What Size Steam Generator do I Need for My Home Steam Shower?


Putting together your own steam shower can be fun. You’re in control and are getting exactly what you want. However, it can be a bit overwhelming to pick out each component without the necessary knowledge to set up a functioning shower system. Don’t worry; there’s information out there to help you with this decision during your journey to your dream shower. This article reviews how to choose a steam generator.


How to Choose a Steam Generator

A steam generator is what makes a steam shower a steam shower! A steam generator is a device that looks like a little box. It’s the tool that heats up water to create the steam that will fill your shower and relax your mind and body.

The type of steam generator you need will be determined by the size of the steam shower room, or shower enclosure, and the materials your shower is made with. For example, some showers are composed of glass doors, while others are constructed with tile and/or natural stone. If you don’t purchase the right size steam generator, you may not be able to produce enough steam to fill the steam shower room. Or, you may buy a steam generator that is too big and it will produce too much steam for the space you have.

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Many manufacturers and retailers have Sizing Charts for this very reason. There are two factors that affect the size steam generator needed: the cubic feet of the steam shower room and the materials the shower is made of.

Cubic Feet

The first piece of information you will need is the measure of the volume of your steam shower room. You can easily calculate this using the length, width and height of the room; multiple these numbers together.

L’ x W’ x H’ = Cubic Feet

This is the volume of the steam shower room and the size of the steam generator corresponds to the size of the room so it will produce enough steam to fill it.

Steam Shower Materials

The second factor is the materials your steam shower is made of. Certain materials absorb heat more than others. These include glass, marble, concrete, stone and slate.

Another aspect that may affect the size steam generator you need includes the number of exterior walls and the height of the ceiling. If the ceiling is especially high, you may need a bigger steam generator.

Steam Generator Rating

To determine the steam generator size you need, reference the Sizing Chart from the manufacturer or the retailer. On individual product pages on SteamShowersInc.com, the Total Room Volume of the steam generator is listed. Other ways to find this information include researching product description pages and product manuals. You may also contact the store or the website you are shopping on and ask what is recommended for the size steam shower you are building.

Alternatively, all-in-one steam shower units on SteamShowersInc.com come with a steam generator included. These models also come with additional features, such as FM Radio, chromatherapy lighting, body massage jets, aromatherapy systems and more. Contact Steam Showers Inc at 800-304-3598 today for more information.

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