One health benefit that you may not expect to receive from your steam shower unit is improved quality and length of sleep. Improved sleep also leads to greater quality of health in other areas, including avoiding viral infections, weight loss, lowering blood pressure and increasing mental concentration.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults require at least seven to nine hours of sleep each night, while teenagers require between eight and a half and nine and a quarter hours each night. It’s important to practice good sleep hygiene, including creating a routine for falling asleep and going to bed at the same hours each night. Not getting enough sleep can result in inability to concentrate in the work place, inability to drive safely while fatigued and a higher risk of contracting a common cold and lowered immunity.

First, decide what time you are going to go to sleep each night. Most likely, you need a minimum of seven hours each night. Then, prepare a sleep routine that you will begin each night at least 30 minutes before you want to fall asleep, but it can last as long as an hour.

A sleep routine may look different for everyone. Some people like to eat a small snack before bed, read a book, exercise or take a shower or bath. Taking a steam shower or a bath with steam can be effective for helping you fall asleep for several reasons. First of all, a steam shower is great for promoting relaxation. Steam increases blood circulation, which relieves achy and tired muscles. This releases tension from your muscles and helps your body relax. It also creates mental relaxation. Studies have shown that steam increases the deepness and length of sleep as well and that the act of heating yourself during a sleep routine will create a better quality of sleep.

Additionally, the relaxation that steam brings may be especially helpful to those that suffer from chronic pain. If you have chronic pain that is keeping you awake at night, a steam shower before bed may help you get the relaxation you need to fall asleep and rejuvenate your body and revitalize your energy level. On the other hand, you may have an allergy, a cold or a breathing problem that is hampering your sleep. Bathing with steam also helps improve breathing and this may be the help you need before bed.

You may own or be able to purchase a steam shower unit with an aromatherapy system. This means you can add relaxing scents to your showers before bed to comfort yourself before falling asleep. Lavender is a very relaxing scent and can be added to a steam shower by using essential oils in the aromatherapy system.

It’s important to stick to your bed routine each night. When you get into bed, turn off all electronics and lights that may distract you from falling to sleep. A healthy diet and exercise will also help you obtain better sleep. Do not neglect sleep; better sleep means better memory and lower levels of depression. Additionally, a relaxing sleep routine may be healthier than sleeping pills. Take a steam shower at night to improve your breathing, relax your body and help you achieve longer periods of deeper sleep.

Many Americans suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis. It’s important to learn how to manage and how to cope with bodily pain. Additionally, your pain may not be purely physical. You may be suffering from depression, anxiety and stress that come with everyday life and worries. Integrating pain and stress relieving activities into your routine will help you cope with the pain you are feeling. Steamtherapy is an excellent tool for relieving stress and relaxing the body.

Alternative methods of pain treatment are often more appealing than pain killers. Recently, the United States Drug & Food Administration warned consumers against overusing the popular pain reliever acetaminophen due to side effects that damage the liver. Also, a recent study on brain activity showed that some people experience more pain than others due to the composition of the brain. Thus, you may be looking for methods other than drugs to decrease pain in your daily life.

If you are finding it too hard to deal with your pain, contact your doctor. A doctor may recommend a prescription, physical therapy, more exercise or massage. In addition to speaking with your doctor, while dealing with pain, it may be helpful to learn some of the following tips for how to cope.

First of all, it’s important to get enough sleep every night, which can be difficult if your bodily pain is keeping you awake and preventing you from achieving deep sleep. You may need a different mattress with better support for your body, or you may need to sleep with a pillow underneath the painful area.

Pay close attention to how you carry yourself and your posture. This can be incredibly important if the majority of your time is spent at a desk and at a computer, especially if you suffer from chronic back pain.

Integrating steamtherapy into your bathing routine can reduce stress, increase blood circulation and heat the painful area, all of which are ways to relieve pain. Some steam shower units also include acupressure massage jets, body jets, aromatherapy systems and chromatherapy lighting, all of which help promote relaxation or treat pain. offers a variety of steam shower units from Ariel, Ariel Platinum, AmeriSteam and more.

Bathing with steam or in a steam shower will:

-Reduce the tension in the body’s muscles created by stress.

-Promote relaxation and give you a place and time to practice meditation, mindfulness and focus on sensations. This will give your mind a break from everything you’re worrying about.

-Increase blood circulation, which will help reduce pain in muscles that need it.

-Apply heat to sore muscles.

These are all excellent methods for treating stress and pain, whether you just completed a challenging workout or you suffer from a chronic condition. On other days, you may be experiencing emotional pain, or you may be going through a hard time. The use of a steam shower is great “me time,” in which you can focus on yourself and give yourself time to think in a safe space with your favorite music or favorite scents. If you have more questions about steamtherapy, visit our FAQ and/or Health Benefits page.

With advances in bathroom technology, and the growing popularity in extravagant design choices for the bathroom, bathroom remodeling is becoming more commonplace. (Most of us would never be able to imagine having to boil water to run a bath or having to use an outhouse.) Additionally, bathroom trends are beginning to accommodate our busy lifestyles. Many of us have busy schedules that can get stressful and do not have the time or energy to make it to the gym or the spa after work to relax in a steam sauna or in a hot tub. As a result, people are incorporating bathroom products with spa-like capabilities into their bathrooms and their everyday routines so they can take luxurious steam showers and therapeutic baths at home.

Current, popular bathroom trends include:

-Framed mirrors

-Vintage styles

-In-floor heating


-Decorative tile


-Extra storage

One of the big trends going on right now is the modernization and the expansion of the shower. People are renovating the shower to include more glass walls, to cover larger spaces, to include multi-head showers and to incorporate steam generators. Basically, the steam room is becoming popular in the modern home. However, adding a steam room can be time-consuming and costly, including the addition of seats, a sloping ceiling, an airtight door and a floor drain. Some people choose to expand upon their existing showers, while others find steam shower units to be more convenient and affordable. offers all-in-one steam shower units with luxury features manufactured by brands like Ariel, Ariel Platinum, AmeriSteam, SSWW and West Coast Saunas. The site also carries corner steam showers, which save on space for smaller bathrooms. Steam shower units come in different sizes to fit in virtually any bathroom. Depending upon the model you choose, they come with popular, trending features; these may include FM Radio, surround sound speakers, body massage jets, rainfall showerhead, handheld showerhead, computer control panels and more. Steam showers are also becoming more popular in homes because steam is a powerful tool for relieving allergies, rejuvenating sore muscles, opening the sinuses, improving blood circulation and cleansing the skin’s pores. Steam has been used for medicinal purposes and relaxation for centuries. also offers other bathroom products that are currently trending, including:

-Modern bath tubs with LCD displays, FM radio, whirlpool jets, chromatherapy lighting, etc.

-Walk in bathtubs with built-in seats, grab bars for safety, whirlpool jets and air jets.

-Low flush eco-friendly toilets with dual flush capability so you only have to flush as much water as you need. This is good for the environment and saves on your water bill.

-Double vanities with his and hers sinks. We also offer elegant bathroom vanities with sink bowls that sit above the cabinet.

-Towel warmers keep your towel cozy warm so you do not have to adjust back to normal temperature as soon as you walk out of your shower.

These trends in bathroom remodeling are great for reducing stress in our lives and investing in our homes so they can be sold at higher prices. Don’t hesitate to incorporate some of these design ideas and bathroom products into your home.