The Hottest Steam Shower Accessories


april 27

A steam shower offers you the most relaxing start or end to your day. But, did you know that you can improve on perfection? You can add a whole bunch of accessories to your steam shower that can turn your bathroom into the ultimate home spa therapy zone.

Try adding an aromatherapy dispenser. Here’s why…

Benefits Associated With Aromatherapy Oils In The Steam Shower

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Steam Shower Aromatherapy Can Help With Headaches

How about chromatherapy light therapy? Here’s what you need to know…

Chromatherapy: The Psychology of Color

Using Chromatherapy Lighting In Your Steam Shower

Bluetooth connectivity? Yes, please!

Music Therapy – Connecting Bluetooth To Your Steam Shower

Using Bluetooth With The Steam Shower F9 Remote Control

Fog free mirrors, all types of benches, and more! Call us for more information on how you can accessorize your steam shower.

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