The 101 on Towel Warmers


Imagine walking out of your steam shower or your bathtub during a cold morning and pulling on a towel that is already warm. This is a possibility with the use of a towel warmer! Towel warmers are a fantastic addition to a bathroom redesign or may be a simple upgrade you would like to do. Perhaps you just love the idea of stepping into a warm towel after a morning’s shower before walking outside on your way to work or battling the snow during the winter.

Whatever the reason was you initially wanted a towel warmer, there are actually a multitude of reasons for purchasing a towel warmer. You may be surprised to learn how many functions they can serve in the bathroom.

-Space Heater. The term “towel warmer” misleadingly sounds like it is just for heating up towels for the purpose of drying yourself after a steam shower or a session in a warm bathtub. This isn’t the case! Towel warmers also act as space heaters. Also, many models we offer come with automatic timers so they will start warming up the bathroom before you enter it each morning.

-Fabric warmer. A towel warmer doesn’t have to serve the sole purpose of warming bathroom towels. You can get creative and use it to warm different types of clothes and materials to keep you warm. For example, don’t you love that warm feeling clothes have when they come out of the dryer? It can be so comforting to hold up a warm shirt or a warm sweater to your face. This sensation doesn’t have to put limited to when you dry your clothes. You can use your towel warmer to warm your shirt before wearing it, to warm socks to keep your feet extra warm or to warm a small blanket before settling down on the couch on a cold day or when you’re feeling under the weather. Some use their towel warmer to warm their pajamas before bed.

-Design. Towel warmers bring a contemporary look and feel to a bathroom design. There are two types of towel warmers offered on; one is constructed of stainless steel plates that warm the towels and the other type looks like a normal towel rack. Other models also include a shelf for folded towels. These models are made of sleek stainless steel for a modern aesthetic. They are compact and are mounted on the wall. Different models may come with a different finish, such as white, oil rubbed bronze, polished or a brushed look. The towel rack type may come with straight or curving towel bars. These bars are also practical for hanging different sizes of towels.

Towel warmers on are ETL certified and work at an average temperature range of either 131 degrees Fahrenheit to 167 degrees Fahrenheit or 145 degrees Fahrenheit to 154 degrees Fahrenheit, depending upon the model. Towel warmers are a great example of how technology can make life more convenient and influence bathroom designs. Towel warmers are silent and function at a low wattage. The features included depend upon the model, but common features include a programmable timer, security thermofuse and built-in thermostat.

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