May 22

Here’s something to think about: just because you’re stuck with your existing bathroom, doesn’t mean you can’t dream about something more fabulous.

Hey, even if you’ve just gone through a bathroom renovation or re-fresh, and you absolutely love the results, doesn’t mean that you can’t start dreaming about the next one.

It’s an exercise in imagination and creativity. Thinking about how a bathroom can be made even better keep your mind sharp. At least, that’s what I tell myself. In the end, I guess I just like to look at images of beautiful bathrooms. So, let’s do that … with a twist. Today, let’s focus on the shower. Except for perhaps choosing between a regular shower and a steam shower, the essential shower doesn’t really change all that much. Let’s look at ways that it can be different.

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I love the window-like cubbies in this spacious shower.


Who needs shower curtains? The rainfall showerheads make this a shower room instead of a shower stall or cabin.

Photo: Huffington Post

If you have a basement that’s mostly unused, consider turning it into this luxury shower space.

Photo: Maison Valentina

What would your dream shower look like? Let us know.

may 18

The smallest room in the home – the bathroom – is often the one that presents the most challenges when it comes to organization. It makes complete sense, of course. The whole family uses the bathroom, and each person might have stuff that only he or she uses. Bottles, soaps, boxes of tissue, toilet paper, towels, hair products … you can probably think of all kinds of things that absolutely must live in the bathroom.

The question is how to find a place for all the stuff we need on a daily basis without feeling overwhelmed by clutter.

So, here are some tips to keep your bathroom working and looking clean and organized.

  1. Go through every item that is currently housed in your bathroom. Consider whether it’s something you use all the time, or if it’s something that you use occasionally, like a portable toothbrush carrier for travel. Consider discarding anything that doesn’t fit within either of those categories.
  2. Give your bathroom a top to bottom cleaning.

Once you’ve gone through those two steps, you’re ready to start bringing in some organizational products.

  • Bathrooms don’t always sport great closets. Re-purpose an old cart to hold your often used towels, soaps, and other products.

Photo: Curbly

  • Those tiered fruit trays are perfect for storing countertop essentials.

Photo: Golden Boys & Me

  • I love the idea of using lazy susans to organize bottles. It keeps them organized and easy to find.

Photo: Graceful Order

What organizational tips and tricks are you using in the bathroom?

may 16

Stress is a real factor in our daily lives. Whether you live in a rural or urban environment or a small town or a big city, the pace of life really has sped up. It’s not our imaginations.

So, feeling tense and stressed more often is perfectly normal. That’s what happens when demands increase and breathing room decreases. The goal is to recapture some equanimity in our lives so that we can remain balanced and happy.

Let’s start with that last bit. What makes you happy? What leaves you feeling good? Maybe it’s a walk in the park or going to see a movie with friends. For me, it’s hopping on my bike and going for a quick ride on my bike. Sometimes I’ll run run some errands. Mostly, I just like to cycle through the park trail. It typically doesn’t take me more than 20 minutes. But, the change of pace feels fantastic.

Beyond doing what makes you happy, there are a few other common and fairly foolproof ways of achieving that perfect state of relaxation. Give these a try, and let me know what you do to de-stress!

  • Have a shower. Ok, you know I’m going to suggest that you take a steam shower. The steam environment has long been considered a proven stress buster.
  • Listen to music. Whatever kind of music lifts your spirits and your energy, that’s what you should listen to.
  • Go to your happy place. Visualizing a place that you love is a great way to take yourself mentally away for a bit.
  • Breathe deep. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention deep breathing. Sometimes it’s all you need to help you rebalance and refresh.
  • Light a candle. A scented one, of course. Aromatherapy is all about focusing on pleasant aromas.

How do you de-stress? I’d love to hear your tips!