Walk in bathtubs are convenient and easy to use. Following the steps below, anyone can use a walk in bathtub.

  1. Open the door on the side of the walk in bathtub.
  2. Sit inside the bathtub.
  3. Close the door.
  4. Turn the faucet on and allow the bathtub to fill.
  5. Turn off the faucet.
  6. Enjoy your bath!
  7. Drain the bathtub.
  8. When the bathtub is completely drained, open the door.
  9. Exit the bathtub.

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Taking a bath should be easy. Why did we feel the need to explain how to use a walk in bathtub? Because walk in bathtubs require you to fill them after closing the door and need to be drained before opening the door again. Taking these small steps will ensure you can use your walk in bathtub and still enjoy taking a bath.

Why use a walk in bathtub? Walk in bathtubs make it possible for anyone with any level of mobility to take and enjoy a traditional bath in their home. Sometimes, due to injuries or limited mobility, it can be difficult to clear the side of a normal bathtub. A standard bathtub has a 25” wall to contain the water when it’s filled. A walk in bathtub does not require a person to step over this wall with the use of the door. You just have to be sure to close the door before filling the tub and be sure to drain the tub before opening the door again.

Many people enjoy having a walk in bathtub in their home because it allows them to take a bath without fear of falling. Walk in bathtubs provide safety features, including built-in seating, grab bars, textured floors, etc. Also, some walk in bathtub models include features like whirlpool jets and air jets. This makes number six on the list even better!

Today’s modern walk in bathtubs are also very stylish. Walk in bathtubs on Steam Showers Inc come with Roman faucets and high quality acrylic so they will look beautiful in any bathroom. Steam Showers Inc carries walk in bathtubs from Ariel Bath and Ella’s Bubbles. There are different styles and models in different dimensions to fit your personal needs.

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The following features are included (depending upon the model):

Chromatherapy: The body and mind are relaxed through the use of colored lights, which is an alternative form of therapy.

Aromatherapy: Your favorite essential oils are infused into your bathtub.

Ozonization: The Ozone Sterilization System removes germs, bacteria and odors.

Whirlpool Jets: These jets propel water through the bathtub to deliver a relaxing massage.

Air Jets: These jets propel water through the bathtub to deliver a gentle massage.

You may want to consider installing a walk in bathtub to make your home handicap accessible. Also, if you are remodeling your bathroom, you may want to consider a walk in bathtub if you are not planning on selling the home in the future. Therefore, you won’t have to install a walk in bathtub later.

Enjoy a long, relaxing bath!

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