Aromatherapy and chromatherapy aren’t the only amazing features you can have in your steam shower. The whole point of the steam shower is absolute luxury and self-care. So, of course, manufacturers are going to load up on the variety and number of possible accessories you can add to make your steam shower experience the best imaginable.

Fast Warm-up

You know how it can take a little while before the water temperature in a regular shower is just right? Well, with the fast warm-up option for your steam shower, you won’t have to wait. This function is actually part of the steam generator. The generator keeps the water temperature in its reservoir close to the boiling point at all times. So, as soon as you turn on the steam function or tap, you’re rewarded with water that’s already at the perfect temperature.

Whirlpool-Steam Shower Combinations

Why opt for one home spa experience when you can have two? Units that come equipped with both a whirlpool and a steam shower function are more expensive than one or the other. Enjoy the benefits of steam and acupressure hydro jets in the tub and shower!

Built-in Ozonizer

Whirlpool bathtubs and steam showers are great fun … until cleaning time comes around. Who wants to spend even a half hour cleaning when you could be spending that time soaking in all that moisturizing steam and giving your tired muscles a little massage? You can opt to purchase a built-in ozone disinfection function. Activated by a simple switch, it will fill the steam shower with ozone (after you’re done relaxing in there, of course) which effectively kills any bacteria that might like to start accumulating inside the steam shower cabin or in the bathtub.

Want to know how you can add these functions to your shower? Give us a call!

july 13

So, you really want a steam shower, but you’d rather not go to the trouble and the expense of gutting your existing bathroom. Would you consider converting your regular shower to a steam shower? It really is possible.

What you’ll need

Even if you’re an experienced do-it-yourselfer, you might want to consider hiring a contractor to at least help you with some of the decision-making as well as with some of the more complicated parts of the installation. You will be working with plumbing and electrical, so getting it right is of paramount importance.

Measure, measure, measure. If you don’t think your current shower is large enough to accommodate the steam shower model you want, consider turning a walk-in closet or a small, unused bedroom into your new bathroom.


Some of these supplies will come with the steam shower unit. If you’re not sure of exactly which items you’ll need to install your steam shower, give us a call.

  • 220-volt power
  • Heating element
  • Steam generator
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Supply pipe
  • Drain pipe
  • Steam head
  • Digital thermostat and control panel

More to consider

Ceiling height is very important. You’ll need clearance of about 7 or 8 feet. If your ceiling is higher than that, you can still install a steam shower, but some accommodations will have to be implemented.

Even floors and walls, as obvious as it might seem, are instrumental to proper functioning. You’ll need to make sure that the floor is 100% level and that the walls are true. Gaps are unsightly at best. But, if they’re large enough, they can create operational problems, too.

Let us know if you have specific questions about how to convert your existing shower to a steam shower.

july 11

Talk about a luxurious experience! There’s little that compares to stepping into your very own steam shower for a bit of rest and relaxation. If you’re considering adding this slice of heaven to your home, you might be feeling a bit confused about which of the features and accessories you should add on. So, here’s a run-down of what’s available and what makes each one so valuable.

Control Headquarters

Steam showers come equipped with an easy-to-reach control panel so you can adjust your steam shower experience with little effort. Some steam showers come with a remote control allowing you to program the steam, lights, music, and more before you even set foot in your shower.

Handheld Shower Head

Most steam showers offer a handheld shower head option that allows you to direct the spray of water without even having to stand up.

Rainfall Shower Head

The large rainfall shower head is installed overhead. It’s much larger in size than a typical shower head. If you close your eyes, it’s easy to believe that you’re standing under a soft rain falling in the rain forest.

Hydro Massage Jets

Hydro massage jets direct the spray of water to acupressure points on your body. The direction in which they spray can be adjusted. Whether they spray at the same time or in sequence can also be adjusted.


What’s a spa experience without your favorite music playing in the background? Are you the kind person who always needs to be connected? You can hook up your smart phone, too. Bluetooth technology allows you to listen to your iPod playlist or the radio, talk on the phone or watch videos.


Aromatherapy has long been associated with well-being. Have an aromatherapy dispenser installed in your steam shower unit, and experiment until you find your favorite scent of essential oils.


Chromatherapy lights cover the entire spectrum of light. Each color is associated with a particular emotional state. The colored lights have been found to improve mood and add to the overall ambiance of the steam shower experience.