“Fire cannot kill a dragon.”

Neither can steam!

Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon, Neither Can Steam Showers

“Prefab” may not be the term that pops into your head when you think of high end design. However, there are designers and companies pushing the envelope and creating high end, pre-fabricated homes and products. For example, the Ariel 300 Steam Shower is a high end, pre-fabricated, modular steam shower.

The word “pre-fabricated” isn’t a synonym for common or cheap. In fact, pre-fabricated units are less costly to build, and therefore, cost can be reallocated to making designs greener and more modern. When manufacturing a pre-fabricated model, the pieces are created using an efficient assembly line manufacturing process. The sections of the item, whether it be a house or a steam shower, are built separately and put together on site. This is faster and more affordable than building a house from the ground up.

The market for pre-fabricated homes is still a small one. It is becoming more popular as people seek sustainable housing. Many people also seek modular home design for their second homes and vacation homes. Most likely, someone purchasing a modular or pre-fabricated home will first purchase the plot of land where they want to build their home.

Examples of modular, pre-fabricated products include the line from Cube Depot. This company, referenced in the photo below, offers portable storage units and modular building solutions. The company also offers mobile offices and live pricing.


Steam Showers Inc carries modular, pre-fabricated steam shower units, such as the Ariel 300 Steam Shower, which was installed by a customer and photographed below. The steam shower is ordered on Steam Showers Inc, the customer receives free shipping and the steam shower is shipped to the customer’s home via freight. The shower comes in pieces which are put together; it is essentially a steam shower kit. Once the unit is built, it can be hooked up to the hot and cold water supply. Installing a pre-fabricated steam shower is less costly than building a custom steam shower in a bathroom.

Altius Prefab, whose exhibit from Dwell on Design Los Angeles 2014 is pictured below, manufacturers modular homes, including the Solo 40. Altius’ production is based in Ontario and California; Altius offers custom sizing and the cost is $195 per square foot. These homes are both sustainable and beautiful. The Solo 40 includes a combined dining room, kitchen and living room.


Our last example is the Glidehouse by Michelle Kaufmann. Kaufmann was on the hunt for a home of her own when she and her husband decided to buy land and build a house. Kaufmann wanted her to home to include all of the features she cared about the most. In the end, she designed the Glidehouse, which has been ordered by two modular town house developments (one in Colorado and one in California). The price tag on a Glidehouse is $210,000, plus the cost of land, plus an estimated $100,000 for delivery, foundation and other costs.

What do we expect next in the prefab world? Well, we’re assuming that one day we’ll be able to buy modular smart homes. Other than that, for now, modern design attempts to combine sustainability, style and cost efficient mass production in the manufacturing of modular, prefab homes and products.

We know how frustrating it is when your soccer team doesn’t win. This chance only comes along every four years, after all. If you’ve got World Cup frustration and you just can’t relax, try these relaxing baths. Maybe the Brazil team should read this article!

Richard Branson said, “Right now, I’m just delighted to be alive and to have had a nice long bath.” Baths are therapeutic; they reduce stress, pain and nerves. They may even improve sleep, so grab a book, light some candles and draw a warm bath. Put a TV in the bathroom if you have the space, and make sure it’s safely wired, if you’re not a reader.

During a bath, the heat tires out the body and causes a person to relax, de-stress and release negative emotions. If you play soccer yourself, take some of these baths to help your muscles heal, reduce pain and diminish cramps.

Therapeutic Baths:

Massage Bath

Bathtubs with massage jets (including whirlpool jets or air jets) are perfect for this. If your tub doesn’t have jets, you can put a ball in the bath. The combination of massage and warm water will release tension in the muscles and help you let go of worries.

Sea Salt Bath

Adding sea salt to the bathtub will create a detox effect and will reduce swelling, soreness and pain in the body. A sea salt bath will also promote healing and calm the nervous system. Use this bath to calm down after a visit to the gym and before bedtime.

Herbal Bath

Natural herbs can make all the difference. Use nature’s remedies to enhance relaxation during your therapeutic bath. You can put herbs in a bag or a tea bag to keep the bath cleaner.

Add chamomile to your bathing routine to decrease stress and ease your mind before sleeping. You can add rosemary to decrease congestion and pain. Eucalyptus will also reduce congestion and promote relaxation. You can even add store bought tea bags to the bath if you don’t want to mix your own herbs.

Milk & Honey Bath

The Egyptians used these natural ingredients to create relaxing baths. The proteins and fats in milk reduce redness, itching and dryness of the skin. They also help keep your skin hydrated. Honey is anti-microbial and an antioxidant. It also moisturizes and hydrates skin. Mix both honey and milk into your bath and enjoy for ten to thirty minutes at a time. Your skin should come out smoother and softer.

Essential Oil Bath

The fragrances from essential oils will help de-clutter your mind. This is known as aromatherapy, an alternative type of medicine, which uses scents to improve mood and health. For example, lavender is an essential oil that calms the mind. Use your favorite scents in the bathtub to help you de-stress.

Remember, taking a bath increases blood circulation, improves sleep and calms down the body’s nervous system. This hydrotherapy is therapeutic and should help you get through your World Cup blues!