There was a time when the only way you could enjoy the relaxing and healthful benefits of a steam shower was to purchase a gym membership or visit a spa. Those public spaces were really the only venues able to afford the cost of installing a steam shower.

Lucky for us … and whether or not you have a gym membership or like to visit the spa … the price of purchasing, installing, and maintaining a steam shower has come down considerably. They are now extremely affordable. Who doesn’t want such a luxurious addition to their home bathroom? The concept of a home spa has been growing in popularity over the last decade. A steam shower is the ultimate in home spa treatment. Definitely consider adding one to your bathroom!

The question, though, is which steam shower is right for you? Because, as you may have already guessed, there are numerous options from which to choose.

The first consideration for most of us is budget. Although steam showers have come down in price, they’re not completely inexpensive. Individual models range in price depending on size and accessories. So, begin by deciding how much you’re able to comfortably spend, including the cost of installation. Then, go shopping!

How It Works

Basically, a steam shower is just a regular shower that’s completely enclosed. It has to be so that all the beneficial steam stays within the unit instead of escaping out into the bathroom. The steam generator (vital to the whole operation, of course!) heats water to a boil before releasing the steam. The beauty of the generator is that it requires very little water and takes just minutes to bring that water to the right temperature. Steam showers can actually help you reduce your overall water usage. How’s that for practical?! Most steam showers come equipped with a bench allowing you to relax and enjoy all those health benefits.

Ready-To-Go Or Custom-Made?

If your budget allows, consider having your steam shower custom designed. Then, the tiling you use in your shower can match the rest of the bathroom. Repeated design elements, like matching tiles or colors, help tie together all the elements in the bathroom. That design strategy also helps tie the look of the bathroom to the rest of the house.

If you’re not interested in diving into the whole custom-made scenario, you still have a lot of options. Typically, steam shower walls are made of acrylic and can be purchased in a few different colors. Choose the color that best matches your bathroom’s current color scheme and your bathroom will look amazing for a long time to come.

Choose Your Accessories

Of course, a steam shower doesn’t actually need any accessories to be a healthful and enjoyable experience. But, if you really want to deck out your home spa, then you should consider adding a few elements to round off the whole relaxing experience.

You can, for instance, have aromatherapy dispensers installed. These units will release your favorite scents while you enjoy the steam. Aromatherapy is used to hydrate and promote healthy skin. Some people also find that it improves their mood and general feelings of good health.

Chromatherapy, also called light therapy or color therapy, is a popular addition. Special chromatherapy lights dot the interior of the steam shower unit. These bulbs cycle through a rainbow of colors leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

There are even more fun possible accessories to add to your steam shower treatment. Add in foot massagers, radio, iPod hookups, even hands-free telephones!

Even if you choose a ready-to-go unit, there are still so many ways to customize your steam shower and make it your own.

If you already own a steam shower, which accessories have you had installed?






Color surrounds us. Whether it’s the bright white of sunlight or the blue of the sea lapping at our feet, a whole spectrum of color meets our eyes from the moment we open them every day.

Chromatherapy is all about color. It is a practice that has a very long history in the realm of natural healing. The theory behind it states that applying particular colors to problem areas on the body can restore balance and, subsequently, good health.

Chromatherapy lights are easily installed in any bathroom. The bulbs come in standard sizes. So, you should just be able to remove the regular white bulb and screw in a chromatherapy bulb. Though these bulbs may appear to be similar to standard bulbs, they’re anything but. Chromatherapy bulbs emit a spectrum of color, sometimes alternating between colors depending on your needs.

The spectrum leaves the bulb in wave form and enters the body’s energy field. Once there, the theory is that each color connects on a particular level. It will then fix any issues that exist on that level, ultimately healing the person.

Although there isn’t a whole lot of scientific evidence that proves the positive effects of chromatherapy, there is a significant amount of anecdotal evidence. That means that there are enough people who have tried it, and who feel better for it. Sometimes, you just need to try something for yourself to determine whether there’s any merit to it.

I would say that the best approach to overall health – at least from a hygiene perspective!– is to combine chromatherapy in a steam shower. By doing that, you’re getting all the benefits of steam (relaxation, skin care, and lung health) as well as the benefits of chromatherapy (emotional balance, better sleep, and digestion).

The Colors

Red Used to stimulate blood flow and to energize.

Orange Stimulates the nerves and improves sensation.

Violet Calms turbulent emotions.

Yellow Improves asthma.

Purple Soothes skin disorders and the central nervous system.

Green Soothes inflammatory conditions and the symptoms of the common cold.

Blue Reduces pain and heals burns.

Have you tried chromatherapy? Tell us about it!



I’m a huge fan of mid-century modern architecture. I love the style and look of homes from that period. I’m in good company, too. Palm Springs hosts an annual celebration of its mid-century modern buildings. Appreciation for that style spans North America.

As beautiful as mid-century modern design is, it does have its drawbacks. Bathrooms, for instance, were small and functional. No thoughts of luxury and relaxation were considered in the design of that space because people generally spent as little time as possible there. You can’t blame mid-century designers either. Homes up until that period were lucky to have bathrooms indoors!

But, from that period of time to now, we’ve seen a few changes. Probably the biggest one is the fact that the bathroom has turned into a kind of oasis. We love our spa experiences, and having our own personal spa at home has become the ideal. We’re now including steam showers, massage tables, comfortable seating, stylish sinks, and natural wall and flooring materials.



You may never have had to use an outhouse before, but we all know they existed. Well, guess what? They’re back in style! Ok, outdoor bathrooms are not exactly the same as they once were. In fact, they take the form of luxurious, outdoor steam showers placed conveniently near the pool!

Another change is the number of bathrooms in our homes. While older homes still might feature one bathroom. New homes will come equipped with an ensuite off the master bedroom, at least one other bathroom for the remaining bedrooms, one powder room for the main floor, and one full bathroom in the basement.

What do you think of the new trends in bathroom design?