jan. 23

Whether or not you’re installing a pre-fabricated, modular steam shower or a custom-built one, you might be wondering if your bathroom walls need to be tiled.

Both tile and drywall are completely acceptable materials to use in a bathroom. Tile, of course, is naturally waterproof. So, there’s no need to worry about water or steam damage from using a steam shower.

Drywall can also be used in a bathroom, though it does require special consideration. There are certain types of drywall – like, cement board – that are better for high moisture areas. Gypsum board, for instance, can become moisture-logged over time, which can promote mold growth. Talk to a contractor or your local building supply centre to find the right drywall for your project.

Our steam showers are completely self-enclosed. So, either tile or drywall can be used. The choice depends entirely on your design preference. If you’re building your own steam shower enclosure, then you will probably want to opt for tile. Steam showers release a lot of steam within the enclosure. For that reason alone tile is the best material for custom steam showers.

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jan. 19

The temperature sensor is one of the greatest inventions ever. Really. If you’ve ever stepped into a shower and found the water to be scalding hot or ice cold, you’ll definitely agree with me.

Enter the temperature sensor.

All of our steam showers are equipped with a temperature sensor. It will let you know when the steam or water temperature is ideal. Even better, you won’t find yourself wasting water waiting for it to reach the right temperature. The steam generator that comes with all steam showers is designed to heat the steam quickly to the temperature you’ve set.

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Jan. 17

There really is little better than a good foot massage to relieve all the tension in your body.

Did you know that some steam showers have special foot massage jets? How’s that for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation?

The Ariel SS-905 and the Ariel 902 steam showers are two examples.



But there are many more. If you currently own a steam shower that doesn’t have a foot massager, you can actually purchase a separate unit and hook it up to your steam shower. The foot massagers work with acupressure jets that can be adjusted to direct pressurized water toward all the aching and tense muscles in your feet.

The foot massager coms in different forms. But generally, it will be some kind of platform on which you place your feet. The platform is fitted with jets. It’s like having your own personal foot masseuse in your very own home!

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