You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the latest styles and trends to have a modern bathroom. With do-it-yourself projects, you can create a trendy look for a fraction of the price. Plus, DIY projects are fun and an easy way to personalize your space.

Once you have the perfect steam shower, bathtub and toilet taken care of and installed in your bathroom, it’s time to accessorize. Use some of these DIY bathroom projects to get started:

Vintage Mason Jar Organizers

This project adds more storage to the bathroom and saves on countertop space and drawer space. The Mason jars are mounted to the wall adjacent to the bathroom vanity. You can use the Mason jars to store toothbrushes, makeup brushes, Q-tips, cotton balls, toothpaste, hair clips, etc. Alternatively, you can dedicate one Mason jar to each person in the household.

Mason Jar Organizer DIY Playbook

This organizer makes everything easier to find. Do this DIY project in a bathroom with ltitel counter space to open up new possibilities for storage of small items. You could even put each person’s toothbrush in a separate Mason jar.

This Mason jar project comes from the blog The DIY Playbook. Hose clamps are used to attach each jar to a scrap piece of wood or a spare piece of trim. The jars are evenly spaced out with the use of a level. The hose clamps are attached to the wood, and the wood is mounted to the wall. Command hooks are easy to use and won’t damage the wall. Otherwise, use dry wall anchors or mounting hardware for photos. Check out the tutorial on The DIY Playbook.

You can modify this project by painting the jars different colors and/or painting on labels with chalkboard paint. Be creative and personalize it for yourself and to fit into your existing space and décor.

Alternatively, you can line up Mason jars on the countertop for bathroom storage. Give them a unique look with the following projects.

This DIY project may fool you into thinking these are antique Mason jars. There’s nothing a little paint and sandpaper can’t do to dress up accessories.

The project pictured above is by the blog Rusted Treasure. Mason jars are painted with acrylic paint (at least three to four coats of paint). It’s then sealed with a top coat. To give the jars the rustic look, sand down small areas with sandpaper. Make sure you rub the sandpaper over the designs on the jars so they stand out, like the word “Ball” in the photo above. See Rusted Treasure for more details.


Liz Marie took these Mason jars from boring to glamorous with some paint, inexpensive wood hardware and glue.

This is another simple Mason jar DIY project from the Liz Marie Blog. Liz Marie spray painted the lids of the jars gold. She then glued the black hardware onto the top of the lids to create a chic look that can be showcased on the counter of the bathroom vanity.

Frame Your Bathroom Mirror


You would think this mirror was purchased at an interior décor store like Restoration Hardware. The secret is pine board and wood stain.

This DIY project from Shanty 2 Chic is an inexpensive way to turn a regular bathroom mirror into a rustic or antique-style piece. Ashley made the frame out of pine board that measured one inch around. She sanded the wood and filled in any imperfections with food filler. She then used pocket hole screws to put the frame together. The result is a new, elegant look for an existing bathroom mirror. You won’t believe it’s the same bathroom.

Get a hotel-inspired look at home:  the MirrorMate mirror frame presses right onto the mirror for an instant update.

The frame around the mirror makes a big difference. It really finishes the room and gives it a far more elegant appearance.

Here’s a similar look on a larger mirror. The frame really adds to the room. Color coordinated accessories were also added, and everything matches the existing faucet.

Clever Back-of-the-Door Bathroom Storage

The back of the door to your medicine cabinet or your bathroom vanity is the perfect place to create some extra storage for small items. Don’t let any space go unused as you fight the inevitable build-up of clutter in your bathroom.

Use PVC pipe curling irons and cords  Use hook-and-loop tape to attach 5-in. lengths of 2-in.- diameter PVC pipe to the vanity door to hold the curling irons. Do the same thing with 3-in. pieces of 1-1/2-in.-diameter pipe to hold the cords. Just measure your curling irons to see how long your “holsters” need to be. Let your curling irons cool before you stow them away.

This clever DIY storage creates a convenient space for curling irons. You no longer have to leave them on the counter top or in a jumbled pile inside of the vanity.

This curling iron storage project from The Family Handyman creates the perfect spot for curling irons or hair dryers after they cool down. This project uses pieces of inexpensive PVC pipe attached to the door of the cabinet using hook and loop tape. One size is used for storing the iron and a smaller size is used for the cord. Measure curling irons to know which size PVC pipe to buy. Remember not to put them away if they’re still hot. You can adapt this project for hair dryer storage as well. Just imagine coming home to a clean bathroom without the mess or tangled cords or a jumble of hair styling products.

Back-of-the-Door Storage

You’ll feel much more relaxed when your bathroom supplies are organized and easy to find in this hidden cubby storage, located behind the bathroom vanity door.

The photo above is an example of another storage project for the back of the vanity door. Caddies are attached to create hidden storage for toiletries, including toilet paper, nail polish and lotion. The caddies in the photo hold a bathtub set, including a book, iPod and candles for a relaxing evening in the tub. This project comes from Better Homes and Gardens.

The best storage solutions are the ones that make use of space that would otherwise remain empty.

This project was featured on the blog Decorology. You can attach little containers to the back of the medicine cabinet door for storing tooth brushes, razors, makeup, nail polish, cleansers, lotions and any small items. Now your bathroom looks super organized and you’ll look savvy.

Stylish Makeup Organizers

Washi Tape Makeup Organizer

Use the washi tape of your heart’s desire in this highly customizable makeup organizer project. Be colorful and be bold.

Makeup organizers are easy and fun to create from everyday items. Washi tape is a popular craft item right now and looks great wrapped around a jar. Use this method at different heights on Mason jars to create cute storage for your makeup brushes, mascara and eyeliner. The different colors and patterns on the washi tape can make different combinations and looks. Mix and match the tape with your bathroom décor. When you feel like mixing things up, take off the tape and replace it with a new color. These jars would also look great on a dresser in the bedroom. See the Babble project to learn more.

Glass Bead Make Up Organizer

Feel like a movie star with a makeup organizer made out of a plastic container and glass beads.

This DIY project will take your makeup from boring to glamorous in two easy steps. First, find an inexpensive plastic container. Then, fill it with glass beads from a craft store. These are the same beads used for floral arrangements. Now, your makeup is easy to find and looks fabulous. You can find this DIY organizer on Suburble.

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