Tips On Building Your Own Home Spa


Mon. 13


How much time and money do you spend going out to a spa? What if you could enjoy the same level kind of spa experience right in your very own home?

Even if you only have a small bathroom, setting up your own home spa is entirely possible.

Step 1: The first thing you need to figure out is whether you want to install a pre-fabricated steam shower or have a contractor turn your existing shower into a custom steam shower. The cost of this step alone can be several thousands of dollars. A basic steam shower kit starts at about $1000. It typically comes with an enclosed shower cabin, steam generator, system controls, shower head, and any add-ons, like aromatherapy dispenser, chromatherapy lights, Bluetooth connector, or whatever option you have your heart set on. Unless you’re a skilled DIYer, you will probably have to hire a plumber, electrician, or contractor.

Maybe you want to simply rip out the old shower and install a custom steam shower. Then you’ll have to factor in the cost of materials, like tile or glass, along with the cost of a plumber, electrician, or contractor.

Step 2: The steam shower installation is the biggest part of this bathroom transformation. Once that’s done, you just need to toss in a few accessories. Buy fluffy towels and install a warming rack on the wall. Stock the bathroom with pretty, scented soap and natural skin cream. Pick up a few massage essentials, like the Accuball pictured below meant for massaging sore muscles.

Photo: Accuball

Photo: Accuball

Step 3: Every once in a while give yourself a special treat. Hire a masseuse. There are lots of spa professionals who will make home visits. Start with a relaxing massage. End with a soothing steam shower.

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