bathroom kit for students


September has finally landed with all its promise of cooler days and, yes, back to school! By the way, this season is perfect for a relaxing steam shower experience. Relax and get ready for the new routine!

Whether you’re a student heading off to university or a parent helping your university-bound son or daughter prepare for their new life away from home, there’s one important element to add to their packed bags. That’s a little bathroom kit.

Most students will have to share a bathroom with at least one other person. I don’t know about you, but that’s one aspect of university life I was never too keen on. Having your own bathroom kit full of all your favorite soaps, shampoos, and brushes makes the whole experience so much better.

Here are some ideas of what special products a bathroom kit should feature:

  • 3 or 5 quick dry cotton towels
  • anti-slip shower sandals
  • a plastic caddy that will hold all the shower stuff
  • a soft bathrobe
  • shower gel and soap in a favorite scent
  • shampoo

What else is an essential part of a bathroom kit?

Fri-spa getawayThis Labor Day weekend give your skin a very special treat. It’s not yet officially the end of summer. But, this weekend does mark the return to routine schedules, especially if you have school-aged children. Is your home equipped with a steam shower? Awesome! Take a 15 minute steam shower to start your Labor Day home spa experience.

Spending a lot of time in the summer sun can really stress your skin. Even if you’ve been slathering on sunscreen lotion, your skin is going to need some tender, loving care.


Light some scented candles or turn on a vaporizer. Sit back in your favorite chair and just breathe. Think positive thoughts, and imagine your breath filling every nook, cranny, and cell of your body.

Rest Your Eyes

Squinting in the sun causes lines around your eyes to form. Take some time to soothe and refresh your tired eyes. Moisten cotton balls with eye lotion. Close your eyes, and hold the cotton balls gently on your eye lids. Press them gently around the outer edges of your eyes, too.

Freshen Your Feet

Remember back in the spring when you did everything you could to prepare your feet for sandals? Well, now is no different. After a summer of exposure to all the elements in the environment, not to mention nail polish and nail polish remover, your feet really need some attention. You don’t even need to go out and buy lotion for your feet either. Mix together a little olive oil, sea salt and a drop or two of peppermint oil. Massage that mixture all along the length of your foot from toe to heel. Your feet will feel bright and happy.

How are you going to refresh your skin after this great summer? Check out more home spa treatments here.

shower benchesWhat’s better than a beautiful, luxury steam shower experience? How about a beautiful, luxury steam shower with a bench?

A shower unit with a bench is one of those often overlooked amenities. It doesn’t seem like a big deal until you’re in a shower that has one installed. Benches allow you to sit while you shave or wash your toes. In a steam shower, the bench allows you to sit back, put your feet up, and soak up that relaxing steam shower experience.

It’s true that larger sized showers are best for bench seating. They offer the room to stand or sit. But, you can also fit one into a small shower unit.¬†There are a number of seating options on the market today, so you don’t have to worry about going over budget or launching a renovation just to have some comfortable shower seating.

Built In

John Wilkins Inc -

As the term suggests, built in benches are framed into the shower design. You don’t technically have to gut your existing shower in order to install one, though. Ask a contractor to help you figure out the best way to add built in seating to your shower.

Fold Down


Fold down seating is perfect for both large and small shower units. Have a contractor install the seat, especially if it’s necessary to drill through tile. Pay attention to how well the seat’s design fits with your bathroom’s overall design. Also, check the seat’s weight allowances. You want to make sure that it will hold every member of the family, and that it will be a selling feature if you ever choose to sell your home.


Photo: Laura Bohn Design Associates -

Well, these seats don’t actually float. But, they can sure give that illusion. Clean and sleek-looking, floating benches are firmly secured to the wall. They give any space a light and airy look.

Finally, if you really want a bench in your shower, but none of these options work for you, you’re not out of luck. There’s no reason why you can’t bring a small, waterproof bench into your shower unit and use that instead.

Which type of seating would look great in your own shower?