Do You Really Need To Lather Up?


may 8

Here’s an idea: you don’t actually need to wash with soap. Think of how much you lather up in the shower every morning. What if you were to just … rinse? How would you feel?

Did you know that a lot of people choose to wash without soap every single day?

We’ve all been told that washing with soap and water is essential to keeping ourselves germ free. And I heartily agree that washing hands is absolutely important to minimizing the spread of disease and bad germs. So, whatever you may think about washing (or not washing) with soap, don’t stop using soap on your hands.

Many medical practitioners argue that coming into contact with a certain amount dirt and grime is actually a good thing. The idea is that it’s good for our immune systems to learn how to identify and repel microorganisms.

The bad side of soap is that it strips our skin of essential and natural oils and good bacteria. It’s not exactly great for the environment as it drips down the drain and, eventually, into the ecosystem.

So, if you’re ready to leave soap behind, there are actually lots of ways to get and stay clean without soap.

  • invest in a good cotton or bamboo washcloth
  • use a foot pumice to minimize odors and remove dead skin
  • moisturize with organic creams after the shower

One final tip… invest in a steam shower. Seriously. Spending just a few minutes in a steam shower will slough off any dirt and sweat and moisturize your skin completely.

Are you ready to drop the soap?


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