Bathroom vanities can be a great way to create additional storage space within a bathroom, while also creating a designated space for you to get ready, unwind, or simply have for your own. While conventional style vanities normally have sink attachments and are used in the bathroom for standing room only, the more traditional or luxury-focused vanities often come with sitting areas to accommodate the more delicate aspects of your daily routine.  So, if you’re considering a more luxurious style vanity for your bathroom design, we’ve compiled a list of sitting arrangements available with these types of vanity designs.

Vanity Bench
The vanity bench is possibly the most traditional vanity seating arrangement, and probably the most frequently imagined seat when imaging the vanity. The bench is a great vanity accessory because it usually slides right underneath the vanity, keeping it out of the way and freeing up that often already-limited bathroom space. A vanity bench usually has no back, which helps to force good posture, is often unnecessary anyway, as much of the time spent at a vanity is used to lean in toward the mirror, making a seat backing needless.

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Chic Vanity Stool
When it comes to vanity seating, another option is the vanity chair or stool, which is often rounded with a small back. This chic design is also meant to accommodate the petite space given to many bathrooms and can definitely provide a stylistic element to your specific bathroom design as well.  Many vanity stools and chairs come with specific vanity sets in matching colors, and others can be found in neutral colors to complement other vanity options.


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Vanity Chair
Where space and size are no issue, vanity seating also comes in full-size chairs. Vanity chairs are often fully padded, on both the underside and the backing of the chair, allowing for ultimate comfort and luxury in your morning or nightly routine. Vanity chairs are a great option, and perhaps the most comfortable, for large bathrooms with plenty of available space and made to create a sense of luxury and sophistication.

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These are just a few of the most popular vanity seating options available for your bathroom design, but be sure to do a little research before settling on any one design. It is important to consider things like the style and era of your bathroom design, color pattern, voice, and overall purpose of your bathroom before settling on any one option. Vanities can be a great opportunity to add to the style of your bathroom and make a certain statement about luxury and relaxation or even just about your personality. Give some thought to your vanity choice and make it something that you feel good about every time you walk into your bathroom.

There’s a reason why doing it yourself is a popular phenomenon these days, and it’s not only because everyone has the time and energy to give to self-(wo)manned projects. Sure, there are those of us who reel in a sort of cathartic energy from those DIY projects, giving us a sense of pride and accomplishment in the work we’ve done. However, with the economy still recovering from the recession and finances being pulled thin to cover every aspect of life’s inevitable costs, doing it yourself has become a phenomenon for its ability to the save the costs and labor expenses of having someone else do the work for you.

One of the most fun and sometimes most expensive rooms in the house to remodel is the bathroom. With the frequent use and ever-changing styles, bathrooms can quickly become outdated, damaged, or simply run-down. From the shower to the faucet, water has the ability to cause damage to your interior in ways that the rest of the house is simply not affected.  Add to the water damage old wall paper, rusting sinks, and outdated flooring, and it may just feel like your bathroom’s needs are overwhelming.  Don’t have the time or money for a full bathroom renovation? No problem! Check out these simple tips to give your bathroom a full makeover without breaking the bank or wasting your already-precious time.

Update a Vanity or Sink with Wall Paper
Do you have an old vanity with paint that’s faded or pealing or that simply doesn’t match the rest of your bathroom anymore? A great way to make it feel like you have a whole new vanity without breaking the bank to actually go find a new one is to find a wall paper design that could be converted to the vanity. Cover the outside of the vanity with the wall paper and be prepared to be amazed by the transformation. Conversely, if you have an old vanity that can simply be repainted, consider purchasing a new can of paint before trading in the old vanity for a new one. Chances are, a new paint job will do the trick and will ultimately be much more affordable than finding a brand new vanity.

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Tile the Floors & Walls
If you have laminate or old wood flooring, your entire bathroom might greatly benefit from laying down tile. This can be done easily and relatively cheaply, and does not necessitate pulling up the old flooring. Pick a tile that matches your current bathroom design and will work to put down around the existing appliances, and your bathroom will look like a whole new room by the time you’re finished.

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Replace the Faucets
Finally, it’s always a good idea to check out the sink and bathtub faucets and replace them with a cleaner, more updated model. Especially where rusty or faded fixtures stand, simply replacing the faucet with something more contemporary and sophisticated looking can help make your entire bathroom seem like it’s been made over. Faucets are relatively cheap and easy to replace, and can be a great way to renovate without all the fuss of major reconstruction.

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These are just a few of the ways to renovate your bathroom space quickly, easily, and cheaply.  Updating your space doesn’t have to be troublesome or complicated. Turn your bathroom project into a DIY dream, and walk away feeling good about the work you’ve accomplished. Have any other great tips for DIY bathroom renovation projects? Leave them in the comments below!

As we’ve discussed before, bathrooms are a very important room in the house, and the style, comfort, and luxury of your bathroom can often dictate how your bathroom works to make your daily life more productive and less stressful, or simply remains another stagnant, under-appreciated room in the house.  One aspect of your bathroom that can work to your advantage is color.  Most people have colors they like, or color schemes they think would work well for their bathroom or the rest of the house. One thing many folks don’t consider, however, are the ways in which certain colors have an effect on psychological responses that result in things like increased stress vs. relaxation, or apathy vs. energy, etc.

So, if you’re wondering what colors might look best in your new bathroom, check out the list below to find a list of applicable colors and what kind of psychological response they’re likely to elicit from your time spent in the bathroom.

Blue Bathrooms
Blue is by far the most popular and attractive option for bathroom coloring. Psychologically, blue reflects coolness, reflection, and calm. Surrounded by a blue landscape, your brain is likely to feel at ease and you will have an overall sense of serenity and peace. Blue is not only ideal for bathrooms because of its close association with water, but it is also a great color for bathrooms because it will aid in calming you down after a rough day.


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Green Bathrooms
Green ranks up there very close to blue when it comes to bathroom color choices. Have you ever noticed that the majority of domestic bathrooms you’ve seen have green or blue color patterns? Well, there’s reason for this. Subconsciously, green works to create a feeling of balance and harmony, and can often provide a sense of peace and rest. Unlike some colors that may have the tendency to cause stress or tension, green is known for causing a sense of peace and comfort.

Green Bathroom

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White Bathrooms
While many tend to avoid white bathrooms under the impression that they will be harder to clean and maintain, white bathrooms can be a great way of a pure, clean, and minimalistic space that is free of eye sores and clutter. Mentally, white can have a soothing effect on the mind by removing objects of distraction or irritation. White often denotes sterility, hygiene, and simplicity, and it can be a great way to give your bathroom an effortless look while still maintaining a classy, sophisticated feel.

White Bathroom

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These are just a few of the most popular bathroom colors, but we definitely recommend experimenting with some other colors that you might like. These three colors are popular bathroom colors for a reason, and they have been proven to work in numerous ways for the average bathroom design. Before sticking with a bathroom design, look into the moods and temperaments that the color is often known to impose or reflect. Colors are much deeper than matching tan with dark brown. Match your bathroom tone to your intentions for its role in your home, and let us know what you find!