What’s The Deal With Acupressure Jets?


jan. 11

Here’s one of those questions … if you have to ask what the deal is with acupressure jets in steam showers and whirlpool bathtubs, you haven’t tried it out for yourself!

Acupressure jets provide an instant source of stress relieve. The jets direct a spray of water to particular pressure points on your body. The pressure helps to improve blood flow and relax tense muscles.

Most of our showers already come equipped with these massaging marvels. But, if your shower doesn’t happen to have jets, you can actually buy the panel separately. A plumber can help you hook up the water supply lines.

I love the idea of enjoying a spa experience right at home any time I feel like it. The best part of it is feeling like making myself a priority isn’t going to take anything away from my family. We can all enjoy it!

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Mila Hose (321 Posts)

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