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We get it. You love your steam shower so much you want to elevate the experience even more by installing more body jets. That’s a fantastic idea. Here’s how we can help:

Every steam shower we carry comes with everything it needs to function properly and give you years of enjoyment. However, we know that many of our customers enjoy customizing our products to suit their particular tastes.

We carry a variety of designs so homeowners can choose exactly what they’re looking for. Our steam showers come with one bench or more, single or multiple showerheads, and lots of other customizable features, including additional body jets.

If you have any questions or need more parts, I encourage you to talk to our amazing Parts and Technical Support team. They will be more than happy to help. Just make sure that you have the exactly model name and number on hand. That information will help our Support Team find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Hey DIYers! You guys are a talented bunch. You’re good at fixing, installing, and renovating pretty much anything around the house. So, we thought we’d provide some tips just in case you’re having some trouble hooking up the hot and cold water lines when installing your brand new bathtub.

Although many homeowners are more than capable of performing small plumbing fixes, I really encourage anyone who is installing one of our tubs to call in a professional plumber.

Hot and cold water valves are sometimes marked – blue for cold and red for hot. In that case, it’s a fairly simple matter of matching the hot water valve to the hot water connector on the bathtub, then doing the same with the cold.

However, in some cases, the valves are not clearly marked. During installation, matching up the right valve to the corresponding tap on the bathtub is vital. If the water lines are connected incorrectly, you might turn on the cold water tap only to have hot water rush out. Unless you have experience working with plumbing, we really encourage you to call in a professional contractor to handle the whole installation.

Give our Support Team a call if you have any other questions. We’d love to help you out!


Sometimes we take things for granted. Sometimes we don’t. Just in case you’re wondering if the Ariel Steam Shower with Whirlpool Tub come with a heater, it doesn’t. But that’s not a problem. You’ll see that you won’t miss the heater once you start using this steam shower/bathtub combo.

This model really is fantastic. By combining the best features of the steam shower with the best features of a whirlpool tub, people who own this model get to experience a true spa experience any time they want in the comfort of their own home.

Although this particular model isn’t equipped with a heater, it does have other features that make an added heater unnecessary. The steam sauna portion of the unit can produce high temperature steam in just a matter of a few short minutes. If you’re suffering from asthma, bronchitis, arthritis or any kind of muscle pain, ten minutes in this high-temperature steam shower will bring you much needed relief.

The bathtub portion of the Ariel Steam Shower with Whirlpool tub lets you enjoy the healing benefits of acupuncture massage. Specially designed spray nozzles are placed along the walls of the tub and aimed at the body’s acupuncture points. Acupuncture massage invigorates the body right down to the cell level reducing fatigue and muscle strain, and improving blood flow.

Give our Support Team a call if you have any other questions. We love hearing from you!