Congratulations, you’ve made it through the hardest part of the bathroom renovation process. You’re now in the final stretch – painting the walls.

The question, though, is which paint should you choose? Primer and color mixed in one? Mildew resistant? I definitely recommend the latter. Whether or not you’ve installed a steam shower, the bathroom is just naturally a damp place. A mildew resistant paint will protect your walls from even the slightest moisture build-up. Then, you have to choose the color.

This is, in a small way, a trick question. Because there are literally hundreds and hundreds of colors and shades from which to choose, deciding on a final color is no easy task.

There’s a different question that you can ask yourself that will make the whole process easier. Ask yourself what mood you’d like to create in the space. The answer will help you refine the range of colors.

Cool and Calm

blue bathroomIf you’re looking for a calm and cool effect, then turn to the blues. Aim for the lighter blues with white or off-white accents. The bathroom will look large and clean, and will help you feel relaxed.

Warm and Fun

ivory bathroomIf you live in colder climes, you might actually want a warm, sunny and fun look to the bathroom. Even in the dead of winter, yellow and orange set off by off-white accents and dark brown fixtures will keep you feeling cozy.

The Classic

white bathroomSometimes neutrals really are best, especially if you’re preparing to sell your home. Many people are put off by strong colors, and neutrals help the potential buyer imagine themselves (and all their stuff) within your home’s space. Whites and off-whites make great accent shades. But, painting the entire bathroom in these light shades can give the bathroom a timeless and classic look.

Over to you: What’s your favorite look?





Think, for a moment, of the time you were planning a bathroom renovation (whether or not that renovation actually happened). You no doubt gave considerable thought to the benefits of a steam shower. You wondered whether a smaller bathroom vanity would be functional for your family. You carefully considered any number of elements before making a decision.

But, did you give much thought to the mirror?

Of course, we all know that at least one mirror is essential in every bathroom. But, beyond that, and maybe the style of said mirror, we don’t tend to spend too much time thinking about it. Well, I’m here to tell you that I think we should!

The last time I renovated my bathroom (the one that serves the bedroom), I tried to cut corners, save a little money and reuse a large mirror that had been living in a different bathroom in the house. That wasn’t a bad plan overall. Who doesn’t want to save money? The mirror itself is huge and clean. I really didn’t want to send it out to the trash just because I was renovating.

I decided to buy a new and smaller mirror for the main floor powder room and place the over-sized mirror in the full bathroom on the second level. The idea ultimately worked because the whole family needs access to that bathroom, often at the same time! But, the way the mirror was placed seems a little off. Although it takes up nearly an entire wall, it’s not centered on that wall.

Now, for me and my family, it isn’t a big deal at all. However, if you’re embarking on a renovation, or little things like that bother you take these considerations to heart:

  • Measure the vanity. Look for mirrors that fit within that measurement.
  • Measure the distance between the vanity and the light fixture (or the ceiling if there isn’t lighting right there). Whether there’s a gap between the top of the mirror and the light depends entirely on your own aesthetic choice.
  • Decide whether you want the mirror to extend right down to the vanity top or to hang at least 6 inches above it. Consider whether you might water droplets splashing on the mirror.
  • Try to position the mirror near a window so it reflects the natural light.

Over to you: How did you choose the mirror in your bathroom?

steam shower for hair care


Is subjecting your hair to the steam shower really a smart idea? Oh yeah!

Whether its winter or summer, a good steam shower is the ultimate gift to your hair ,,, and yourself. It doesn’t even matter if your hair is naturally curly, wavy or straight, oily or dry. Steaming will bring out the best in it.

Check out the benefits:

  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Steam pumps moisture into your locks in a way that a regular wash just can’t do. Moisturized hair seals in the bounce, making your hair look healthy and beautiful all day long.
  • Maximize the products. Now is the time to use that penetrating oil rejuvenator. Massage your favorite product through the strands from your scalp right down to the ends. Then sit and enjoy up to 15 minutes of steam. The oils will soak in more deeply, and the healthy effects will last longer.
  • Strength in numbers. The numbers of strands, of course. Steam, because it moisturizes and makes your hair healthier, will leave your hair that much stronger, too. No more breakage!
  • Beauty in 15 minutes of less. As I mentioned, it really doesn’t matter whether your hair is naturally curly, wavy or straight. Whatever your natural state is, steaming will improve upon it, making your hair bouncy, shiny and healthy. More volume doesn’t hurt, either. No, a steam shower won’t encourage more hair growth. But, it will give more volume to your hair, so it looks like you have more!

What are your own hair experiences with steam? Let us know!