Mar. 16

Our steam showers are built to last. Even so, routine maintenance is key.

Start by cleaning the shower cabin from top to bottom with a natural, non-abrasive cleaner. Read about our steam shower cleaning tips.

Hire a plumber to flush the steam generator. This is a pretty technical job, so we don’t recommend you try doing it yourself. Flushing the steam generator will remove any calcium build-up that could interfere in the steam shower’s smooth operation.

Check that the fixtures are tightly secured. If your steam shower comes equipped with chromatherapy lights and an aromatherapy dispensary, this is the time to make sure that those features are functioning at their best.

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mar. 30 copy

Seriously. Who doesn’t love chocolate? So, creamy, luscious, decadent, and yes, even healthy. And it goes perfectly well with a steam shower.

Did you know that chocolate isn’t only for eating? It’s now a hugely popular spa trend … and one you can do yourself at home, too.

Since this long weekend boasts a special connection to chocolate we decided that it’s the perfect time to indulge in chocolate in every way.

Check out this fabulous do-it-yourself home spa chocolate therapy from the Chocolate Connoisseur.

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Mar. 28

Pity the poor bathroom vanity. That one pice of bathroom furniture puts up with a lot. We dump stuff all over the countertop. We over stuff its drawers and cabinet spaces. We subject it to high moisture levels on a daily basis.

It’s no wonder that it needs a little TLC every once in a while.

Start with a good spring clean and organization spree.  Then give the vanity some close-up attention. Are there nicks and scratches? Are there set-in stains? Read out tips on how best to do that here and here.

What if that vanity just doesn’t do the job you need it to? Maybe you and your family have outgrown its tiny drawers. Or, you’re planning on changing the look of your bathroom, and you need to choose a more modern vanity. There are so many vanity options available now. Consider your family’s needs and read about all the style options here.

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