Refreshing The Bathroom – The New Shower


Mar. 12

Your steam shower really does a lot for you. It’s there every single time you need an acupressure massage. It helps your skin stay clean, fresh, and hydrated. It can even switch between releasing steam (as a steam shower) or spraying water (as a regular shower) for those busy mornings.

It really is like having your own personal masseuse.

And I’m sure you’ve done your part in caring for your steam shower. you no doubt keep it sparkling clean, free of calcium and soap scum, and working at its best.

But, what do you do when it reaches the end of its life?

The first important point is that regular showers and steam showers have long lifespans. They will continue to function at their best for many decades to come. So, if you’re wondering whether or not to rip out your existing shower and replace it with a new one, consider first if there’s a way to refresh it.

Start with a really good top to bottom cleaning using a natural, gentle, citrus-based cleaner. Read more about our cleaning tips.

The next task is to flush out the steam generator and clean out the drain. Unless you’re a super handy do-it-yourselfer, I recommend hiring a professional to perform these jobs.

Once all the cleaning is done, consider updating the fixtures. Pick up a rainfall showerhead, if you don’t already have one. Pull out the tap and any other shower controls and replace them with the latest style – brass, chrome, or something completely different.

The final option is to pull out the old shower completely. Sometimes, you just have no other choice. If your shower is older than you are, or if you want to upgrade your regular shower to a pre-fabricated steam shower, then that’s the route you’ll have to go.

Choosing, measuring, and installing a new steam shower can be complicated if you’re not knowledgeable about plumbing, electrical, or general contracting. We always recommend hiring a professional to do this particular job.

Looking for help choosing the right steam shower? Give us a call!

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