There’s an ETL logo on my steam shower. What Does It Mean?


jan. 9

If you take a good look at your steam shower … and any of the steam showers in the Steam Showers Inc website, you’ll notice the ETL logo. So, what does it mean?

ETL, or Electrical Testing Laboratories, is a company that tests the quality, strength, and safety of consumer products. When you see the ETL logo stamped onto a steam shower cabin, it means that the walls of the unit have been thoroughly tested. If the structure can withstand the abuse that the testers subject it to, then it’s granted ETL status.

You might also have seen a UL logo on some products. UL, or Underwriters Laboratories, is a different company doing the same kind of safety testing as ETL. Other than the fact that they are two separate companies, both UL and ETL use the same standards.

ETL and UL testers focus on electronics, plastics, drinking water, magnetic components, and much more.

Always look for the ETL or UL logo because it means that the products meet all standards for safety.

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