This Is Why You Need A Soaker Bathtub


feb. 28

A soaker bathtub is an extra deep bathtub. It’s typically associated with spas, modern bathroom design, and ultra luxury. Is it worth the cost and effort of buying a soaker tub? Take a look at the benefits and decide for yourself.

Many soaker tubs get shorter in length as they get deeper. Many allow users to sit up as they soak, which makes a soaker tub ideal for anyone with mobility issues. Being able to choose a bathtub that’s smaller in length than the standard types is a great option for those trying to design within the confines of a small space.

Even though soaker tubs need more water to fill up, they are actually able to retain heat for much longer than a regular bathtub. Where the warm water in a regular bathtub may cool after 15 minutes or so, the water in a soaker tub will stay warm up to six times longer. Soaker tubs aren’t as long as a regular bathtub so much less surface area is exposed to air. That means considerably less heat is lost.

Is a soaker tub in your future? They’re on sale! Give us a call. We can help you choose the right one for your lifestyle.

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