If you love detail, then the bathroom is the place for you. It may be one of the smallest rooms in your home, but it’s the perfect canvas for your creativity.

It’s because the room is so small that details become super important. They are what makes or breaks the style of this very important – but often overlooked – room.

If 2017 is the year that you plan on renovating or, at least, updating your bathroom, try to incorporate some of these upcoming trends.

Bring the earth in. Natural materials continue to be all the rage … but even more so. We’re still seeing designers and renovators choose copper, brass, and stone for faucets, sinks, and vanities. Now, those options will include clay. Talk about going back to basics! Clay has been used in the production of sink and tub basins for thousands of years. Why mess with something that works? Look for fixtures made of 100% terracotta or lined with porcelain.

Stretch the material. We’re already seeing heavy use of natural wood in bathroom design. Be prepared to see even more. This time, though, wood is not just for the vanity anymore. Nor is it just for the floor. Innovative designers are using it on the floor of the shower, too.

Odd over even. If you’re someone who loves perfect symmetry, 2017 may not be the design year for you. It’s going to be all about Nature … even more so than it has been. Designers are setting their sights on the fact that little or nothing in nature is perfectly even. Expect to see bathroom sinks that are slightly imperfect ovals or circles.

What bathroom trends are you looking forward to in 2017?




Bathrooms are being included in whole-house design more than ever before. Not that bathrooms weren’t included before, of course. We’ve been benefitting from the luxury of indoor bathrooms for more than a hundred years!

What I’m thinking of, though, is the tendency of home builders and designers to give the bathroom short shrift. It’s typically been a small room that’s designed to be functional rather than beautiful or, better yet, both functional and beautiful.

Well, I doubt that bathrooms are going to be getting larger. Given the increasing cost of land, taxes, and increasing populations, homes are decreasing in size like never before. With shrinking homes comes even smaller bathrooms.

2017 bathroom trends will see a push toward both functionality and beauty in a much smaller space.

  • Minimalism is not going away. It is a style of design that ensures the essentials for functionality are all there without any unnecessary frills. Clean lines, simple and natural materials, and neutral colors help to make a small bathroom look large and airy.
  • Bye, bye bath. Not only are bathrooms shrinking, but our habits are changing, too. Many people just don’t have the time or the inclination to soak in a bathtub. Even if you do want to do that, you’d have to look at how often you actually use the bathtub. When space is at a premium, those fixtures that are hardly ever used no longer have a place.
  • Spa showers. If we’re giving up our bathtubs, we’re also improving our showers. Steam showers have become a huge draw. Use them for every day regular showers as well as those special spa-like steam shower experiences.

What trends in bathroom design would you really like to see disappear or reappear?



shutterstock_340295411As many of us have learned by now, there’s is no such thing as bathroom decor that doesn’t go out of style at some point in time. Just take a look, if you dare, at the picture above. There really was a time when pink or blue bathrooms were all the rage. No longer! Let’s take a fun look at some other vintage bathroom trends that should really stay in the past.



Yes, that decadent French country look is on its way out. Forget the heavily glazed tile, tumbled marble, excessively ornate fixtures, and lots of gold, gold, gold.

Photo: flashbak.com

Photo: flashbak.com

Ok, this throwback to decorated bathtub enclosures from the 1970s has not been en vogue for some time. Yet, there have been variations. Stickers on glass shower doors or designs etched into the glass doors can still be found. What do you think – is it time to focus on perfectly clear glass bathtub doors?

Here are some other trends to avoid.