Q & A: Are There Risks To Having A Steam Shower?


june 9

Let me start by saying that steam showers make wonderful additions to any home and any family. They are part of a huge trend of upgrading a home with a spa bathroom. They add that extra bit of luxury and uniqueness to a home.

There’s also no denying that steam showers offer us an array of benefits. Add a chromatherapy lighting system to your steam shower along with an aromatherapy dispenser, and you really do have your own home spa experience. You’ll emerge from your steam shower feeling revitalized, healthier, and happier. Your skin will be moisturized, hydrated, and radiant. Because the steam is so cleansing all by itself, you won’t need to use soap at all. That little bonus is just one of the things that makes steam showers environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

Having said that, there are segments of the population that need to be a little more careful when using a steam shower. Before looking at who those populations are, remember that no one, even the healthiest of people, really shouldn’t spend more than 10 or 15 minutes in the steam. Prepare your body by drinking a couple of glasses of water before stepping into the steam shower. Then, drink another 1 or 2 glasses of water after your steam shower.

Babies under the age of one should not spend any time in the steam shower. Their little bodies are not quite equipped yet with the temperature regulation system that an older child and adult have. In other words, even though the temperature in a steam shower is quite mild, a baby can still over heat very quickly.

There is some research that indicates that men who have fertility issues should avoid heat, including baths. The heat has been shown to lower sperm production. The effects, however, are not permanent.

Anyone with high blood pressure should also be cautious. Limit your time in the steam shower to about 5 minutes. While you’re in there, you should be monitoring your heart rate. If you begin to experience chest pain or shortness of breath, you should obviously remove yourself from the steam shower immediately.

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