do, how to do it and where to do it at, but when it comes to avoiding the cardinal “don’ts” concerning your bathroom space, there’s considerably less information out there. If you don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to remodeling your home’s interior, it can be a daunting and often scary process. Of course, you want to make all the right changes for your home, the ones that will turn a mundane room into something spectacular, but at the same time, you don’t want to end up with faulty plumbing or disastrous design flaws. As much as it’s important to know the right kinds of action steps for your bathroom remodel, it’s also crucial to understand what steps you should avoid.

So, if you’re looking for more specific direction in what steps to take, and what steps not to take in your bathroom remodel, check out our following suggestions.

Don’t Forget the Design Plan
It can be easy to just pick out colors and products you like without really thinking about who they will serve, but having a design plan to keep you focused will be worth it in the end. Think about the long-term use of the bathroom. Will it be a kids’ bathroom, a guest bath, or the master suite? Should the décor be more practical or more luxurious? Think about the purpose of the bathroom, and then design accordingly.
                                                                  Photo Credit: magetjooz.com

Don’t Reroute Plumbing or Ventilation
While it can be tempting to rearrange your whole bathroom and change the way everything was previously structured, it’s best to keep the plumbing and ventilation intact and work around the existing construction.  You can never be certain that what you’re doing now won’t have negative effects later down the road. You don’t want to enjoy your newly renovated bathroom and then suddenly find a major plumbing or ventilation problem that makes you tear everything out all over again.

Bathroom1                                                             Photo Credit: familyhandyman.com

Don’t Cut Corners on Key Materials
With an assortment of products in relatively low-cost options, it might sound appealing to spend less on less desirable products, such as the toilet. But time will show that it’s important to get high-quality products where the appliances will be used frequently, and when it comes to the bathroom, that means almost all of the most major appliances. If you don’t have the budget for high-quality products, it might be better to postpone the bathroom project until your budget allows for serious upgrades.

Bathroom2                                                                  Photo Credit: hgtv.com

These are some of the most serious “don’ts” we came up with when considering a bathroom renovation, and if you follow these basic guidelines, we believe that you’ll be on the right track to gaining a pretty spectacular remodel. Ultimately, however, understanding what things to avoid is all part of the learning process, and we’d love to hear from some of our more experienced remodelers on what they’d suggest you don’t do in your bathroom remodel. Drop a comment in the field below and share your feedback!

We live in a world of digital ease, where even the most strenuous shopping can now be done within the comfort of our own homes.  Believe it or not, some of the most popular items for online shoppers are home décor products. It’s much easier to shop, compare, and have something shipped right to your front door, than it is to browse from one store to another, forgetting dimensions and colors, and having to figure out transportation and delivery.  Shopping online is fun, convenient, and certainly has its perks, but what about when it comes to shopping for a new bathroom vanity?  It can be tough to imagine what will look best in your bathroom without actually seeing it in action first. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new vanity online, check out these tips for making sure the experience goes smoothly.

Consider Room Size, Layout, and Design
When purchasing a vanity online, it’s important to already have a size in mind so that you don’t waste time looking at vanities that are incompatible with your bathroom space. Take a few measurements, have some dimensions in mind, or know exactly what dimensions will fit in the space allotted for the vanity. If your bathroom is a specific style, don’t waste time looking at styles that won’t match the overall style and design of your bathroom. Weed out the colors you know you don’t want, and try to pinpoint some colors you think would work well in the bathroom.

Vanity                                                         Photo Credit: hgtv.com

Pick Out a Style
The next step in choosing a vanity online is to pick out a specific style. Maybe you already have a specific bathroom design, and you need a vanity that will enhance the décor. Another option is to find a vanity you like and construct the design around the vanity’s existing style. Choose the colors, style, and construction that suits your bathroom, and build the design from there, or use specific search terms to bring up a list of vanity designs that are compatible with the existing style and décor of your bathroom space.

Vanity2                                                      Photo Credit: embok.xyz

Pick Out the Materials
Finally, it’s important to know the types of materials you’d like your vanity to come with. Do you want marble countertops? A rustic wood-top vanity? Hardwood cabinets? Have the materials of your ideal vanity in mind so that when it comes time to get down to shopping, you have a targeted approach and know just what to look for. You might also want to think about the type of faucet design that is most compatible with your vanity and decide on a vanity that can accommodate the type of faucet you are hoping to install.

Vanity3                                                          Photo Credit: archicore.com

These are just a few ideas to get you started with your online shopping spree. You might have more features you’d like to consider, and we encourage you to explore all the options. The great thing about online shopping is that you can put as many items in your cart as you’d like and then compare your favorite vanities between different web pages. Let us know how you prefer to do your favorite online shopping in the comments below!

When you have the space and budget allows, it’s a great idea to invest in a double vanity. Whether multiple people will be using the bathroom at once, or whether you just want to add additional storage space to your bathroom and feel like it makes more sense to add another sink into the bargain, double vanities can be a great way of livening up your bathroom and creating a sense of luxury and relaxation in your bathroom space.

So, if you’re in the market for a new vanity and you want to check out the benefits of a double, we’ve provided some of our favorite vanity design ideas, courtesy of our friends at Better Homes and Gardens. Find what you like, or just browse to help give yourself some ideas!

Storage-Packed, Classic Design
This traditional vanity design goes very well with the bathroom design and is packed with storage space that can be utilized between the different household users. We love that each sink has its own under-cabinet, a roll-out drawer, and then shared drawers all the way down the center.

Vanity                                                         Photo Credit: bgh.com

All for Looks
This vanity is what we like to call “all for looks.” It doesn’t have much functional value aside from the sinks, but the vessel sinks are beautiful and the under-sink design is certainly unique and festive. If you have room to spare and you’re just looking for something festive, this could be a great option for you.

Vanity1                                                           Photo Credit: bhg.com

Elegance Embodied
This beautiful vanity provides a mixture of storage with two full roll-out at drawers at the top of the vanity and a shelf at the bottom for additional storage. The open ended nature of the vanity allows it to seem much less bulky and space-hogging than it would if its center was solid. The countertops are marble and the vanity gives off an overall sense of elegance and sophistication.

Vanity2                                                        Photo Credit: bhg.com

All about the Storage
These vanities can technically be considered single vanities, but they are placed strategically within the bathroom to be utilized for their dual space. These vanities feature long, narrow sinks and the accompanying storage space is fully bodied cabinet space with shelving within.

Vanity3                                                        Photo Credit: bhg.com

Recycled End Table
This vanity looks as if it was made from a recycled end table or desk. The vanity itself does not look like the average vanities we are accustomed to seeing, and lacks storage space. However, he large, deep bowl vessels sinks with sophisticated high-top faucets, make this vanity look like an antique masterpiece.

Vanity4                                                                 Photo Credit: bhg.com

These are just a few of the amazing double vanity ideas presented by Better Homes and Gardens. Feel free to checkout the whole list at www.bhg.com. Are you someone that owns a unique or re-mastered double vanity? Please feel free to share your comments below and let us know about the process you went through to achieve your own special vanity design.