Vanities are a great way to upgrade up your bathroom and give it an added sense of elegance and sophistication.  Vanities can range from high-end, somewhat pricy pieces of furniture, to relatively inexpensive yet still classy additions to the household bathroom.  What type of vanity you ultimately choose really depends on your personal preference, specific features for which you are looking, and how much you are willing to spend.

To aid you in the decision-making process, we’ve compiled a list of a few vanities on both ends of the spectrum to help you get a feel for what kinds of options are available and to help you spot a great deal when one becomes available.

High-End Double Vanity
The Ariel Stafford double sink vanity set is one of the most luxurious vanity sets available and it’s perfect for master bathrooms that will be occupied by more than one individual. The vanity is more contemporary in design, but also features a level of neutrality that makes it suitable for a variety of bathroom styles, both new and old. The White Tiger granite countertops, matching framed mirrors and ceramic sinks are all included with the vanity set, which make this stylish, high-end piece one of the best options on the market. For a listed retail value of $3,199.00, this vanity is also one of the most affordable options for going all-in on your new bathroom design.


Minimalist Double Vanity
High-end vanities certainly have a place in the modern bathroom, but not everyone wants to stash all of their pennies into a vanity or even into the bathroom space at all. If your one of those folks who’d rather turn your living room into a home theater rather than create a spa resort in your bathroom, you may be looking for something simple and minimalistic; a vanity that serves its purpose by creating a functional bathroom space without hogging the renovation budget for the rest of the house. So, if you’re looking for something simple smart, consider the Belmont Décor Hampton Double Vanity, which has a retail value of $1,279.00 and promises to enhance the quality of any modern bathroom.


Single Sink Vanities
Both of the large double vanities above also come with single-sink vanities for those who can do without the additional sink and storage room. Single sink vanities can also be sourced for luxury or minimalist functionality, and come in some beautiful designs. This Seacliff single sink vanity is not only a great value, but it’s also spacious, well-built and very attractive.  It also features a pure Carrera quartz countertop with a matching backsplash, and at a price point somewhere between luxury and affordability, we think it’s a definite winner.


Do you have a favorite vanity, or something that you’re considering? Leave your feedback in the comments below and let us know about your frugal vanity choice, your dream vanity, and the practical decision you are actually considering.

It probably goes without saying that the color of your vanity should be strategically planned in order to be consistent with the rest of your bathroom’s colors, but what colors work best for certain bathrooms may be a little less clear. If you’re still in the process of remodeling or renovating and you haven’t quite decided on what color scheme you want for your new bathroom, think about what you want to accomplish with your bathroom space and about the unique voice that you want your bathroom to generate.

Colors and color patterns and combinations have different effects on the brain and sensory perception and as such, a specific vanity colors can either compliment or take away from the overall feel of your bathroom. Check out these five bathroom vanity color ideas to get a better understanding of how color affects your bathroom and what color options might be best for your specific bathroom.

Always a fall back color, white vanities together with a primarily white bathroom design, can make your bathroom seem much bigger than it actually it is. Flowing colors allow lines to blend and prevent your bathroom from feeling chaotic by stopping and starting wherever a different color or pattern ends or begins.


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Brown colors in the bathroom, especially blended with other white or cream colored furnishings works to give your bathroom a calm, comfortable feeling. Brown is often a traditional color choice for the modern or contemporary bathroom and works well with bathrooms of all shapes and sizes.


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When thinking about colors, red may not be the first color that comes to mind, but historically, it has been a color that represents luxury and status. If you want your bathroom to make a bold statement and you want it to be a part of the house that really stands out, consider a red vanity to compliment the design.


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Blue vanities can also make a statement, and can certainly be a focal point of your bathroom if designed that way. Many bathrooms have light blue pain on the walls, and there’s a reason why blue is one of the most popular colors for bathroom towel and rug sets. Blue is definitely a color that will fit in and look natural with almost any bathroom design.


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Green is also a color of tradition for many bathrooms, and can be ordered in a variety of different tones to make sure that it fits your bathroom just right. Lighter greens and greenish grays will do well for bathrooms with white or neutral coloring on the walls. Darker greens will fit well into rustic bathrooms and feng shui bathrooms.


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 These are some vanity colors that will work well with a variety of bathroom designs, but vanities come in almost every color imaginable. So, if none of these colors match what you had in mind, be sure to shop around until you find a color and style of vanity that will complete your bathroom in just the right way.

This guest post is by Agent Ace.

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Planning to sell your home? In addition to working with the most experienced agent in your neighborhood proven to consistently sell homes for more money, you should plan to make a few upgrades, too.  This can also help to instantly up your home’s value. Simple changes to your bathroom can help buyers view your home as an irresistible sanctuary. Make sure your home’s bathroom is up for inspection with these easy-to-implement home staging tips:

1. Switch Out the Shower Curtain
It is perhaps the easiest way to instantly upgrade your bathroom for a showing. Trade out your grimy old shower curtain for a new one. Not only is this an easy upgrade, it’s a cheap one too—and it requires zero specialized supplies like paint brushes or hammers. Just remember to keep the new shower curtain in a neutral pattern and color, that way potential homebuyers touring your house will be able to envision their own style when they take a peek into your bathroom. If you choose a bright, flashy shower curtain, homebuyers with different aesthetic tastes could have a harder time imagining the place as their own.

2. Put Away Your Personal Items
Sure, your rusty razor may be a bathroom necessity for you—but again, a bathroom cluttered with personal grooming items could make it harder for homebuyers to imagine the space as their own. Hide away your personal items for home tours; those items that typically sit in your shower and on your countertops. Don’t just throw everything under the sink though—the curious people touring your home will definitely take a peek under there. Instead, invest in small storage units or wicker baskets to corral your items.

3. Make a Small Bathroom Appear Bigger
Bathrooms are often the most cramped, crowded spaces in a home—neither of which are desirable traits to potential homebuyers. If your bathroom suffers from “small space” syndrome, try this simple trick: hang a mirror on the opposite wall from the bathroom vanity. The mirror will open up the space and reflect more light, helping your small bathroom appear larger.

4. Pick Up Some Plants
Often bathrooms don’t have windows, or only come equipped with teeny-tiny ones. Bring the outdoors in and breathe some life into your bathroom with a few well-placed plants. Make sure you choose plants well suited to growing indoors; you don’t want your droopy, brown-leafed potted plant scaring off prospective homebuyers!

5. Take Out the Trash
Yes, this last home staging tip should go without saying, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget this crucial step. And we do mean crucial—there’s nothing more off-putting than an overflowing bathroom trashcan. Before your home tour begins, be sure to take out the trash, wipe down all the bathroom surfaces, and even scrub out the shower grout. A sparkling clean bathroom can make a big difference to buyers, even if you’re bathroom isn’t tricked out with all-new appliances or lots of space.

The truth is you don’t always have to spend a lot of money upgrading your home to make valuable changes. Sometimes all it takes is a little attention to detail. Pair these staging tips with your neighborhood’s most experienced real estate agent and maximizing the value of your home sale becomes easy.