Christmas is just a little less than a week away. Are you ready? If not, check out these great gift ideas!

How much of your house do you decorate? After I strung up the lights outside, hung the wreath on the door, cut and trimmed the tree, and baked up lots of sweet tasting delights, I realized that the poor bathroom was the only room in my home that hadn’t received a touch of the festive.

Extend your Christmas decorating to the bathroom because it will give your home a complete look, and it will keep guests feeling festive when they visit the bathroom. Here are some fun ideas for you:

Toilet Covers. Remember the fuzzy covers that your grandmother loved to fit over the toilet cover? Well, that trend is back … just for Christmas. Choose something fun and festive.


Shower Décor. Look around in stores that sell bath products for festive shower curtains, like the one pictured below. Just because you have a steam shower, doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your shower. String garland around the top and sides of the unit and place a cozy Christmas-themed mat on the floor in front of it.


Accessorize! Lay out a festive hand towel for guests to use, and fill a Christmas-themed dispenser with scented soap. If your home only has one bathroom, don’t be shy about leaving out your toothbrushes and other essentials. Just place them in decorative containers!


How do you decorate your bathroom through this festive season?



Can you feel that chill in the air? The draft coming through the walls of your home is decidedly icier than it was even a month ago. Winter is definitely settling in.

It’s that chill that hits your body after a nice hot shower or bath that’s so disconcerting, isn’t it? But, enjoying your wonderful steam shower, spa experience in your own home is entirely possible in the wintertime, too.

All you need to do is follow these tips to prepare your bathroom against that winter chill.

  • Pamper your feet. There’s little worse than stepping out of a hot shower or bathtub and bringing your feet into contact with a cold floor. Throw down a fuzzy and thick rug first. That’s an inexpensive and quick way to warm up the bathroom floor.
  • Remodel with warm materials. A deep sink made from soft stone, like marble or soapstone sitting in a vanity made from dark-colored, recycled wood. Add in a splash of color on the walls, too. Sure, decor isn’t going to physically warm you up. But, the warm colors will leave you feeling happier than if your bathroom is decorated in a stark white.
  • Heat the floors. I guess this is the most obvious one. The initial cost of installing heating either under the floor or by bringing in a stand-alone heater will pay for itself over and over again for years each time you use the bathroom.
  • Towel warmers. Towel racks that are wired and can either be plugged into the wall or hooked up to your home’s electrical system emit a soft warmth. Within the span of time that it takes for you to enjoy a nice, hot soak, those racks can warm up all the towels you need.

How do you keep your bathroom toasty warm through the cold winter months?



Believe it or not, bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to home renovations. A lot of people pour a lot of money into kitchens loaded with all the upscale choices. The bathrooms, however, are left functional, but not exactly pretty.

It’s easy to forget about the bathroom, though. As long as it’s functional, it’s hard to understand why you’d put a lot of money into it.

The key to having a home that looks put together and in style depends on making the bathroom as updated as the rest of the house. Whatever the style of the rest of the house is, that’s what each bathroom should be as well.

Carry the colors and materials through the house. So, if you’re splurging on quartz countertops in the kitchen, opt for glass or some other upscale vanity for the bathroom.

Check out these trends that are starting to fall out of favor…

Don’t go country. The rustic or Tuscan look, marked by chicken wire, distressed wood, or orange tones are on the way out. Opt for neutrals with some accents and a minimalist or contemporary approach instead.

Do the whole thing. Do-it-yourself projects or replacing some bathroom items and not others is no longer trending. Instead, people are completely gutting the space and starting over from scratch.

Use more space. Floating vanities equipped with larger “trough” sinks are winning over double sinks. Maximize space and comfort by installing steam showers, and any other spa amenity that will fit.

What design trend to you hope will disappear fast?