oct. 3

Sometimes we receive questions from customers about how to customize our products, like this one: Is it possible to reverse the direction that the shower door swings open?

Steam showers are designed to look great in any décor – whether it’s modern or traditional. They’re also designed to give you the maximum in a home spa experience, leaving you feeling relaxed and healthy. Although both of those benefits – looking great and feeling healthy – are vital considerations when it comes to how steam showers are designed, there’s something else that’s even more important. Every steam shower is checked to make sure that its design is not just functional, but also maximizes how well the steam shower can do its job.

So, in terms of whether or not the direction the steam shower door opens can be reversed, the answer is no. The shower door can only swing in the direction it was originally designed and built. That’s because every part of the door, including the special hinges, are built and assembled so that they can be properly sealed. We want to make sure that every bit of steam stays within the shower stall instead of escaping through the cracks and openings that would be there if the door could be moved.

If you’re not sure which model is best suited for your bathroom, give our Support Team a call, and they will be able to help you find the right steam shower.

sept 29

If you haven’t yet tried out a steam shower experience, but you’re thinking of installing one in your home, you’re in for a real treat.

A steam shower offers its owners a truly soothing spa treatment right in their very own home. Those who own one talk about its health benefits. 10 or 15 minutes in the steam shower can relieve the stress of a long day at work, and it can improve the overall health of your skin. The best part, especially if you stand all day at work, is that you can sit and relax while the steam does its work.

Steam showers come with seats or benches depending on the particular model. Some of the larger models come with double bench seats and longer benches. Steam shower owners sometimes like to sit on the bench for their steam treatment, but they like to stand for a regular shower. So for those people who prefer that, we have the 300 series of steam showers. The seats in the 300s are foldable, which gives you the maximum choice of how you’d like to enjoy your steam shower from day to day.

Give our Support Team a call if you have any other questions. We’d love to help you out!

sept 27

Colored lights, also known as Chromatherapy, is a very popular addition to the steam shower experience. The different colored lights affect our well-being in a whole variety of ways. Check out the details here.

Light therapy is so popular that many of our customers wonder if all steam showers come equipped with the colored lights. The short answer is that it really depends on the model.

Many steam shower models just come with white lights. Those standard lights are equipped with warm and bright LED bulbs. Of all the possible types of bulbs approved for use in damp and wet environments, like a shower, they are the highest quality. If your steam shower is lit only by the standard overhead round light, you will be very happy with the light it gives off. They achieve maximum brightness the second they’re switched on. There’s no waiting for the bulb to go from a dull yellow to full brightness while it warms up.

Having said that, though, we do have customers who prefer to use their steam showers for home chromatherapy sessions. Chromatherapy is another soothing element of a spa experience. It’s based on the idea that colored lights affect the way we might be feeling on both a physical and a psychological level. The lights soothe away any stress we might be feeling. Some people find that the colored lights even have healing properties.

The steam shower models that are used for chromatherapy come equipped with five to seven colored lights along with the standard white light. You don’t have to worry about how to replace the light bulbs or any other parts on these special models. Our Parts department carries a whole range of replacement and add-on parts. Just give our Support Team a call, and they’ll answer all your questions.