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How much time and money do you spend going out to a spa? What if you could enjoy the same level kind of spa experience right in your very own home?

Even if you only have a small bathroom, setting up your own home spa is entirely possible.

Step 1: The first thing you need to figure out is whether you want to install a pre-fabricated steam shower or have a contractor turn your existing shower into a custom steam shower. The cost of this step alone can be several thousands of dollars. A basic steam shower kit starts at about $1000. It typically comes with an enclosed shower cabin, steam generator, system controls, shower head, and any add-ons, like aromatherapy dispenser, chromatherapy lights, Bluetooth connector, or whatever option you have your heart set on. Unless you’re a skilled DIYer, you will probably have to hire a plumber, electrician, or contractor.

Maybe you want to simply rip out the old shower and install a custom steam shower. Then you’ll have to factor in the cost of materials, like tile or glass, along with the cost of a plumber, electrician, or contractor.

Step 2: The steam shower installation is the biggest part of this bathroom transformation. Once that’s done, you just need to toss in a few accessories. Buy fluffy towels and install a warming rack on the wall. Stock the bathroom with pretty, scented soap and natural skin cream. Pick up a few massage essentials, like the Accuball pictured below meant for massaging sore muscles.

Photo: Accuball

Photo: Accuball

Step 3: Every once in a while give yourself a special treat. Hire a masseuse. There are lots of spa professionals who will make home visits. Start with a relaxing massage. End with a soothing steam shower.

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Ok, fine. Your steam shower is not some time machine in disguise. If you step into it today, you will not be transported physically through time and space in the style of Doctor Who and his trusty Tardis.

But, you will be transported … to your happy place!

Before you set off on your journey, I wanted to give you a little run down on why steam bathing – and now steam showers – have remained so popular throughout human history. You know why you love your steam shower. Well, you’re not alone.

We can thank the Ancient Romans for our modern saunas, spas, and steam showers. They were a people who just loved of bathing and socializing. Throughout Rome, structures were built directly over geothermal hot springs. Everyone could attend these baths, and everyone did. It didn’t matter if a high-placed government official was in the room along with an average worker. Everyone relaxed and exchanged pleasant conversation together.

As the Roman Empire fell, so did people’s interest in bathing. Steam bathing came to be seen as improper and unnecessary. Unfortunately for those living in Europe in the Middle Ages, one particular event changed everything. The event? The Bubonic Plague, otherwise known as The Black Death. The bacteria swept through Europe wiping out somewhere between 30% to 60% of the total population.

As communities recovered, people returned to steam bathing. Technology and ideas converged to produce pipes and pumps that would transport hot water to and from bathing rooms.

Cleanliness and health remain intertwined. Today, modern steam showers have elevated those two necessities with the addition of aromatherapy dispensers, chromatherapy lights, music in the shower, and so many other little spa-like luxuries.

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So, the next time you step into your steam shower, give a nod to those Ancient Romans and their love of fun and relaxation.


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When was the last time you relaxed in a steam room at your favorite spa? Yesterday? A few months ago? So long ago you don’t remember when? Well, don’t worry about it. If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re considering buying a steam shower for your home so you can have that spa experience any time you want.

Great idea!

A steam shower sounds like it might be pretty complicated (and expensive!). It’s not complicated or particularly expensive (relatively speaking). Here’s what you need to know:

The Cabin

Unlike a regular shower, the cabin of a steam shower must be completely sealed. Every last bit of steam is completely confined to the inside of the cabin where it will do wonders for your health, skin, and mood.

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The Controls

Total control of the home spa experience rests in your hands. You can choose how long you’d like the steam shower to operate and at what temperature. From the inside, you can control any additional options you’ve purchased (see Accessories below).

The Generator

Imagine a breadbox. That is about the size of a steam generator. Every steam shower must be connected to a generator. Got a small bathroom? No problem. The steam generator can be hidden up to 25 feet away from the actual shower cabin.

Basically, the generator fills up with about a gallon of cold water. (See? You’re saving money already. A typical shower can use up to 50 gallons of water.) Electricity heats the water to a boil. The steam that’s generated moves through the pipes and out into the sealed shower cabin. And there you are, feeling like you’re basking in a warm, tropical mist. All the benefits of a tropical vacation without the mosquitos!

The Accessories

Please, please, please consider adding a few accessories to your steam shower experience. Bluetooth will let you listen to your favorite playlists. Aromatherapy dispensers will soothe your mind. Chromatherapy lights will relax your tense muscles. And don’t forget to buy a bench. If you’re going to let all that stress you’re carrying go, you probably want to do it sitting or lying down.


Unless you’re a plumber or a contractor, I recommend that you do not try installing a steam shower all on your own. Because the process involves plumbing and electrical wiring, hiring a professional is the way to go.

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Steam showers begin at about $1000. But, don’t rely on price alone to make your decision. Consider any options you’d really like to add on and the size of the steam shower that will fit best in your space. Call our customer service professionals for details.