Single or Double Vanity – Pros & Cons


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The bathroom vanity is such a vital part of our daily lives. If it didn’t keep all of our stuff organized, it would be really hard to get out on time in the morning, especially if you have kids. Just think, without the right vanity you’ll end up looking at the clutter every morning. That alone could make you want to step into the steam shower and just stay there until you forget about the mess!

So, when it comes time to renovate – or simply upgrade – your bathroom, give the vanity a lot of thought.

One decision you’ll have to make is whether to opt for a single or double vanity. Here’s what you need to know about each.

You know a single vanity is perfect if…

  • you have a small bathroom
  • you can’t afford higher plumbing costs than are already necessary
  • you live alone or you and your family members use the sink and counter at different times
  • you’re working with a small budget

You know a double vanity is perfect if…

  • multiple family members ned to use the sink and counter space at the same time
  • you have a large bathroom and a larger budget
  • you need more room to store toiletries
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