This Is Why The Steam Cabin Is So Important


july 5

For most of us, the most important part of shopping for a steam shower is figuring out what accessories we need it to include. You can choose the most basic steam shower to the most luxurious. The options are nearly endless. How many benches do you want? Would you prefer foldable or fixed benches, wood or stone? Add to that an aromatherapy dispenser, chromatherapy lights, Bluetooth technology so you can listen to your favorite playlists or conduct business. Get the whirlpool-shower combo option or choose among a variety of shower heads, remote controls, and other accessories that make your steam shower experience amazing.

Beyond all of those fun and luxurious options that leave us feeling pampered and refreshed is one of the most important considerations you’ll have to face. You’re going to have to make sure that the steam shower cabin fits perfectly within the space you’ve set aside for it. That’s pretty easy if you’re building an entirely new bathroom to house your steam shower. If, however, it will be installed in an existing bathroom, there are a few important things to consider.

First, the purpose of the steam cabin is to keep all of the steam inside. I know that’s obvious. But, you wouldn’t believe how even a small leak can affect the steam shower experience! All the shower panels need to be properly sealed. The door, when closed, needs to be properly sealed, too. A properly sealed shower cabin will allow the steam generator to function at its most efficient. You’ll save water and energy if the generator is producing steam in the way it was designed.

Sealing all the leak zones is job one when installing either a custom or pre-fabricated (modular) steam shower. Make sure that the installer is doing it properly. Once installed, ask him to test the unit to ensure that no steam is escaping.

Even before installing the steam cabin, you’ll need to consider the floor. Yes, that’s right … the floor. It needs to be flat. Don’t rely on eyeing it to determine whether it’s flat enough. Use a level. Older homes especially can sometimes develop uneven floors. The steam shower unit will not operate properly if the cabin is sitting on uneven flooring.

Next, take a good long look at the walls. Even a slight difference between the tiled part of the bathroom wall and the untiled (painted) part of the wall can cause problems. A slight gap between the wall and the steam shower cabin won’t look great from a design perspective. A larger gapcan cause the steam shower to not operate properly.

Pay attention to where the water pipes are installed. In a corner steam shower unit, the pipes should be placed at the point of the triangle. For square or rectangle-shaped steam shower units, the pipes should be centered at the back of the cabin.

The ceiling of the shower cabin should be slightly sloped. As the steam fills the cabin, water droplets will accumulate on the ceiling. The last thing you want while you’re enjoying your steam treatment is to feel drops of water splashing onto your skin. A sloped ceiling will force the water droplets to run the length of the ceiling to the edge. The water will then drain off where it won’t interrupt your relaxation.

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