As we’ve discussed before, bathrooms are a very important room in the house, and the style, comfort, and luxury of your bathroom can often dictate how your bathroom works to make your daily life more productive and less stressful, or simply remains another stagnant, under-appreciated room in the house.  One aspect of your bathroom that can work to your advantage is color.  Most people have colors they like, or color schemes they think would work well for their bathroom or the rest of the house. One thing many folks don’t consider, however, are the ways in which certain colors have an effect on psychological responses that result in things like increased stress vs. relaxation, or apathy vs. energy, etc.

So, if you’re wondering what colors might look best in your new bathroom, check out the list below to find a list of applicable colors and what kind of psychological response they’re likely to elicit from your time spent in the bathroom.

Blue Bathrooms
Blue is by far the most popular and attractive option for bathroom coloring. Psychologically, blue reflects coolness, reflection, and calm. Surrounded by a blue landscape, your brain is likely to feel at ease and you will have an overall sense of serenity and peace. Blue is not only ideal for bathrooms because of its close association with water, but it is also a great color for bathrooms because it will aid in calming you down after a rough day.


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Green Bathrooms
Green ranks up there very close to blue when it comes to bathroom color choices. Have you ever noticed that the majority of domestic bathrooms you’ve seen have green or blue color patterns? Well, there’s reason for this. Subconsciously, green works to create a feeling of balance and harmony, and can often provide a sense of peace and rest. Unlike some colors that may have the tendency to cause stress or tension, green is known for causing a sense of peace and comfort.

Green Bathroom

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White Bathrooms
While many tend to avoid white bathrooms under the impression that they will be harder to clean and maintain, white bathrooms can be a great way of a pure, clean, and minimalistic space that is free of eye sores and clutter. Mentally, white can have a soothing effect on the mind by removing objects of distraction or irritation. White often denotes sterility, hygiene, and simplicity, and it can be a great way to give your bathroom an effortless look while still maintaining a classy, sophisticated feel.

White Bathroom

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These are just a few of the most popular bathroom colors, but we definitely recommend experimenting with some other colors that you might like. These three colors are popular bathroom colors for a reason, and they have been proven to work in numerous ways for the average bathroom design. Before sticking with a bathroom design, look into the moods and temperaments that the color is often known to impose or reflect. Colors are much deeper than matching tan with dark brown. Match your bathroom tone to your intentions for its role in your home, and let us know what you find!

When we think of exercise, it is really associated with a shower except in that it creates a need for a shower afterward. But what if you could save time and energy by taking a few extra minutes to perform a full body workout in the shower? Forget the gym membership, when you can bring the gym right to your bathroom. Not only does moving your daily workout to the shower remove room for any excuses regarding a lack of time for exercise, but it can also help you save time and energy spent doing laundry throughout the week. Follow the instructions below to get a full body workout with just a few added minutes to your daily shower routine.

Upper Body
Depending on your upper body strength and shower size, you can perform wall push-ups in order to increase your arm strength. You can do this by standing straight in front of the wall, placing your hands straight out against the wall, and then push off the wall in a push-up motion. Stand as far from the wall as possible so that your elbows are straight with each repetition. Another option is to use full shampoo, conditioner, or soap bottles as dumbbells and do a few sets with each arm for a more extensive work out.

Lower Body
A great lower body workout to perform in the shower are traditional calf raises. You can do these by standing upright with your heels together and toes pointed straight ahead. Then slowly raise your heals to a stand on your toes and slowly come back down. You may need to experiment with reps in order find how many are right for your physical endurance. This exercise works your calves and your glutes, and is a great way to build leg strength. Other options for lower body workouts also include squats and kickbacks.

A great way to work out your core is by simply standing on one leg for approximately 60 seconds and maintaining your balance for that time. This exercise can be done not only while you are in the shower, but also while you do other household chores, such as washing dishes, brushing your teeth, or preparing food. Be sure to hold onto the wall or stabilize yourself through whatever means necessary in order to avoid losing your balance on the slippery shower floor.

As always, the most important thing to keep in mind is that safety is the most important aspect of any exercises that you want to perform. If possible, purchase a mat or tub coating that will make it less slippery and susceptible to causing accidents. The last thing anyone wants is to become injured while taking steps to try to improve their health. Do you know of any other great exercises that would be possible in the shower? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

Vanities are somewhat of a luxury item in the modern bathroom, but that doesn’t mean they have to come at an equal price. Saving money on a bathroom vanity means having a budget left over to splurge on another part of your bathroom, or better yet, to spend on a different part of your home!  Knowing that saving on a vanity won’t diminish the quality and superiority of your vanity should also be a reassuring thought. So, if you’re thinking about adding a vanity to your new bathroom design, but feeling worried about pricing and budget, take a look at these three classy vanities available for under $600 on Steam Showers Inc.

Marina Vanity
The floating Marina vanity is perfect for small bathroom spaces and no-fuss, single bathroom vanities. The half-sink and side faucet makes installation easy so you never have to worry about hooking your faucet to the wall or doing more construction than is absolutely necessary. With its sleek design and unique presentation, the Vigo Marina Vanity is a great choice that promises to fit within a wide range of bathroom styles and designs. With a normal retail value of $809.00, Steam Showers Inc is proud to offer this little bundle for $485.40.


Newport Vanity
The Newport vanity is designed to complete the modern and contemporary bathroom design. With a dark chocolate finish, small under cabinet storage compartment, and a porcelain vessel basin, this design sure to add sophistication and a sense of luxury to your bathroom space.  The black natural granite countertops hide long-term stains and water damage, and keep your vanity looking as new as it did on installation day. Although this little beauty normally retails for $864.00, Steam Showers Inc offers it for an unbeatable $582.00.


Charleston Vanity
Finally, the Charleston vanity presents a classic design in a new, vibrant body. Structured after 19th century furniture, this unit features a strong hazelnut body that is both heat and scratch resistant to ward off those little dents and damages that are sure to happen with time and use. The vanity offers a small single-cabinet storage area below the undermount sink that features two soft-closing doors. While regular asking price is $882.00, Steam Showers Inc is pleased to offer this sophisticated masterpiece for a shocking $598.00.


While double vanities tend to be a bit more on the pricy side, we hope these small vanities have given you an idea of the possibilities available for a small vanity investment.  Not only to bathroom vanities provide structure and stability to your bathroom, but they also add storage space to those often cramped and crowed smaller bathroom spaces. While you may see many high-class vanities priced at $2,000 or above, Steam Showers Inc is proud to offer quality products at a bargain price. Check out our entire collection at