Mar. 26

How old is your bathtub? How about this: how old does your bathtub look?

Soap scum, mildew, scratches, stains, these will all make your bathtub look old and unsightly. Sure, you can pull the shower curtain closed when you have guests drop by. Or you can do something about it.

The first place to start is with a good cleaning. Pull out the natural, citrus-based cleaner. A gentle cleaner may require a little more elbow grease, but you’ll be less likely to damage the surface of the bathtub than if you use an abrasive cleaner.

Let’s say you’re a master at keeping your bathtub sparkling clean. Maybe the problem lies in the ugly scratches and chips that have accumulated over the years of use. Or maybe you’re living with a classic 1960s blue, pink, or green bathtub. Whatever your case may be, you might want to consider painting you bathtub.

Call in a professional to repaint the bathtub, tile surround, and sink, if possible. This is a big job, and a certain amount of skill is required to ensure that the final result will be fantastic.

However, if this isn’t your first attempt at DIY, go ahead and put in the work. You will be rewarded with a stellar looking bathroom in just one weekend.

Visit your local hardware store for a special bathtub refinishing kit. Don’t just pick up a can of spray paint. It won’t work. On top of the paint and refinishing product, you’ll need to buy a fan to reduce the build up of toxins inside your home. Add to that a respirator mask to ensure that you don’t breathe any of it in.

What if you’re not quite up to a DIY project of that scale? Why not just rip out your old bathtub and replace it with a brand new one equipped with the latest technology? Acupressure jets, a heater, and infinite bubbles, it could be the first step toward your perfect home spa bathroom.

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Mar. 22

It’s that time again. Time to pull out those natural, non-abrasive, citrus-based cleaning supplies and clean the bathroom from top to bottom.

But, don’t stop there. There’s one more spring cleaning task to do. It’s time to deep clean the bathtub.

Soaking in a hot tub, especially a whirlpool tub, is so luxurious! But what happens to all that dirty water once you step out of the tub and pull the plug? Yes, it flows down the drain. But it also leaves something behind.

Dirt, soap bits, hair, and any other debris that might have floated down can stick to the sides of the drain and eventually cause a clog. Soap scum can also stick to the tub surface and lead to an unhealthy and unsightly mildew problem.

Once the bathtub has been scrubbed clean and dried with a soft cloth, you’ll need to turn your attention to the tiling and grout. Pick up a tile and grout cleaner from your local hardware store. This solution can be hard on your hands, so be sure to wear gloves. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for use. Usually, the tile and grout cleaner is mixed with water and then sponged over all the tile and grout. Rinse well.

When the tile and grout are completely dry (you might need to wait a day), apply a tile and grout sealant. This solution is sponged on and will protect the tile and grout from water damage, soap scum, and mildew build-up.

So now the tub and the surrounding walls are sparkling. You have just one more task to do. You’ll need to remove the old caulking that rings the edges of the bathtub and re-apply fresh caulking. There are so many types of caulking guns available now that will make this job really easy – even for the novice do-it-yourselfer.

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mar. 20

For such a small room, the bathroom certainly has its fair share of furniture. The steam shower, toilet, and vanity all take up a fair chunk of the available real estate. So, if you’re interested in giving the bathroom a bit of a makeover without stressing out your wallet, which bathroom feature should you change?

Given that a full bathroom renovation can run $5000 or more, a simple yet effective upgrade to one piece is the way to go. Ripping out the old vanity and replacing it with a modern one is our recommendation.

If buying a new vanity just isn’t possible, drop by your local paint store. Choose light colors – beige, white, or even a soft blue. These colors will add a modern flair even if your vanity isn’t.

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