You may be considering installing a sauna or a steam room in your home as home bathrooms become more luxurious (see Luxury Bathroom Trends of 2015). If so, the following blog post should help you determine differences between a sauna and a steam room, so you can decide which is right for you and your bathroom routine.

You may have already experienced the differences between a sauna and a steam room if you have used either at a gym or at a spa. The following details the characters of each:


  • A sauna is usually made up of a room with wooden benches. The benches and flooring are made of wood sauna panels.
  • Saunas are also known as Finnish sauna, sweat room or a sweat lodge.
  • The room is heated using a heater and/or heated stones. Traditionally, stones are heated in a stove or in a fire. Water is then poured over the stones, which produces steam that heats the room.
  • A sauna session uses dry heat with low humidity at temperatures between 150 degrees to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is hotter than the heat of a steam shower.
  • Modern, at-home sauna units are hooked up to the electricity and are heated with an electric heater.
  • It is believed that regular sauna sessions improve pain; boost the immune system and the body’s metabolism; cause the body to sweat, which releases toxins and deeply cleanses the skin; relieve stress; calm the mind; comfort fatigued muscles; improve sleep and promote cardiovascular health.

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Ariel Platinum DS204F3 Steam Shower and Infrared Sauna

Steam Shower

  • A steam shower is made up of a shower enclosure and a steam generator. The shower enclosure is usually constructed out of tempered glass, metal, acrylic paneling and/or sauna wood panels.
  • A steam shower is also known as a steam bath, steam room or steam sauna.
  • The steam generator heats water and steam is produced; the steam is piped into the steam shower enclosure.
  • A steam shower fills with a wet heat with high humidity at temperatures between 110 degrees to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not as hot as the heat of a sauna session.
  • Pre-fabricated steam shower units are hooked up to the water supply and the electricity in a home bathroom.
  • Steam showers are used to treat pain, tired muscles and respiratory problems (including sinus infections, asthma, allergies, colds and bronchitis). Taking a steam shower session also helps promote relaxation, decrease stress, improve immunity and cleanse the skin as the body sweats out toxins.


Combo Steam Showers

Both saunas and steam showers offer health benefits and help a person relax from the day’s troubles. If you think you would be happier with both options in your bathroom, don’t forget to check out combo steam showers. These units come with both a steam shower enclosure and a sauna room. Other luxury features included in some of the pre-fabricated models on Steam Showers Inc include FM radio, shower head, rainfall ceiling shower head, chromatherapy lighting, computer control panel and body massage jets. Call Steam Showers Inc today at 800-304-3598 to learn more.

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Did you think “the dress” was white and gold or black and blue? The entire dress controversy reminds us how important color is. We all have different perspectives and perceptions when it comes to the world around us, and color plays a powerful role in these dynamics. In chromatherapy, color is used to help the body heal and to improve mood. You can also read Chromatherapy in Steam Showers to learn how to integrate chromatherapy into your steam shower sessions.

What is Chromatherapy?

Chromatherapy was historically used by the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese. It is also thought that it was used by Hippocrates in the medical treatments he recommended for patients. Others believe that different colors of light are related to each of the seven chakras of the body. In light therapy, different colors are applied to different areas of the body to balance the person’s energy. Chromathreapy is also known by the names light therapy, colorology and color therapy.

Below you can see an example of chromatherapy used in a whirlpool bathtub. The video shows the lights in the bathtub circulating through the different colored lights.

When someone sits in the bathtub, they can enjoy the benefits of color therapy while simultaneously enjoying the other relaxing features in the bathtub, including FM radio and 17 whirlpool massage jets.

Chromatherapy is often used to treat emotional issues, such as depression, lack of creativity, stress and low energy levels. It is sometimes used to treat hypertension, fatigue, poor memory, pain and lack of appetite.

The Roles of Colors in Chromatherapy

The following colors are associated with these emotions in chromatherapy:

White – White helps bring about clarity and balance. It is associated with healing and purifying the body.

Blue – Blue promotes relaxation and has a calming and peaceful effect on the body. For example, think of the sky on a clear, blue day, or of a relaxing view of the ocean.

Green – Green is another color that promotes balance and harmony within the body. Green will bring about positive emotional impact and aids in digestion.

Yellow – Yellow is thought to bring about more creativity and to assist with the nervous system.

Red – The color red improves the body’s circulation. It also calls upon emotions and is a comforting and warming color. Red also increases appetite.

Orange – Orange energizes the mind to treat lack of motivation. It also increases happiness and cheerfulness.

Purple – Purple encourages the problem-solving abilities of the mind and increases creative energy.

Chromatherapy in Steam Showers & Bathtubs

Chromatherapy lights can be used in steam shower units and bathtubs for color therapy. Many of the steam showers and bathtubs on Steam Showers Inc come with chromatherapy lights built into the unit.

To use chromatherapy in a steam shower, press the chromathreapy button on the computer control panel and allow the lights to circulate above you. Press the button again to change the color of the light. After the lights cycle through all of the colors, the last setting will let the colors cycle automatically. Pressing the button one more time will turn off the colored lights. In the bathtub, let the lights cycle as you listen to your favorite radio station and take a relaxing soak. If you have any questions about the chromatherapy lighting in our steam showers and bathtubs, call us today at 800-304-3598.