Steam Shower Feature – Fast-Start Warm-Up


dec. 4

Sometimes waiting for something works in your favor, like waiting hours for that super delicious chili to finish simmering. Other times, the last thing you want to do is wait. Enter the Fast-Start Warm-Up function on a steam shower.

Let me note right here that not every steam generator comes equipped with this feature. So, when you’re ready to bring a luxurious and relaxing steam shower into your home, consider whether you want one with a Fast-Start Warm-Up function.

Steam generators can take up to 15 minutes to heat the water and release warm steam. One with a Fast-Start Warm-Up feature will take only about 1 minute to bring the water – and subsequently, the steam – to the ideal temperature. Some even come with an “always on” feature.

To find out which steam generator will be best for your steam shower and your lifestyle, contact us today!

Mila Hose (321 Posts)

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