Steam Shower Features: Towel Warmers & Robe Hooks


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As fabulous as a steam shower experience is, there’s one thing that can make it even better. Well, two, actually.

Installing a towel warming rack beside the steam shower is the ultimate way to step out of that wonderfully warm steam shower. Towel warmer racks are low wattage, so you won’t burn your fingers if you happen to touch the bars. The bonus is that a warmer rack will also help keep your whole bathroom cozy and warm. The better ones come equipped with a programmable timer and a robe hook.

Yes, you read that correctly. A robe hook. Think about it. You have to hang your robe somewhere while you’re enjoying your time in the steam shower. Why settle for a hook on the back of the bathroom door when you can hang it on a robe hook that’s attached to a towel warmer rack. The benefit, of course, is that your robe will be as cozy and warm as the towel.

How’s that for progress?!

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